Michigan is one of the most recent states in the US to legalize both recreational and medical marijuana.

All thanks to a ballot measure approved by voters in 2008 that legalized the use of medical marijuana, and the approval of the Michigan-Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana-Act in 2018 that legalized the use of recreational marijuana.

What Does This Mean?

The legalization of marijuana in Michigan for both recreational and medical use essentially means that it is fairly easier to get your hands on cannabis in Michigan, which is both a good thing and a bad thing.

The good part of it is that you are likely to get high-quality cannabis at fairly affordable rates compared to other states. But the awful side of it is that you are also likely to fall victim to unscrupulous vendors who are out there to fleece well-meaning buyers out of their money. And the scenario can get worse when you are a marijuana doctor or run a cannabis dispensary.

You need the law to tighten the noose on such illicit traders so that the playing field can be level. This way, you will stand higher chances of getting clients looking for your services; be it marijuana-based treatment services, consultation services on medical marijuana or simply to buy the substance itself.

What Are Your Options Then?

As a marijuana doctor or owner of a medical marijuana dispensary in Michigan, it is imperative that you get listed by a reputable online directory. As has already been mentioned, this will improve your chances of winning clients, considering many people tend to search for marijuana-related information online.

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What Do You Get When You Accept To Be Listed By WeedReader

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