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Our previous post, 20 Great Movies to Watch While High, was a such huge hit with readers… I think it’s high time for a new installment.
I’ve tried to cover both new movies and old, big name blockbusters and indie art house flicks. There’s something here for everyone, whether you like comedy, drama, horror, action, suspense, or sci-fi. (Lots of sci-fi. I love me some sci-fi.) I even snuck in a musical and a Disney cartoon.
So sit back, light up, and prepare to be entertained…

  1. Interstellar

This hard sci-fi with a splash of Hollywood is a visual masterpiece. And it happens to be one of the best representations of the outside of a black hole ever created. The story is about an astronaut that is sent to scout for a habitable planet for humanity to colonize.
The creators went out of their way to make it realistic (for certain parts). Astrophysicist Kip Thorne advised on the project and helped get the look and feel of the science right. The perfect pairing for this movie is a hybrid like Space Queen or a more sativa-dominant Galactic Jack.

  1. Requiem for a Dream

Requiem for a Dream follows four individuals and their parallel existences. Their menacing addiction to heroin, cocaine, and diet pills (speed) take over their lives and lead them to make wild decisions. Set in Brooklyn and focusing on Coney Island, the drug fueled film doesn’t flinch from the hard truths of life.

  1. Doctor Strange

This Disney mega production spares no expense when it comes to cast or special effects. The mind-bending visuals are some of the best in the industry and are like tripping with a kaleidoscope. Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance and the deep well of Doctor Strange villains means this comic book hero is certain to make another appearance as Sorcerer Supreme. Until then, we can all enjoy the high production value and nerdy quips of this insanely accurate recreation of an iconic comic book character.

  1. Predestination

Time is a tricky thing and it is easy to slip and get trapped in a paradox. This sci-fi takes a long hard look at the fickle nature of time travel. The interesting plot twists and looping consistencies are awesome while the acting is top notch. It will make you glad you don’t have a time machine.

  1. Looper

What would you do if you found out your boss was trying to kill you? What if your boss was a time travelling mafia boss? This time-bender follows Joe in 2074 as he learns that his boss is trying to ‘close the loop’ on his timeline. Try to keep up as Joe tries to escape something that may have already happened.

  1. Ex Machina

How would you be able to tell if an AI had surpassed human levels of intelligence? This movie will have you questioning the motives and validity of your own experiences in a deeply profound way. There are some disturbing ramifications to the ideas and technologies presented in this sci-fi flick.

  1. American Ultra

The cold war sparked a lot of interest into brainwashing and a special tech referred to as ‘sleeper cell’ technology. The idea is that a person is programmed to perform a task like assassinate someone or become a super soldier. This lighthearted take on the idea is full of big explosions, slick gun-fu, and some cheesy one-liners.

  1. Cloud Atlas

Adapted from the novel of the same name by David Mitchell. This complex storyline weaves through the ages and six distinct moments in time. The all-star cast play different parts in each timeline which really highlights their acting abilities.

  1. Inception

This movie takes the idea of getting into someone’s head and ratchets it up a notch, wraps it in mind-bending visuals and adds just a dash of crazy. You never quite know what is real and what is dream in this movie. The amazing acting only enhances the visuals and action, helping move the story along with personable characters you end up liking.

  1. Memento

How does someone who can’t create new memories try to find justice for the murder of his wife? By leaving himself a series of notes detailing what he learns. The only problem is that he can’t remember what the cryptic and bizarre notes actually mean. Worse yet, he isn’t sure if he can even trust the notes themselves. This mind-bender is sure to keep you guessing.

  1. Across the Universe

This fictional love story is set in the 1960’s smack dab in the middle of the Vietnam War. The world is a tumultuous mixture of anti-war protests, civil rights movements, mental expansion and rock and roll. A mixture of animated and live-action visuals pair with the psychedelic sounds of The Beatles, the film crosses the globe from Ohio to Manhattan and across the pond to Liverpool and beyond so strap in and get ready for some grade A nostalgia.

  1. WALL-E

After humanity destroys the earth and has to evacuate, one little robot is working to clean up the mess. This one is great to watch alone or with younger family members where you can all laugh and tear up together.

  1. Arrival

Aliens have arrived on Earth and are making themselves known by setting down in 12 locations across the planet. But humanity isn’t able to communicate with the Heptapods at all until their strange language gets deciphered. To this end the government recruits a team of experts headed by the brilliant linguistics professor Louise Banks.
Progress is slower than expected and soon the world is on the edge of global war. Madness ensues when the military attempts a preemptive strike against the otherworldly visitors. Louise has to take a chance and try to avert all-out war at any cost.

  1. Wish I Was Here

Aidan Bloom is struggling to be a actor, father and husband at the same time. But the 35 year-old is still trying to find his own identity and purpose in life when he learns he can’t afford his two kids private tuition. Unfortunately, the only public school is on its last legs so Aidan decides to home school them. As he struggles to teach his progeny, Aidan gradually discovers more about himself than he ever thought possible.

  1. Under the Skin

Not all scary things look dangerous at first. This sci-fi take on the succubus has Scarlett Johansson hunting the Scottish countryside. Her victims stand no chance as she draws them into a mysterious alternate dimension before skinning and consuming them. But as the mysterious being continues to feed on humanity, the division between hunter and prey begin to break down.

  1. Coherence

When a strange astronomical event goes down, a small group of friends find themselves experiencing strange events. As evidence builds, the group realizes that something about the way time is working isn’t right. As they discover the nature of the disturbance, they find themselves drifting ever further from being able to fix it.

  1. The Babadook

This horror adds a new monster to the genre pantheon known as the Babadook. The dark atmosphere and gritty visuals add a surreal layer to this imaginative take on the monster that lives within each of us. It uses color to great effect throughout the film which only adds to the disconcerting feeling of the film.
On the edge of severe depression, Amelia and Samuel are a broken family after her husband died. The stressed mother struggles with her sons fear of mosters as she reads to him. When Samual is allowed to pick the story he chooses an odd book called “Mister Babadook”. A monster comes out of a children’s story to terrorize a new widow and her son.

  1. Enter the Void

This movie tackles the idea of life after death with great gusto. The first-person perspective is both personal and alien, as we see the drug fueled city of Tokyo. The unique creativity behind the film helped it make waves when it debuted at the Cannes Film Festival.
Oscar is a drug addict in Tokyo at the end of his luck. After getting shot, Oscar can look down on the world, specifically following his sister. But his out-of-body experience allows him unique perspective. It asks more questions than it answers but it shows the beauty and ugliness of life.

  1. Her

Can you fall in love with a machine? This creative and thought-provoking look at the nature of relationships and artificial intelligence is beautiful crazy. It gets right to the heart of what makes a relationship work.
Theodore is a lonely writer finalizing a divorce. He decides to buy an intelligent operating system that is able to help him in ways nobody else could. But things get weird when Theodore begins falling in love with his operating system.

  1. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

This campy fiction follows famous oceanographer Steve Zissou as he tries to make a documentary after his friend is eaten by a jaguar shark. His goal is to hunt the shark that killed his friend down and make a film about it. To this end he enlists his estranged wife, a journalist and a man who may or may not be his son. Bill Murray brings his legendary comedy style While Wes Anderson directs this thoughtful, strange and funny film.

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