How Gel Can Help Clean Your Favorite Pipe

How Gel Can Help Clean Your Favorite Pipe

Pipes are arguably the most popular way of consuming cannabis. Handheld glass pipes are the most common tools for smoking weed, while bongs give you that nice sniff and high. Pipes may come in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Generally, their effect is the same—give you that incredible hit, time and time again. 

But, after some time, you might notice that your hits are not as clean, and your pipe is no longer the same color as when you first bought it. That’s actually your pipe telling you it’s time for some hardcore cleaning. Cleaning might be the last thing you’ll ever want to do, but it’ll be right for you in the long run. 

Pipes are quite tricky to clean, with all the resin buildup in those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Still, there are several ways you can clean your favorite smoke piece and restore it to its pristine condition.    

Dangers Of Common Cleaners 

Look up ‘how to clean a glass pipe’ on the web, and you’ll find numerous websites that swear by isopropyl alcohol or iso as the number one solution for gunk-filled pipes. It’s easily accessible and relatively cheap, so it’s the go-to for pipe cleaning. However, the rage of COVID-19 has placed a heavy demand for alcohol that it’s better used to protect mankind from the virus. As such, using isopropyl alcohol may not be an excellent cleaning option for your favorite pipe. 

On the other hand, some people also suggest bleach. While this could work for removing tough stains on your sink and walls, it is, after all, an acid. Acid will corrode metal pipes and degrade your line. It’s best to keep it as a floor cleaner and stain remover, but never near or in your favorite tube.

Acetone is also another popular option. But, this is as dangerous as alcohol and bleach that you’d rather have better alternatives than soak your pipe in this. Its fumes are more than enough to give you chest pains, so why bother using it?

While most of the things that were mentioned are hazardous chemicals that could potentially damage your pipe, there are alternatives out there that could replace these materials. Along with the new cannabis trends that you should know about, read on to see how you can give your cannabis pipe some deep clean, without the harsh rubbing, shaking, or alcohol soaking, to ensure a great cannabis smoking experience. 

How To Clean A Pipe Without Alcohol Or Salt

Now that you’ve gained insight on the dangers alcohol and salt can bring to your beloved smoke piece, you may want to try other cleaning methods that are as effective, but less harsh and more environment-friendly. Two non-alcohol cleaning methods are:

  • Using vinegar and baking soda

This replaces the alcohol and salt solution and gives you the same results. The vinegar dilutes the deposited resin, while the baking soda helps remove stains.

  • Boiling water 

Boiling glass pipes in hot water is probably the most economical and practical way there is, but this comes with associated risks. If you take out your pipe and immediately rinse it with cold water, chances are your pipe will shatter. If you’re not careful, you might even get burns from improper handling. So, be sure to let your pipes soak in water for at least 30 minutes before you take them out, and then dry them off with a towel. 

While the methods above work, there are certain drawbacks. You might need to give your pipe a thorough rinse to eliminate the vinegar odor. Simple boiling can even pose hazards. 

Care for better cleaning options?  Gels could be your next pipe cleaning buddy.


One of the popular ways of cleaning your favorite pipe is by using a gel. Unlike other cleaners, it’s made from all-natural clay-based formula, which can quickly remove dirt and resin from your glass bongs, pipes, rigs, and many more, without alcohol or salt. In short, if you’re a weed enthusiast and want to keep your bong as clean as possible, it’s important that you read some informative articles, such as ‘How To Clean a Bong Without Alcohol.’

Typically, industry-grade alcohol does more harm to you and the environment. Inhaling fumes in a poorly-ventilated room is enough to make your head spin and your chest to tighten. That’s because it’s packed with toxic substances that can damage your lungs. Suppose you don’t give your pipe a thorough rinse. In that case, all the alcohol residue becomes flammable, and who knows what damage you can get from a burning (or exploding) pipe. When you throw it down the drain, you also run the risk of contaminating groundwater, damaging the ecosystem in turn. 

Using salt to clean your piece is also a no-no. No matter how many users stick to this, salt is an abrasive. In case you don’t know what that means, an abrasive is any substance that can clean a surface by rubbing or grinding. Salt is usually combined with alcohol to make a saturated solution for pipes. You give it a shake to remove stain and resin. Your tube may come out clean, but with scratches.

As you can see, alcohol or salt may not be a perfect cleaning solution for your tube. This can be the main reason why you should opt for gel when removing the dirt off your pipe. So, to get the most out of this cleaning product, all you have to do is shake your gel and be prepared for some cleaning. Once you’re done, add the right amount of gel to your dirty pipe and rinse with warm water. After doing all these things, you’ll get everything covered. 

Clean Away 

If you want to smoke cannabis with satisfaction, be sure you get your pipe cleaned properly since it needs one at least once a week. There’s no need to see cleaning as a chore when you have a convenient solution that makes your favorite pipe as good as it gets. You might even do nature a favor when you choose to clean with environment-safe products. 

Can you buy from an online headshop in canada?

Can You Buy From An Online Headshop in Canada?

Canada has recently enacted a law that makes the use of recreational marijuana legal for adults ages 19 and above. It’s a general rule, except that the legal age is 18 in Alberta and 21 in Quebec. Depending on the territory, users can get their weed from private-licensed shops or government-operated stores. 

More Than Just A Joint

These days, marijuana can be consumed in several ways. One can choose from the popularly known inhalants (smoking, vape, etc.), ingestants (edibles, juices), topicals, and others. Inhalants may still be the most preferred method of consuming marijuana since smoking is the quickest way to get high. Inhaling the fumes lets THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) into the lungs and takes only a few seconds to reach the brain. Smoking generally allows one to control how much cannabis to consume. 

Over the decades, though, smoking marijuana has also evolved. You can still roll a joint or smoke a blunt. But some may prefer using accessories or equipment, such as pipes and bowls. You can even inhale the vapor through dab rigs and bubblers now. The advent of vaping culture also entered the picture, as it became another way to use marijuana. It’s being observed as a growing trend among millennials, as they seem to prefer heating marijuana and inhaling the smoke using a vaping gadget.

Advantages of an Online Headshop 

With so many materials and accessories connected with cannabis culture, these supplies can be bought at traditional brick-and-mortar stores, where you can personally check on the items. But if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, you can always take advantage of the conveniences of an online headshop. You just need to make sure you’re of legal age to enter these sites. This way, you won’t have any trouble buying from any online headshop in Canada.

If the term is new to you, though, you’ll discover that an online headshop is a site where you can find smoking accessories, supplies, and so much more. They’re advantageous compared to physical stores because these sites provide:

  • Convenience: Sites are accessible anytime and anywhere. No need to drive or commute to buy your needed supplies as these can be easily ordered and shipped right to your door.
  • Safety: Online transactions are devoid of human interactions that make it a safe way to purchase products and supplies.
  • Price: Compare prices and find cheaper options than those offered by physical shops.
  • Selection: A wide range of products is always available.
  • Shipping: There are free shipping offers on most sites that you can explore.
  • Custom-made orders: Connect with skilled glass and wood artisans to have a uniquely crafted piece, just for you.
  • Customer Support: Sites provide answers to customer inquiries and product support for returns and replacements.

Online stores are becoming popular in Canada, perhaps because marijuana users and supply buyers are readily provided with quality and affordable products. Online headshops also give them the opportunity to have a customized item for their collection. Thus, you not only obtain needed supplies but gain aesthetic pieces as well.

Smoking Accessories and Supplies

Online headshops such as the Daily High Club provide marijuana enthusiasts in Canada a wide array of smoking paraphernalia. They have all sorts of products for your preferred smoking method. Be it smoking joints or using pipes and bowls, dabbing, or using vaporizers, just type the item you want to search, and a list will populate based on your term. The choices include the name of the product, specifications, and price. 

 Some of the products sold by online headshops include:

  • Bongs: Scientific glass, celebrity, featured, and artistic bongs allow you to smoke cannabis using quality glass and even show some flair with various designs.
  • Dab rigs and bubblers: Dab rigs allow you to burn concentrates and inhale the vapor. Bubblers are pocket-sized and travel-friendly versions. 
  • Pipes: Dry or artistic glass pipes make smoking marijuana faster and easier.
  • Vaporizers: These offer a healthier alternative since they heat rather than burn marijuana.
  • Grinders: This one produces smoother smoke and useful for shredding cannabis into smaller bits.
  • Dab tools and concentrate accessories: These essential elements complete your dab rig kit.
  • Smoking accessories: These involve clean-up kits and stickers.
  • Rolling paper: This familiar item now comes in clear, raw, or flavored variants for a better smoking experience.

Items for sale in these sites are sourced from skilled artisans, so each piece is carefully crafted and unique. Products pass through strict quality assurance controls to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Subscription Boxes 

Online headshops not only showcase a wide selection of smoking supplies and accessories, but they also offer bundled products known as subscription boxes. These packages require annual payments and guarantee continuous supply for all your smoking needs, to be delivered every month. Sites typically list the items included in each type of subscription box, as well as shipping charges to Canada. You can pay for your purchases and subscription with a Canadian credit card or a valid international card.

Other Headshop Features 

Online headshops are not only e-commerce sites, as they also have other features. These include informative blogs, tutorial videos, and FAQ sections that newbies and regular subscribers can use. The blogs provide insights on a variety of cannabis-related topics and issues. Tutorial videos teach the basics of smoking a pipe or how to construct a dab rig from household items. The FAQ section provides answers to common inquiries regarding products and subscription, payment methods, and shipping concerns. These sites also offer customer support for other issues, such as replacement orders or shipping concerns.


Buying smoking supplies and accessories in Canada is made more convenient through online headshops. It gives you the advantage of having more product options and affordable prices. You can access these shops 24/7 right from the comfort of your home and expedite your orders through fast and free shipping. Aside from quality products, online headshops also provide artisan items that make smoking marijuana an enriched experience.

Online headshops are great venues to check out supplies for individual items and also for subscriptions. Bundled products can give great value for money and ensure that you won’t run out of accessories for your next session. You can take advantage of using marijuana and buying related items while you’re in Canada. Just make sure that you do within acceptable confines out of respect to those who may not share your high. 

Why Your Pipe Needs A Filter When Smoking

Why Your Pipe Needs A Filter When Smoking

Throughout the years, pipes have been an integral part of ceremonial and recreational practices and habits. This tool is considered as one of the traditional ways to smoke tobacco or even weed. Today, there are plenty of stores that offer pipes to those who prefer to smoke with the device.   

Before you invest in a pipe for your smoking sessions, there are several questions you need to ask yourself. For example, do you need to use a filter? And if you do, are there any benefits to using one? Also, how do you figure out which filter works best? 

What Are The Types Of Pipe Filters? 

The common types of pipe filters include pass-through, absorption, and condensers. Take a close look at each type below: 

  • Pass-through pipe filters: This is the most common type of pipe filter. It uses either a thick cotton tube with a hollow center or a canister with carbon filling. A pass-through filter works by limiting the amount of nicotine and tar present in tobacco. If you’re smoking weed, this type of filter can help remove contaminants and tar particles.  
  • Absorption filters: This type of filter works by drying out and cooling off the flow of smoke before it reaches the palate.  
  • Condensers: A condenser functions by stopping the entry of moisture into the stem of your pipe. There’s a metal insert into the stem with a miniature bore on top. It prevents moisture from entering the stem of the pipe.  

Is It Worth It To Use A Carbon Filter? 

Whether you’re smoking tobacco or weed, both have unsafe elements that you should avoid. Using a pipe with a carbon filter is considered as one of best way to smoke weed because it can get rid of resin and tar, which can cause harm to your lungs. Take note that hemp smoke allows tar to settle deep into the lungs. 

A carbon filter is an effective filtration device for those who are smoking cannabis. It works by filtering out all the contaminants and tar particles. These elements are detrimental to the lungs and body. 

Aside from its antibacterial properties, activated carbon is also useful in absorbing toxins, resin, and tar. It’s a great way to enjoy the flavor without inhaling any of the harsh elements. Take note that the filters with triple layers do not reduce the airflow or limit your intake.  

Why Should You Smoke With A Pipe Filter? 

Below are some of the top reasons for you to use a filter with your pipe:

  • Generally, it’s better for your body and safer for your health if you’re going to smoke tobacco or weed using a pipe with a filter. While inhaling, a filter absorbs the excess tar, nicotine, or contaminants. It helps make this hobby of yours less detrimental to your health. It may also help lower the health risks linked with smoking. 
  • A pipe filter helps you slow down since it’s possible to smoke and draw too hard when puffing without one. It helps keep the smoke cooler while allowing you to experience the flavor of tobacco or weed more thoroughly.  
  • Smoking without a filter can cause an undesirable feeling on the tongue and the rest of your mouth. This sensation is due to excess oils and strong smoke. Pipe filters can lessen the likelihood of tongue bite, which is a pain, discomfort, or burn in your mouth that occurs while you’re smoking. It’s important to note that tongue bite is often due to the contaminants. When the harsh elements are absent, tongue bite is less likely to occur.   
  • When a pipe you’re using has a bigger than average bore size in the base of the bowl, you need to use a filter. If the bore is large, it’s more likely that ash or miniature tobacco cuts will move into the stem and onto your tongue. When a filter is present, the ash particles end up in the filter, not in your mouth.  
  • The filter also works by limiting the amount of moisture in your pipe. It stops moisture from building up in the stem or moving into the mouth which can cause an unpleasant experience. 

A Pipe Or A Bong? 

If you want to smoke weed or tobacco, you’ll never go wrong with a classic pipe. It’s the ideal choice for those with a low tolerance level. Pipes are also smaller in size and portable. They can resemble a cigarette, which make them easier to conceal. 

For those who are on a budget, there are plenty of cheap but good quality pipes available in the market. Remember though that you need time to get used to the new accessory.  

As for bongs, they’re less portable than an average pipe. One aspect that makes it stand out is the water filtration system. It makes the smoke cooler and smoother on the lungs. 

A bong will cost more, but it can be a good investment in the long run. Today, you can find bongs in different styles in glass, metal, bamboo, plastic, or ceramic. There are also portable models that come in two parts, to ensure greater convenience.  

Why Do Some People Refuse to Use a Filter?  

Although pipe filters are indeed beneficial, some people still don’t use one because of the following reasons:

  • For some, smoking with a filter diminishes the taste of the tobacco or weed.  
  • When using a filter, you cannot run a pipe cleaner through until the smoke ends and the pipe is cool. If you leave the filter inside, it can cause cleaning issues since it can cause the buildup of gunk.  
  • If you’re going to use a filter, it’s going to be an extra item to buy. While filters are inexpensive, some might find it an unnecessary extra expense. It will, later on, start to add up for those who smoke pipes. 


Using a filter for your pipe is beneficial. It allows you to gain more enjoyment from the experience and practice of smoking weed, while also helping keep you safe from harmful contaminants.

What is Kratom and Where to Buy It Online

What is Kratom and Where to Buy It Online

Unless you have been living under the rock, you must have heard about kratom in popular herb related articles on the web. in simple words, kratom is a tropical tree that has roots in Southeast Asia and is consumed by over 400 million people across the globe. Despite several controversies, this plant has managed to survive the tough competition of the herb industry. The reason why it is still banned in most countries across the globe Is that it has several proven side effects on the human body. Although the consumption of kratom sounds fancy, it has deadly effects on the body.

Before moving on to discuss this plant in detail, let’s introduce it first:

What is Kratom?

As discussed, kratom is a popular plant sold in Southeast Asia countries in different forms. For example, if you sift through the local streets of Thailand, you will be offered kratom tea and kava. For locals, it is a popular part of their culture. Experts believe this plant is over 10,000 years old but gained popularity in the early 19h century. You will be astonished to know, kratom was consumed by the ancient Egyptians for medicinal reasons. This is why this plant has managed to come a long way with mankind.

How is Kratom Consumed?

Traditionally, people were only aware of consuming this plant through smoking. Now, fans have intriguing ways to consume it. For example, if you visit a regular bar in South Florida, you will come across kratom infused food and drink items on the menu. Today, kratom is consumed as edible in food items, desserts, beverages, and snacks. However, it is also applied to the skin because many people are convinced, this plant can treat acne and other skin disorders. However, none of these narratives are supported by scientific research.

Secondly, because kratom is far less researched as compared to its contemporaries, people are skeptical about using it.

Where to Buy Kratom From?

Owing to its controversial legal status, most vendors despise selling it through the local shops. This is why the digital bandwagon is a great escape for such people because they can channel the kratom products without any problem with the local authorities. However, before you decide to order from an online vendor such asKona Kratom, make sure to read the client reviews. They will help you in weighing the pros and cons of purchasing from different vendors.

However, because the demand for kratom has increased exponentially, small local vendors, too, have joined the bandwagon to sell this plant. The problem with purchasing from small local smoke shops or any such place is, you won’t get high-quality kratom from such places. This is why it is in your best interest to choose a good quality online vendor. Secondly, when you frequently purchase from an online vendor, you will become eligible for massive discounts and coupon codes. Make sure to sift through the category of kratom products to have a perspective on what you want.

A Review of The Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom Strain

A Review of The Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom Strain

Herbs have always held immense importance because they uplift the quality of human life. However, many herbs are famous for all the wrong reasons because they lack concrete medical evidence to prove their veracity. One such herb that continues to make its way in the news for all the wrong reasons is none other than kratom. If you don’t know, it is a tropical plant harvested in large quantities in Indonesia and Thailand. As a kratom fan, you must know that this plant has an abundance of strains for the customers out there. For this feature, we will focus on the green Hullu Kapuas strain.

For your information, green Hulu Kapuas is one of the most sought after and rarest strains out there. T as such, this strain has managed to attract massive global attention in the last few years. Its sister strains, White Hulu, Red Hulu, and the Green Hulu, are available in powdered forms. If you want to know more about the green Hulu Kapuas strain, you’ve come to the right spot.

What is Green Hulu Kapuas Strain?

Thegreen Hulu kratom is preferred by millions of fans across the globe because they believe this strain can provide calming effects to the brain. As the name implies, this strain is derived from the Hulu forest. Secondly, it borrows the second name from the Kapuas rive because most of the kratom trees grow on its water. Keep in mind, the kratom plant needs a tropical climate to survive, which is why the Kapuas side is the best point.

Although the location of the Kapuas River is prone to flooding, there is always a strong chance of the kratom plant thriving throughout the year. Because of the intense climate, green Hulu is hard to access, and not many kratom vendors make it to the plant finally. You must note, every kratom plant requires a minimum of 5 years to thrive to its fullest.

The Green Hulu Kratom Strain Review

Despite the scarcity of this plant, many vendors have still managed to lay their hands on it. In fact, most people think of choosing the Green Hulu because it has managed to garner several positive reviews in the last few years. Many people believe consuming the Green Hulu kratom strain has a positive impact on their workout. This is why the demand for this strain has increased exponentially in the last few years. However, that’s not all! Fans also go the extra mile to support the Green Hulu Kapuas strain by saying that it can easily treat depression and anxiety.

However, none of these claims are supported by medical science. Secondly, if you want to purchase the Green Hulu Kapuas kratom strain, you must know that it is available in the form of powder and raw plant.  Furthermore, if you decide to consume the Green Hulu Kapuas strain, it is in your best interest to check with a doctor first. Especially If you are suffering from a certain health condition, the green Hulu strain might have a negative impact on your health.

Everything you need to know about super glue strain

Everything you need to know about super glue strain

If you’re a kratom fan, you will know that this plant is having a major moment across the globe right now. Traditionally, it was termed a notorious herb, but as its popularity continued to rise, many people jumped the bandwagon to harvest it. Today, this plant is consumed by over 400 million people globally, which is enough proof of its massive popularity. In this feature, we will focus on the super glue strain. Not to forget, kratom has several strains out there, which is why fans love to consume it. However, before we move on to discuss the concept in detail, let us sift through a quick introduction to this plan.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a tropical herb that is harvested in Southeast Asia. This plant is popular in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea. The reason why the kratom plant is popular is because of its leaves. They have a special compound known as the mitragynaspeciose, which is believed to have some properties of the opioid painkillers. Although this plant has no proven health benefits, it is still consumed by a massive population globally. For this feature alone, we will focus on the super glue strain.

What is the Super Glue Strain?

For your information, it is an indica hybrid strain produced to provide relaxation to the mind. Not to forget, kratom fans claim, the consumption of this plant has a strong impact on their minds. However, none of the claims made by people are backed by concrete medical evidence. If you want to try to super glue strain for the first time, it is best for you to check with a doctor. This strain smells like pine and caramel. Because it is bred by the seedism seeds, it has a unique smell of its own. People who consume the super glue strain frequently claim that it relaxes the mind and body for an odd number of hours.

How Does It Impact the Brain?

People who consume super glue strain very often applaud their mind-boggling effects on the mind. For instance, recent research, according to the claims made by several people, medical research has registered a few facts about this strain. Around 87% of people claim they feel relaxed after consuming the super glue strain. On the other hand, around 63% of people claim that it restores their lost happiness. Unfortunately, medical evidence hasn’t given a thumbs up to any narratives passed on by people.

Where to buy the Super Glue Strain?

Not to forget, despite much popularity, kratom is still hounded by critics. This is the main reason why it is hounded by many people. This is why the best way to buy kratom is to purchase it from an online vendor. Keep in mind, if you get caught by the cops with kratom, they will impose a heavy fine and might put you in jail. To avoid this from happening, it is in your best interest to choose an online vendor. However, don’t forget to read the customer reviews because they will help you in coming across the right platform.

5 New Cannabis Trends You Need To Know About

It’s been a long wait, but cannabis users worldwide can finally start unpacking their secret hash boxes in the public eye. If you’re among the millions that knew all along that this little Me Time Box offers great variety and benefits, you’re at the right place. Read on as we discuss the latest trends of the versatile and healthy family of Cannabaceae.

According to studies compiled by New Frontier Data, the legalization of cannabis for personal use has been driven foremost in the regions where service was the highest. What’s interesting to note is how quickly the percentage of users climbed in each area where authorities legalized it. With all the focus on the superb healing agencies found in CBD, people are flocking to the plant, hoping that it’ll help manage pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

Cannabis has become a commodity that industrialists quickly recognized as a money churner, and new products are landing on shop-shelves at lightning speed. It’s exciting to follow the recent trends, and we take a look at what’s happening worldwide.

Becoming More Legal Daily

Twenty-two states legalized medical marijuana. In eleven of them, both recreational and medical cannabis are allowed to be consumed. It’s become all the craze as the main goody-bag item at A-listers parties, with influencers even being paid to suck on vape pens.

Another four states could have it legalized by November 2020; Montana, New Jersey, South Dakota, and Arizona.

Shred-It up in Style

New accessories are hitting the market faster than it takes you to roll your next joint, and it’s becoming a rather fancy affair too. It’s refreshing to see the stigma disappear into a vapor as new trends lend a sophisticated touch to the weed industry. 

You can buy a ‘super shredder’ that cleans and shreds up to three pounds of cannabis in a mere 7 seconds. It removes all the stems and leaves you with a consistent final product ready for the perfect roll.

Infusing Cuisine

For some, it’s all about the health, for others only about the fun. The fact is that regardless of why you’re using it, it adds to both categories. The latest trend is to infuse your everyday food and even beverages with all things cannabis. 

With top quality products that are easy to use, clean, and store, you can infuse all your oils and butter. The best thing about using such tools is that you can also use it for other herbs and spices.

Considerate Smokers

One of the more regular complaints smokers have to consider is where to go with their second-hand smoke. Fortunately, it’s something of the past, and you can now buy a silicone filter that fits most stick and pen vapes. 

It’s easy to use as you inhale from your vape, flip the silicone filter over, and exhale into it. You can now have a smokeless and odorless environment anywhere you go.

Alternative Health Apps

Are you looking for a health app with a difference? Look no further as you can now download an app that helps you localize and measure the exact amount of CBD your body needs for specific ailments. The app comes with a dose-measuring vape and mobile app. You will also connect to a large online cannabis community for help and support.


The world is ablaze with cannabis entrepreneurs, and you can enjoy all the benefits of this fantastic plant in style. Why not purchase a shredder, infuse your food, and consider a silicone filter. Gone are the days where you had to deal with a bad stigma; you can now light up in style and enjoy the healthy goodness it adds to your lifestyle. 

teen vape epidemic

6 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

Vaping is becoming incredibly popular as an alternative way to smoke. So if you’re wondering if it’s better and why, this article is for you. 

We’ve created this list of the top six reasons to make the switch. Read on to discover why we think you should quit smoking and start vaping.

A Healthy High

Vaping is associated with less toxic exposure than traditional smoking methods. It’s not as harsh on your throat. There are also calls for switching from smoking to vaping to reduce its effect on your overall well-being. 


A healthier high is a significant part of its appeal. Besides, vaping may produce a quicker and more potent high, which is literally more bang for your buck. Some experts recommend that you vaporize cannabis flowers whole for best results. 

Spoilt for Choice

You’ve got a vast range of options when it comes to vaping devices and systems. There are plenty of places where you can buy it ready to use off the shelf.  


Or get creative, order the components online, and make your own DIY version to suit your taste. If you’re not sure where to begin your search, this is the site that might be a great starting point

Another benefit is that you purchase it once-off, and you’ll then have a device you can use over and over again. When you’re ready to expand or experiment some more, you can add to your vaping collection. 


You also get to select how much of the herb you add to your device, and you can decide if you go for a fine or medium grind. You’re in control, and over time you’ll get used to the ideal heat setting and temperature, too, so that works best for you.


Tell-Tale Signs 

Recent research proposes that vaping possibly presents less oral health risks than smoking. One of the sure signs of smoking is damage to and discoloration of your teeth. 


Opting to vape rather than smoke will not stain your fingertips either. This helps you look unblemished, and you’ll have less of the tell-tale signs of smoking to deal with. 


Person Young Woman Smoking Cigarette Adult

Clean and Less Smelly

You can always smell it when someone smokes, and it lingers. Vaping avoids this as there’s less of an after smell to deal with. The devices are often sold with cleaning accessories to keep it free from reeking and in tip-top shape. 


You don’t have to worry about searching for gum, constantly spraying air freshener, or perpetually washing your hands to get rid of the odors. That means less to worry about, and your clothes and hair will remain smelling fresh and smoke-free too.


Discretion and Options 

Vaping can be discreet, and depending on the device you choose, you can easily conceal it. If you don’t like it to be obvious, opt for a smaller and compact vaping device that you can easily cover. 


Look out for a range of vaping systems disguised as everyday objects to keep it from prying eyes. As it’s less invasive and more considerate, vaping is sometimes allowed in traditional non-smoking areas. 



Vaping is more eco-friendly than smoking. You can show your care for the planet, reduce your carbon footprint, and not add any more paper, filters, or buds to the environment. 


As you continually vape with the same device, you’re being resourceful by reusing and reducing your impact on mother nature. 


Final Thoughts

Vaping has several wellness and lifestyle benefits over smoking. You get to choose a system or device you want to smoke from, plus you can be discreet.


There’s less of the tell-tale signs, and it’s an option that’s kinder to the environment too. Why not give it a try as a popular way for a healthier high.


Can you vape essential oils?

Vaping is still a very new concept and there isn’t much research that has been conducted to prove whether or not it’s safe.  Some claim vaping can help users quit smoking. The claims are true. Vaping hasn’t been around for a long time and scientists can’t fully comprehend its long-term effects on human beings. Therefore, experts are sort of sitting on the fence wondering whether it’s worth the risk- This is the main reason why vaping hasn’t been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a smoking cessation technique. Now, to answer your question: Can you vape essential oils? Well, yes and no. Allow us to explain. For us to better answer this question, we have to understand what vaping is, the science behind it, and what happens when essential oils are vaped. 

What is vaping?

Vaping is one of the newest ways of consuming substances in vapor form using a vape pen or e-cigarette. An e-cigarette is an electronic device that heats liquid substances (e-liquid) to form the vapor that people inhale. In case you’re wondering, e-cigarettes contain nicotine, but the content varies with each model.

What are essential oils?

These are plant extracts in the form of aromatic compounds. They can be obtained from plant leaves, flowers, stems, or even roots by solvent extraction, wax embedding, distillation, and many other techniques. Essential oils were mainly used as perfumes to spice up rooms. This was until the discovery of an alternative medicine practice known as aromatherapy.  Aromatherapy is the use of certain scents to induce healing in the human body. The effect is usually psychological and brings about a relaxed and calming effect on its subjects. A good example is clove oils.  Ever since people discovered the healing capabilities of essential oils, they have tried consuming it in every possible way. Essential oils are now embedded in soaps, applied on the skin, and even mixed with food and drinks to add flavor. We’re now devising ways we can directly inhale these healing compounds. Therefore the question: Can you put essential oils in a vape?

What happens when essential oils are vaped?

We have to appreciate the fact all essential extracts are natural oils. This means they break down into VOCs once they’re heated past certain temperatures (usually 150 to 180 ℉). Why don’t you opt for the good old bongs? They produce less heat and have a water filtering system that further cools down the smoke. Interested? Here is more information about water bongs. VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds that react with the oxygen in the atmosphere to create harmful substances such as carbon monoxide. These harmful substances are building blocks of toxic compounds like tar that damage the lungs, throat, teeth, and can even cause cancer. 

What about distilling essential oils?

Some argue that they have been diffusing essential oils in their homes for years without suffering any serious health complications. Why haven’t experts made a big deal out of it? First, it’s important to note that not all essential oils are the same. Some are stable at 212℉. In addition to that, home diffusers don’t produce a lot of heat enough to decompose essential oils to VOCs.

Vaping and essential oils

Vape pens and e-cigarettes produce a lot of heat. A standard vape pen can hit 800℉ almost instantly! This makes it impossible to vape essential oils without decomposing them into harmful VOCs.  In addition to that, e-liquids also contain other chemical substances that combust into carcinogens. These are some of the harmful chemicals to look out for in vaping liquids (e-liquids):
  • Nicotine
  • Propylene glycol
  • Ethyl vanillin
  • Diacetyl
  • Acetyl pyrazine
  • Methyl cyclopentenone

What are the side effects of vaping essential oils?

Up to this point, we must both agree that essential oils are toxic when vaped.  For now, you’re better off with diffusing essential oils, until experts come up with safer ways to inhale these healing compounds.  Here are the noted side effects of vaping essential oils:
  • Coughing fits
  • Swelling itchy throat
  • Asthma trigger
  • Bronchospasm

What about these “specialized” vape pens for essential oils?

Some manufacturers claim to have come up with specialized vape pens that don’t decompose essential oils. You need to be very careful and know the boiling point of your essential oils before you use these vape pens. Even then, you’re not 100% safe from harmful substances. A small amount of your essential oil will be broken down into VOCs. It might not sound like a bad thing, but it will be deadly when consumed over a long time.

Conclusion: Can you use essential oils in a vape?

Yes, but at your own risk.  There is still a lot that remains a mystery to scientists on vaping essential oils. For now, just keep and stick to approved consumption methods.
How to Find Marijuana Doctors Online

How to Find Marijuana Doctors Online?


The initial step in acquiring legal medical marijuana may be finding a doctor who deals with marijuana and they will get you a prescription. Medical marijuana is yet to be accepted universally as medicine. Therefore getting licensed to use it could be quite a hassle. However, there is good news as this article discusses how you can find marijuana doctors online who will be of immense help to you.

Where to Source Medical Marijuana Doctors

When you want to find marijuana doctors online, there is usually one place where you are sure to get highly qualified staff that deals with marijuana. is your savior in the search for marijuana doctors.
The doctors here have been thoroughly and keenly vetted. This is so as to ensure they abide strictly by the state laws provided. You are therefore safe to choose from a listing of medical practitioners that are trustworthy and transparent.

How to Find a Marijuana Clinic

The website mentioned above has a listing of weed clinics that are legally commissioned to operate. Ensure that your condition makes you eligible to consume medical weed legally. Qualifying for medical weed could vary from one state to another.
So it is advisable you get to know your eligibility status where you are first. Some states will permit patients diagnosed with PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) to use medical weed while others do not agree to that. The moment you get a clinic and you are okay with the eligibility check, get a doctor to recommend how you will take your medical marijuana to cure your prodrome. Once you find a marijuana doctor online, it is advisable that you keep in touch with your main care doctor to get any medical records showing your condition qualifies for weed medication.
As usual, there may be some delay before you are given medical marijuana. The practitioners have to confirm with utmost integrity that you really require the weed medication.

What to Consider When Choosing Medical Weed Practice

There is no other way of getting medical cannabis legally apart from having a recommendation from a certified physician. Your primary care doctor is not permitted by the law to propose to you medical weed. They would not accept to write for you a recommendation having in mind that you can respond well and more effectively with other types of treatment.
The physicians at believe in the medicinal benefits of marijuana and they will highly recommend it over other types of treatments deemed dangerous. An example could be opioids. The practitioners will conduct a thorough inspection on your condition before recommending weed treatment.
To find marijuana doctors online is not that much of a hassle but to get it in your hands is the big deal. The doctors observe extremely strict regulations when dealing with medical cannabis. They will even ask regarding traditional treatment and why it failed to work to your advantage. They will not just prescribe to you the medicinal weed.

Bottom Line

For you to find marijuana doctors online, you will first of all have to have recommendation from a qualified practitioner. This is a great step for you to get marijuana medication. Also, scrutinize fully if your condition is eligible for marijuana medication in the area or state you live.