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  1. Avatar21 Mar
    Speed Weed

    What electric grinders do you recommend?

    @speedweed on twitter

    1. Avatar23 Mar
      Adam Rhodes (Listing owner)

      Thanks for the question! Most electric grinders perform worse than mechanical versions so they are not right for many users. Electric models can be great for people with arthritis or other problems twisting a traditional grinder as long as they are built right. Many electric versions have to be twisted to close, eliminating their benefits so I don’t recommend them. Models like the Hummer and the PenSimple have threading that can get jammed or otherwise be difficult for those who can’t twist a normal grinder. That said, I like the overall design of the Chewy grinder. Mainly because it is easy to load, grinds fairly well and can hold about 2 grams of product.

  2. Avatar28 Feb
    Ajay Sharma

    We manufacture herbal grinder in India

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