Getting high before a workout.

Most people are not sure why they are afraid or worried about getting high before a workout. For the last 3 years a certain group of scientists did their own research on the effects of smoking cannabis for a workout. They do suggest that people should consult a doctor before using marijuana before or during a workout. Also, the need to smoke for a workout is not about getting ridiculously high and then working out, that is dangerous.

Know how your body affects your own mind and body.

Weed affects everyone in a different manner. Cannabis has a bidirectional effect, meaning that the same bud can give two people different affects. For example, a weed that is meant to cause relaxation or energy can create that feeling for a normal person but also give the exact opposite reaction to someone with ADHD. We wouldn’t want someone to fall asleep while working out with heavy equipment, or become over stimulated. Working out for too long or too hard can cause injuries.

Smoking before a workout should be done in small doses.

Smoking before a workout should not be for becoming extremely high. Getting too high before a workout tends to cause people to pass out and crash. Dr. Chin says take smaller hits, get to lightly high and stick with it.

Noobs should think twice before smoking and exercising.

One of the researchers, Dr. Sulak, says for those who have never smoked before, they should try cannabis for a week without the workout. This is to get used to the THC reaction and develop the ability to judge the right amount to use during a workout. Start small and work your way up, “It’s better to err on the side of caution and not feel anything, than take to much,” fellow researcher McAlpine says.

Why smoke if you can’t get too high?

Marijuana helps a person deal with the pains of exercise, allowing for more reps or go that extra mile on the run. Cannabis affects the endocannabinoid system and these receptors respond to pain. Unique markers in the every persons system changes how they react to stimuli. That is how people can push through the pain a little further during a hard workout. This does not mean that people should try and force themselves to work out when the body is legitimately hurting and begging for rest.

Which is better; oils, extracts, CBD’s?

Experts say that smoking the whole bud is better. An herb with both THC and CBD is best. THC helps exercisers get into focus faster and not get too anxious when working out. CBD helps people recover faster from a hard workout because CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory.

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