Puffland Delivers Canadians The Best

Marijuana delivery is alive in Canada.

Medical marijuana dispensaries like Puffland are big business in Canada. Canadians spend as much money on marijuana as they do on wine and almost all that money is currently spent on medical marijuana. And despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau passing legislation legalizing recreational weed, many Canadians still use it medicinally.
There is still some work to be done before the new recreational laws come online. But as the Canadian marijuana market moves ever closer to legalizing recreational marijuana, the dispensary market is getting flooded. With so many options to choose from, many patients don’t know what they are missing out on until the find it. This makes it increasingly important to understand what makes a good dispensary service and sticking with one once you find it.
There is more to a great dispensary than just good prices. One delivery service that provides great product and solid customer service is called Puffland. They also happen to offer a 100% money back guarantee so patients can feel secure in their purchases.
What is Puffland?
Puffland is a Canadian company based in British Columbia. They specialize in delivering discrete medical cannabis across the Great White North. With low prices and access to some killer genetics, patients are taking notice. Their high quality of product and great customer service is starting to earn them a solid reputation.
With the goal of providing safe access to medical marijuana to suffering people, Puffland makes sure to provide the highest quality product at an affordable price. Medical patients depend on them every day to provide their medicine on time and as promised.
A great service with loads of options.
The internet has made more of the world accessible to everyone. That’s why Puffland is using the internet to ensure that medical patients are able to get their medicine. They set up their site to offer clients their products and services with minimum hassle and maximum features.
The Puffland website is responsive and easy to navigate with prices prominently displayed among quality images. You can see what they offer, how much it costs and add it to your cart without having to change screens. Checkout is also fast and easy with only a few steps before your delicious cannabis is on its way.
When it comes to paying, Puffland is ready and willing to take both Interac E-Transfers and Bitcoin through Coingate. Additionally, every purchase earns clients reward points for free gifts like cannabis and smoking accessories. In addition to lowering the overall cost of marijuana supplies, the points offer patients the chance to sample products they might be on the fence about.
And don’t forget the massive selection.
Puffland prides itself on having a wide selection of medical flowers, concentrates and edibles. Patients suffering from conditions and disorders such as chronic pain, insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea, anxiety, add/adhd, and ptsd can all find the right strain or product for them.
From sativas to indicas and every kind of hybrid in between, Puffland has patients covered. They also have almost every possible preparation of cannabis. From shatter to sap and live resin crumble to infused honey and CBD capsules, they have it all.
With a wide selection of cannabis flower available, it can be easy to forget that they also have competitively priced  tinctures, balms and CBD products. Finding the right product is simple and only takes a few clicks to have shipped right to the door.
It’s as convenient as possible.
Puffland provides clients with express shipping options as well. Their standard shipping arrives a couple days after ordering. The discrete packaging ensures anonymity while the tracking allows for constant monitoring.
If xpresspost is too long to wait, patients can get Post Priority shipping. One click and the medicine is shipped in half the time, often arriving overnight. This gives patients with time constraints the options they need to stay medicated and healthy.
If you ever have any problems with your order, the service team is there to help. Just shoot them an email or touch in with them on any social media platform and they should respond quickly and professionally.
Do you use Puffland? What was your experience? Would you ever use a delivery dispensary service? Let us know in the comments below!

What to Expect from Your First Dispensary Visit

What to Expect from Your First Dispensary Visit

Following on from our article last week about finding the right dispensary, here are some tips for what to expect from your first visit. Every trip to your dispensary should be great (within reason, of course – Acts of God don’t count), not just your first. You should be listened to and have your questions answered, preferably by someone who knows the dispensary products inside-out and who knows a little bit about cannabinoids, growing and the effects of each of the strains they hold.
Now that we have that out of the way, here are three things you should expect on your first dispensary visit…

1. Expect to Be Carded

In a medical marijuana dispensary, they will ask to see a medical marijuana card and recommendation letter, so expect to hand these over. Should you become a regular and the dispensary starts recognizing your face, then they may not ask to see your rec letter all the time, but it is worth carrying around both MMJ card and recommendation letter when you go to a  dispensary whether you’re a familiar face or not.
Those who enter a dispensary without a valid MMJ card and rec letter may be turned away. However, a good dispensary will likely ask you, “Would you like to see if you can get a rec?” before taking you to a private room where you can go online and get a recommendation from a doctor right there and then.
Once you have this recommendation, it becomes valid immediately and you can start using the dispensary. We do, however, recommend getting a card as well, as this can potentially save you all sorts of legal headaches. Should you not have a card/rec and want to get one, have your state-issued ID and proof of address with you. Any medical records and list of current medications can also help – be prepared.

2. “This Place Doesn’t Look Like What I Expected”

When most people think of medical marijuana dispensaries, they think of head shops and places with an extremely hippie-ish decor. Alternatively, some may have been on a trip to Amsterdam and thought the cafe-style system would have been imported to the US. Granted, there are some dispensaries that do look like this, but a lot of them are sleek, high-end places that look like pharmacies.
Others may feel more like a sports bar, and others still have a serious living room vibe going on. In California, you can pretty much find a dispensary that suits the type of environment you prefer. Of course, the first thing on your mind should be, “Are the products any good, preferably lab-tested” and “Do the people who work here know what they’re doing?” If the dispensary has these right, then they should have good reviews and a loyal following.

3. Be Patient

Some dispensaries and states have rules where they can only serve one patient at a time, so be prepared to wait your turn in line. This is usually a good time to peruse the dispensary menu, ask your medical marijuana-related questions and read a book. This time will also help you save time for other patients as well, as they’re not waiting for someone standing at the front of the line looking through hundreds of products in order to find the right thing.
We highly recommend getting your recommendation letter and MMJ card before you enter a medical marijuana dispensary, then calling up your dispensary of choice so they know you’re coming. This way, they can cater to your needs more fully, and they will definitely appreciate the politeness and decorum!

How to Find the Right Dispensary

How to Find the Right Dispensary

Finding the right dispensary can be a laborious task – much harder than getting a medical marijuana card. Sure, some people manage to get a dispensary they like straight away, whether it’s because they happen to live in the right zip code or because they just went to one by chance and enjoyed it. For others, however, finding the right dispensary takes a few months and lots of travel.
Here are three simple ways to make finding the right one easier …
Ask, Ask, Ask (And Research) …
This means asking doctors (although the one recommending you cannot recommend any particular dispensary by law), other healthcare professionals, other patients and anyone else who might know a thing or two about dispensaries. This also means that, when you get to the dispensary, ask as many questions as possible. “Do you lab test your medications?” “Who supplies your dispensary with cannabis, and what is their growing environment like?” “Can you show or tell me the evidence for the efficacy of cannabis for depression, anxiety, etc.?” These are all valid questions.
Another thing to remember is that there are no stupid questions when it comes to your health. Ask your budtender about the strains, their taste, effects etc. Tell them what sort of thing you’re looking for, and what problems you’re trying to deal with. Remember, though: different strains and cannabinoid-terpenoid concentrations have different effects on different people. Everyone has a different endocannabinoid system (ECS), so what may work for one person or even group of people may not work for you.
Once you have done all the asking, it’s time you ask yourself, “Did the dispensary answer my questions properly? Do I feel informed and confident, or am I still in the dark? Were my concerns treated with regard?” If the answer is “no”, then it might not be the best dispensary for you. Searching up the dispensary online and checking reviews can help. If people are complaining of moldy, mildewy weed, then this is a very bad sign, and it is perhaps best to avoid this dispensary.
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Who Are the Dispensary’s Main Customers?
This will tell you what the environment at the dispensary is like. In California, almost every dispensary has a different look, and they are clearly vying for different markets. Some are more sportsbar-like, others with a sleek, high-end pharmacy feel. Some will be like a cosy living room, others like a colorful hippie headshop. Dispensaries from many other states have gone for a contemporary, upmarket look (whether by regulation or simply trying to change perceptions), whereas California’s dispensaries have gone down a more individualistic route.
In the end, who and what demographic of people go to a dispensary shouldn’t really matter, as all that matters is the quality of their products and how stringent their quality control is. However, if you want a good sign of potential high quality, it might be worth asking, “How many pediatric and senior patients use your dispensary?” Granted, there won’t be many dispensaries treating children, but those that do will more than likely be of high-quality. Parents tend to want the best for their kids, after all. Medications targeted at children also have to be stringently tested, so you can rest a little bit easier with the testing processes they’re put through.
As for senior citizens, they can be very discerning when it comes to quality medications. They may have more time to do their research and, just as with kids, many want the best for their parents, too. Senior citizens also seem a bit more willing to talk about their ailments and medications, so there’s a whole heap of knowledge to gleam from them!
What About Other Amenities and Facilities?
Does the dispensary hold question-and-answer sessions for newbies? Exercise & meditation classes? Games nights? Growing classes? Seminars on cutting-edge cannabis research? Do they have good contacts with the local doctors and hospitals? Yes, there will be some great dispensaries keeping it no-frills and doing nothing but simply providing you with the best-quality cannabis available, but it’s the ones that give their patients lots to do and think about that are often rated best. Why? Because providing extra stuff shows that they care, and that they are more likely to be fulfilling their status as places where you go to get better. As amazing as cannabis is, it can’t do everything!
Of course, before you can find your perfect dispensary, you will need to get your medical marijuana card first. Oh, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for in a dispensary, why not get a grower’s license and start a mini-farm of your own? You will not only get your own medications for much cheaper, but there are proven health benefits to growing your own plants as well!


Weed Grinder: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

In the course of every cannabis consumers journey, the question of what grinder to use comes up. Are they even needed? Is it worth it to buy a high end model? Which one is best? There seems to be an infinite supply of identical products on the internet that come in a wild range of prices making the choice even more overwhelming.
The explosion of the legal cannabis industry has created room for a new generation of paraphernalia peddlers to rise and claim that their grinder is the best ever. Space Case, Medtainer, Phoenician, and Santa Cruz Shredder are just a few of the names that come up regularly in the conversation about quality. These companies have built a reputation for excellent products but cost a pretty penny.
Finding the right weed grinder can be a frustrating and expensive process. Nobody wants to spend $100 on a grinder only to find that a $5 one works better for them. Yet if a high end grinder is so expensive, shouldn’t it be that much better than a cheap one? But what it really comes down to is how it affects the smoking experience. Grinding is not required for most methods of cannabis consumption but it does a few really great things for it.

What does grinding actually do?

By breaking up the bud, more of the weeds surface area is exposed. Surface area is important for consuming cannabis flower. The higher the surface area, the more efficiently THC is vaporized so grinding will produce a stronger hit than otherwise.
Burning (or vaping) ground product also produces a more flavorful hit. Terpenes (the chemicals that make up smells) exposed by grinding increase the aroma before, the flavor during and the taste after a hit. It can be slightly harsher from the increased smoke density but the overall experience is of a higher caliber.
It’s not just the flavor that gets a boost either. Because of the consistent and small size of particles after grinding, it is easier to make every bowl the same size. Grinding simply produces a more consistent product to smoke or vape. People interested in monitoring the amount of cannabis they consume or trying not to overload a vape pen will find that grinding the product makes a big difference.

What is the difference between them?

There are a lot of options when it comes to getting an herb grinder. Most differences can be boiled down into variations of materials, styles and features. A $100 grinder may perform worse than a $5 version in many situations if it is significantly smaller/larger or produces a course grind.
When comparing grinders, it is important to think about how you intend to use it. If most sessions require less than a gram of product, a grinder that can hold an ounce of product will be less effective than one that can hold an eighth. People with arthritis or carpel tunnel may find a larger grinder with a crank handle easier to use than a small one with threads.
Cheap grinders also have a tendency to stick or jam up over time. Occasional users may not experience a perceivable difference between two models. If grinding cannabis is part of a daily routine, the smooth action of higher end models can make a big difference. Most of the difference between high and low end grinders is due to quality of materials and finishes.

What kind of materials and finishes are safe?

Grinders come in every material possible. From wood to titanium, as long as the material is stable enough, it can be used to make a grinder. That doesn’t mean that all materials are made equally though. Glass makes a great pipe but a very bad grinder. The brittle nature of glass makes chipping and breaking under normal use almost guaranteed so people don’t normally produce glass grinders.
Materials like aluminum and acrylic are cheap, stable and are unlikely to shatter under normal use so many manufacturers rely on them. Over time, grinders made from these materials will wear out and wear off. Small pieces of plastic or metal can work their way into the product you are grinding.
Materials like titanium, food grade polyethylene and ceramic are strong enough to resist wearing out and are significantly safer to use. Since titanium and ceramic are expensive to produce, many manufacturers will use an aluminum base and coat it with a thin film of the more expensive material. As long as the finish remains intact, there is little risk of contamination to the user and it then becomes a matter of style.

What are the main styles of grinder?

The most popular styles of grinder are manual and range from two to four pieces. Electric grinders are becoming more popular but have yet to dominate the market. They mainly serve the subsection of the community that loves gadgets or has motor-control difficulty.
Each style has a specialized use and will function better in situations it is designed for than the other styles. Manufacturers classify their grinders by the number of pieces and the diameter of the assembly.
Two piece grinders are best when used indoors and with a tray to dump the ground material. Three piece grinders remove the need for an extra tray while four piece add a screened off area at the bottom. The screen separates the trichomes that break off during the grinding process and collects them for later use.
Since trichomes are the plants chemical factories, this fine powder is very high in cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Vaporizers work best when using finely ground product so 4 piece models are very popular. Any style will produce vaporizable product as long as the teeth grind the cannabis evenly.

What about the teeth?

The parts of the grinder that actually do the work are called the teeth. They can come in a few shapes and configurations in any style or material of grinder. Their whole purpose is to break up the cannabis evenly but they go about it in different ways.
Pin shaped teeth are found on wood grinders pretty often and are better for grinding sage or thyme than cannabis.Diamond shaped teeth tear through dense nugs and can break up stems that are dry. They act like scissors, shearing the bud apart. They have straight sides and are the most common type of teeth on aluminum grinders.
Pyramid shaped teeth are able to produce a more consistent grind than diamond teeth but also produce smaller chunks. These are common on higher end grinders but can still be found on low end models. If these teeth are cheaply produced, the tips can sheer off and contaminate the cannabis. Inhaling burning acrylic or aluminum is dangerous and can have long term health consequences so they are best to avoid.

What size is right?

Most stores will stock a few different sizes of the same grinder. The manufacturers classify their sizes based on diameter. So a 2.5″ grinder is about two and a half inches from side to side. Each size generally corresponds to a different product amount. 1.5″ models are great if grinding less than 2 grams of cannabis while a 3.5″ model will chew through an ounce in no time. In the end, it comes down to personal preference and need. Does it feel good in the hand? Does it have the right number of pieces? Is it made of high quality materials? If so, it should serve you well in the years to come. Thanks for reading.

Thornton Has Had a Change of Mind in Regards to Retail Cannabis

Thornton Has Had a Change of Mind in Regards to Retail Cannabis

When marijuana was legalized for retail/recreational purposes in the state of Colorado in 2012, cities and counties had the ability to restrict the retail market from existing within their borders. Many cities decided to do just that. Thornton, the state’s 6th largest city right out said no to all retail cannabis related businesses. 4 years later, though, they are starting to see what they are missing out on. A recent 5-4 vote by the Thornton City Council will change that moving forward. Starting Sept. 1st the city will start accepting applications from individuals who wish to open a dispensary in the city.
The change will allow for 4 retail marijuana dispensaries to open within the city limits, which is one in each quadrant. During the city council meeting where the vote took place, there were many opponents who did not like the idea of retail marijuana stores opening up shop in their cities. Many of these prohibitionists stated things such as it would “increase youth consumption.” I’m not sure where they are getting their information but since cannabis was legalized in the state, consumption by young adults and youth has decreased.
There are strict regulations surrounding where the dispensaries will be able to open specifically including but not limited to the following;
-At least 1,000 feet away from schools
-No less than 500 feet away from day care centers
-No less than 500 feet away from drug treatment centers
Applicants wishing to open a dispensary in the city will be graded on a point system much like potential applicants are vetted in Aurora.
The changes voted on by the council also pave the way to allow for marijuana testing facilities down the road. They will not, however, be allowing for cultivation facilities or infused-product makers.
Once sales begin the city stands to make some big bucks that will go to benefit the city as well as the communities of residents that live there. Estimates show that the city could stand to make anywhere between $1.5 million and $2.5 million annually from the taxes they will collect on retail marijuana sales. Can you imagine what $1.5 million could do for a city? This is the exact question that got the gears in the minds of many of the city council members turning in the direction of supporting retail sales in the city. While it may sound sad that money was the driving factor, just think about how much the city will gain from this decision!
image: Ed Andrieski, The Associated Press

Second Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opened This Week In FL

Second Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opened This Week in FL

The Sunshine State AKA Florida has experienced a considerable loss in their tourism dollars and is also seeing a decrease in the number of snowbirds that are flocking to the state. The loss of tourism and number of residents who live in the Sunshine State during the winter months is in large part contributed to cannabis legalization in states such as Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. Many tourists are choosing to go to one of these states to spend their vacation time as well as their hard-earned dollars.

Elderly who retire to Florida are changing their tune and heading to rec pot states. They are finding that cannabis is cheaper than their prescription drugs and offers them a healthier lifestyle. Florida has faced issues with trying to legalize cannabis for many years now. With corrupt politicians and special private interest groups controlling the outcome along the way, there has been one blockade after another when it comes to having safe legal access to medical cannabis in the state of Florida. Luckily there is somewhat of a system in place, but it is only benefiting a small handful of individuals.

In April of 2016, Governor Scott signed HB 307 allowing entities to be implemented that are licensed to dispense medical cannabis to patients who qualify based on terminal status. In July of 2016, the doors to the first dispensary opened in Tallahassee and has been providing medicinal marijuana to qualifying patients since. Trulieve which is a part of George Hackney, Inc. was thrilled to be the first entity in the state to supply medicinal marijuana and were even more thrilled when they opened the doors to their second dispensary on Thursday.

The newest location can be found at 24761 US Highway 19N #630 in Clearwater, Florida. Trulieve offers both low THC and high THC cannabis products at their locations and they provide delivery services statewide to qualifying patients. Trulieve is expected to open more locations before the end of the year.

Now that Trulieve has opened its doors in Clearwater, qualifying patients in the area can finally start getting some relief by utilizing a safe all natural plant. Pharmaceutical drugs and prescription drugs alone account for more deaths than cocaine and heroin combined in the United States. Both intentional overdoses and accidental overdoses have been on the rise continually with no sign of relief in sight.
That was until cannabis became legal in the state of Colorado. Statistics have shown that overdose rates from prescription drugs have dropped by 25% or more since cannabis was made legal on a recreationally or retail basis. Other states are starting to see similar results and Florida could stand to use some of these results themselves. The Sunshine State also has considerable problems with heroin, cocaine, and pills.
Being that they are right on the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean it makes them a major port for drug trafficking. By allowing safe access to medical cannabis in the state of Florida many people could see a higher quality of life. We can only hope that this November, residents will be able to vote for a more comprehensive and helpful medical marijuana program that includes all the patients that could benefit from cannabis, not just those who are terminally ill.
image credit: wikimedia