5 States Where You Can Grow Your Own Cannabis

While many individuals in the U.S. live where they could spend years in jail for cultivating cannabis, others are able to grow freely. Of the 30 plus… Read more »

Investors Hope to Enter Colorado Marijuana Market

Colorado has come a long way in recent years. Investors are excited by Colorado’s proposed changes to their recreational marijuana laws. As the state that started the… Read more »

Sold: Starting a Medical Grow Business

Before starting a medical grow business, you need to do a ton of research. Federal, state and local laws create a vast web of interconnecting rules that… Read more »

A History of Medical Cannabis Part 2: Modern Cannabis

In Part 1 we talked about ancient cannabis and how it has been used throughout the ages. Today we are going to talk about modern cannabis and… Read more »

Thornton Has Had a Change of Mind in Regards to Retail Cannabis

When marijuana was legalized for retail/recreational purposes in the state of Colorado in 2012, cities and counties had the ability to restrict the retail market from existing… Read more »

Court Rules in Favor of the Motorist Pulled Over in Kansas with CO Tags

In December of 2011, a gentleman by the name of Peter Vasquez was pulled over on a Kansas highway while traveling alone at night, away from his… Read more »

Responsible Use Denver Submits Signatures to Put Initiative on November’s Ballot

You can go into just about any town in America and locate a bar. Every day around 5 o’clock you can watch as people flock to these… Read more »

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