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8 Reasons Blunts > Joints

Alright, people, let’s talk blunts vs joints. We all have our own personal opinions here, but only 1 is right: mine and those that agree with me. So for anyone wondering, the answer is blunts. Blunts are better than joints and there are multiple reasons why:

1. Blunts Burn Longer

Blunts burn way longer than joints, and you never have to relight them. One spark up and that thang’s riding until the very end. That doesn’t happen with blunts. You smoke half of it, and then the other half is just ashtray decoration because it becomes a light-the-joint-every-time-you-hit-it kind of situation. If I wanted to do that I’d just get a pipe/bong.

2. Blunts Are Easier To Roll

I’m at the point where I can twist a J no problem, but in my early days, boy were they an impossible feat. Zig zags twisting all over the place, weed fall out on the floor, it’s a real task to roll a joint when you’ve never done it before. Or even when you have done it before. Blunts though? Little saliva and a properly rolled mouthpiece can take you a long way.

3. Blunts Don’t Get Wet Often/As Much

There’s nothing worse than someone getting the mouth of the blunt wet. It’s like “Dog…Are you serious with this right now?” You have to throw the lighter on there then monitor every hit they take for the rest of the session. It’s annoying. But that doesn’t happen as often with blunts as it does with joints. Pass a J to someone with the moist mouth and it immediately becomes a Pixy Stix. No one wants that.

4. Blunts Are Better For Sharing

Blunts are way better for sharing than joints because reason #1 above. The factor of burning longer enables you have a blunt session without worrying about where the blunt is, how long someone’s had it, and how long someone’s talking while the ganja burns into the air frivolously. Sure, you don’t want anyone to do these things, but I’m just saying, they’re less of a problem when you know the blunt is going to burn for a minute. Joints though? It’s like “Hey, pass, smoke, pass, smoke, ahhhh man, it’s already done.”

5. The High Lasts Longer

I haven’t researched the science on this, but I feel like blunts get me way higher and for way longer than joints. It could be that small bit of tobacco in the wrap, but whenever I smoke a blunt, I’m high for hours upon hours. When I smoke a joint, however, I feel like I’m stoned, but not on a level that makes me feel stuck. Again, haven’t researched this, but I have field tested it. Same thing, right?

6. You Can Find Blunts At Any Gas Station

There’s nothing more annoying than needing some rolling materials that aren’t readily available at your nearest gas station. Have you seen the rolling papers selection at most 7-Elevens? Garbage, son. They always have some trash ass JOBs or some little ass zig zags that won’t do the trick for Big Smokers like us. They never have Raw papers, or King Size anything. Blunt wraps though? You can find some Swisher Sweets or some White Owls at any gas station you come across. That’s a guarantee.

7. You Can Fit More Weed In A Blunt

Sometimes you want to roll a Grammer Jammer and that doesn’t always fit in a joint. For those wondering, a Grammer Jammer is a blunt that requires an entire gram or it ain’t bout shit. You can’t roll one of those in papers though. I mean, you can, but it’s not going to hold up like a blunt. And what if you want to get extra and excessive with it by throwing even more in there? Which rolling device offers you more breathing room? Huh? Which? Exactly.

8. Rihanna Smokes Blunts

End of discussion.

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These 12 States Consume the Most Marijuana

The United States is still feeling the effects of the 2016 Election. A lot of controversy surrounds the results of the Presidential portion of Election Day. However, many states voted in favor across the board on one particular item this past year – to legalize marijuana.
Nine states voted on marijuana laws, resulting in eight states favoring the use of the medicinal plant. Now, more than half of the states in America allow the use of marijuana in some form. This past election season has brought the current tally up to 29 states plus the District of Columbia.
There are two different ways that marijuana is regulated in the U.S.A. It is regulated both recreationally and medicinally. Therefore, in some states one or the other may be legal. In others, it may be both.
Recreational laws are much like drinking laws. You have to be at least 21 to buy cannabis. The second regulation is medicinally. This is where a specialist writes you a prescription for a strane that will placate to your needs, whether it be depression, anxiety, eating disorders, HIV, etc.  
Out of the 29 states, as well as D.C., here are the 12 that consume the most marijuana.

  1. California

Legalizing marijuana medically in 1996, California was the first state to vote in favor of marijuana in the United States. However, the west-coast state only voted this past election season to legalize it recreationally. With 4,633,000 users, California has the most total users in the United States. However, with a population of 39.25 million, only 14.9% of Cali residents use marijuana, ranking the Golden State at the bottom of this list percentage-wise.

  1. Michigan

Marijuana has been medically legal for almost a decade, as Michigan passed a law in favor of it in 2008. Since then, 1,304,000 of the 9.93 million that populate the Wolverine State use marijuana as treatment for their ailments. That makes 15.6% of the state marijuana users.

  1. New Mexico

New Mexico is currently in its tenth year of legalized medical marijuana. However, there seems to be no shift any time soon as it comes to legalizing it recreationally. Many states have a tendency to begin with the decriminalization of marijuana prior to making the plant recreationally legal. However, in New Mexico, a maximum marijuana fine can still carry up to $5,000. Of the 2.08 million that inhabit the Land of Enchantment, 267,000 people use medical marijuana, making up 15.6% of the population.

  1. New Hampshire

House Bill 573 passed in 2013, making medical marijuana legal in New Hampshire. Of the 1.33 million who call The Granite State Home, 194,000 people use medicinal marijuana. That makes for 17.1% of the state benefitting from the plant.

  1. Massachusetts

Massachusetts took a big stand for cannabis in 2008, when it decriminalized possession of the plant to $100 for less than an ounce. The New England-based state also voted yes to Question 2, legalizing medical marijuana that year as well. It wasn’t until this past election where Massachusetts citizens voted yes to recreational marijuana. Now, 989,000 of the 6.81 million residents of Massachusetts use marijuana, which equals 17.6% of the state.

  1. Rhode Island

The smallest of the United States is one of the smokiest. With only 1.6 million people in the coastal state, 170,000 use marijuana medically. With such a small population, that means 18.7% use marijuana to treat their illnesses.

  1. Maine

Maine was one of the first states to legalize marijuana medically, as they passed a bill in 1999. However, recreational marijuana only became legal this past election. With 1.33 million people living in the Pine Tree State, 224,000 use marijuana in some form. That means that 19.4% of the northernmost part of New England are marijuana users.

  1. Washington

The Evergreen State sure does love its green. In 2012, Washington voted to legalize marijuana recreationally and medically. Now, 1,105,000 of the 7.29 million who live on this Canadian border-state use marijuana. Edging out Maine by a hair, 19.5% of Washingtonians participate in marijuana consumption.

  1. Alaska

The 49th State was not one of the last to legalize marijuana. Back in 2014, Alaska voted yes to both recreational and medicinal marijuana. Now, 114,000 of the 741,894 Last Frontier residents use marijuana in some form, making up 19.5% percent of the largest state in America.

  1. Vermont

The home of Bernie Sanders loves their marijuana. Cannabis became legalized medically back in 2004, and has been decriminalized numerous times since. In 2016 and 2017, bills have passed and stalled to legalize the plant recreationally. However, it is widely believed that The Green Mountain State will get greener in 2018. As for now, 108,000 people out of 624,594 use the plant, which makes for 19.8% percent of the state.

  1. Oregon

Oregon is well-known for its greener lifestyle. That’s what makes it an easy number 2 on our list. Since 2014, 646,000 of the 4.9 million people living in Oregon consume marijuana either recreationally or medicinally. That measures out to 19.9% of the state utilizing the plant.

  1. Colorado

No other state may be more synonymous with marijuana than the forerunner of ending the prohibition on recreational weed, Colorado. As of 2012, the Rocky Mountain State has been the standard bearer of marijuana, producing billions of tax revenues that have gone toward schools and infrastructure. 909,000 of the 5.54 million in Colorado use the plant recreationally and medicinally. That makes for 21.6% of the state’s residents marijuana users.

Infographic courtesy of Badass Glass, an online headshop offering some of the best selections of premium glassware on the internet.

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New Jersey Legalizes Weed but Criminalizes Possession

New Jersey will arrest anyone with the smallest possession of weed.

29 U.S. states have legalized medical and/or recreational marijuana. The State of New Jersey recently legalized weed but the criminal justice system still treats everyone like it never happened. New Jersey officials will even arrest people for having a half smoked joint in their possession while in public.
Or having a car freshener hanging in the rear-view mirror. Having a freshener hanging is enough to give police probable cause. Cops use this to search drivers they suspect of having weed.  States like Oregon require drivers to have cannabis out of reach of drivers or have it be in a sealed container. But New Jersey doesn’t want cannabis in the car at all.
Just smelling like weed while walking along the road is enough for cops to frisk a person. In 2014, New Jersey arrested over 25,000 people for possession. Many of the people targeted were tourists but even locals were charged. Residents and tourists beware; New Jersey will charge for possession and let the courts figure out guilt.
Carmine Villani is a criminal defense lawyer in New Jersey. She says that possessing weed (anywhere from 0 to 50 grams) will lead to a disorderly conduct fine. If the cop is in a bad mood, you might get 6 months in jail or a $1,000 fine. If you get caught with it in your car you could lose your license. If you are caught with an already smoked joint, a resonated pipe or left over shake it doesn’t matter. Your life will be ruined. In New Jersey, getting caught with the smallest amount of pot is a life altering affair.

New Jersey will take away professional licenses for those caught with weed.

Carmine also says that people who work with children as a profession could lose their license. They lose the ability to work with children when they are caught with possession of weed. First time offenders have a sliver of hope although.
People caught with 50 grams of marijuana or less have a change of getting a reduced sentence if it is their first time. If defendants pass a urine test and undergo a year of probation they can avoid the fee and jail time. Repeat offenders have no option but pay the fine and/or do the time.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is responsible for marijuana enforcement.

Gov. Christie is against cannabis and hates everything about it. He drafted and passed a cannabis bill that only supports the sickest and near dead members of society. Patients with cancer and are close to death got an exemption. They can obtain a medical marijuana card but still face the prospect of arrest and harsh penalties if found in possession. Things get even worse if they have it in their car or are caught with it in public.

The cops don’t require much to ruin a person’s life.

Having paraphernalia is enough for police to arrest and later convict a person. Also, if the cops suspect that the resin they see contains a derivative of cannabis, they use a test called the Duqeunois-Levine Test. If the test drop turns purple, then the substance tested positive for a derivative of cannabis.
The most insane part of all this is that it takes several months for the test to come back. One woman in New Jersey was going to get a job in September, but got arrested in August. She had to wait till March for her case to resolve. People with sticky fingers can also be tested for cannabis derivatives with the Duquenois Test.

New Jersey will not decriminalize cannabis any time soon.

Maybe the governor will decriminalize cannabis because elections are coming up. However, it looks unlikely. If city officials decriminalize marijuana, currently a misdemeanor, the penalty will be relabeled.
For example, instead of a possession charge, having weed in the car will become a driving under the influence charge. But the test cops use for THC doesn’t give accurate results. Having any THC in your system results in a charge. But THC stays in the body for up to a month or more. If a person smoked a jay in the beginning of the month they should wait a month for the substance to leave their system before they can drive again.
New Jersey police currently use outdated field sobriety tests.
The departments methods were designed in the early 70’s. They were also designed to combat alcohol, a very different drug. A person can be high and still can lift a leg or walk a straight line. Because of how easily cannabis users can pass a sobriety test, police have started ambushing people.
Many New Jersey cops park at the PNC Bank Arts Center and bust kids and adults in the parking lot. They’ll arrest people if they think they were smoking a joint or if they are find residue somewhere nearby. Basically, the PNC Bank Arts Center houses the New Jersey police barracks.
Many can’t believe how strict the cops are when it comes to a small amount of weed. But the New Jersey cops don’t care. Gov. Christie has a no non-sense policy when it comes to the possession and use of cannabis. And it will continue to be that way until Gov. Christie is out of office.

10 Best Times To Get High

10 Best Times To Get High

A wise man once said “Everything’s better when you’re high. If you don’t smoke, I don’t know why.” That wise man was Cameron Thomaz, otherwise known as the Wizard of House Khalifa, in his song Up, released in 2010. 7 years later, I’ve still yet to find an argument against that statement. I literally cannot think of 1 single activity that isn’t more enjoyable when stoned, which raises the question: when are the best times to get high? I mean, we all love to get high before running Saturday errands, or while kicking it with the homies, but when are the tried-and-true best times to get high? For answers, we check in with our expert, ya boy (me, I, Dante Jordan). In no particular order, here are 10 of the best times to get high:


5 Ways To Tell Your Parents That You Smoke Weed

So you want to tell you parents you smoke weed, but you don’t know how to? That’s fair. Been there. No matter what age you are, unless it’s just blatantly obvious that you parents are cool with it, it’s still kind of awkward to be like “Yo parents, I know as a kid you told me not to, but man…ya boy be blowing big kush. Like it’s really not a game. I gets high.”

Me personally, that’s kiiinda how it happened for me. Only, ummm..not as subtle. I was headed to my parents from The Grocery Store™ with a fresh sack of Dat Loudium in my pocket. I’m high as fuck, but the whole time I’m thinking “Yo remember to take that out of your pocket. Remember to take that out of your pocket.” What happens?

You: “You forgot to take it out of your pocket.”

Yup, you guessed right. I walked into my parents house with an eighth of skunkington in my right pocket. Gave my mom a hug with the right side, and then she goes “Aaaanddd you smell like smoke.” Up until this point, I’m fairly certain she knew that I smoked, but this was the first time it was just blatantly out there so I told her. Yeah, I smoke and I also get paid to write about it.

Chances are you’d prefer to not have a pocket full of goodies at your confession. For that reason, here are a few other ways to tell you parents that you enjoy a nice dose of THC every once in awhile:

1. Text

This is the most practical way. Just toss it out in a text and wait for the three dots to pop up. Just outta nowhere on a window hope into the family group chat with a “Hey, what are y’all doing?” Then when you get courtesy You?, hit them with a “Not shit, just smoking a blunt and chillin.” This gives you the power of disappearing if they start coming at you with crazy phone calls. But it’s already out there so next time you see them, the conversation is already warming up. Think of it as the appetizer before the entree.

2. Email a Dear John Letter

This is for everyone who wants to be taken seriously. Come at them with an email like a professional. Hit them with the To Whom It May Concern greeting, complete with a fire Thanks For Your Consideration signature. This right here says “Hey, i get high, but I’m still on top of my business.” Maybe even attach a resume of your cannabis career thus far: major in college; time in the industry; relevant experience, references; all of that.

3. Walk into Sunday Dinner with the red eye

This is for my people that want to say “Look, I smoke weed and you can’t do shit about it. This is me. This is who I am.” If you’re the type of person who likes to attack issues head-on, but you haven’t been able to do so with a parental cannabis confession for some reason, this is the method for you. Just walk into the crib/restaurant like a young Dank Lucas on your boss shit, and let it all out there. The message will be loud and clear: “Ya boy is high, are we thinking the calamari for starters or what?”

4. Hot Box Your Car then pick them up for lunch

This is for my passive-aggressive people. Hotboxing the whip then scooping up the rents for a club sandwich at McCalisters is a nice way of confessing. Cause if you don’t address the issue, they won’t. So you just wait for a comment about that smell then say “Well, I’ve been meaning to ask you…ya boy gets eights for $50, but if y’all wanna split something…” And if they don’t say anything, they’ll still talk about it amongst themselves which still gets the job done for you.

5. Start dressing like a stereotype

When you think pothead, the first image in your head is a person rocking Bob Marley tie-dye shirts, weed socks, and drug rug hoodies. I know I’m right because as soon as you see a stranger dressed as such, you automatically assume they’re high or know where to find that fire. Your parents are definitely no different. If you can’t bring yourself to straight jump out the window with I Smoke Weed tatted on your forehead, then try this silent approach. Grow your hair out, toss on a Rastafari wristband, and start talking about how y’all should take a family trip to Amsterdam. If that doesn’t work, then shit, you’ve got 4 other options listed above. Good luck, my friends.

20 Great Books To Read While High

20 Great Books To Read While High

Books can take you to another time and place, another world. They invite you inside the mind of another human being, to see the world from their perspective and experience their thoughts and ideas as your own. It’s like being a mind reader, only you can still read books even after the author has been dead for centuries.

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Top 10 Influential People Who Support Legalizing Weed

Some people are simply more influential than others. Influential people hold a special place in society where their opinion matters. These people are the most outspoken and influential supporters of legalizing cannabis. Without personalities and platforms like the people on this list have, we might never he seen a state legalize marijuana.

1. Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is the Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate. He introduced a bill in 2015 that would have ended the federal prohibition of marijuana. Sadly, his pleas fell on deaf ears but Bernie continues to fight for the common people.

2. Morgan Freeman

Mr. Freeman played in several leading roles and in countless movies. From Hoke Coleburn in Driving Miss Daisy to God in Bruce Almighty, he has played them all. He supports the legalization of marijuana because it helps him relieve the pain of fibromyalgia. He has also seen and understands how marijuana helps save children who struggle with severe seizures.

3. The Dalai Lama

Possibly one of the most positive influential people on the planet is The Dalai Lama. He is the Tibetan Buddhist Leader who doesn’t encourage the use of drugs or alcohol. But he does support medical marijuana because science has suggested it is helpful.

4. Snoop Dogg

The famous rapper Snoop Dogg is a potrepeneur. He not only smokes weed every day, but he also partnered with Canadian medical marijuana retailer Canopy Growth. Snoop is going to sell at least 3 different cannabis products with Canopy Growth under the name of “Leafs by Snoop”. The hope is that Canada will legalize weed soon, allowing Snoop and Canopy Growth to maximize revenue.

5. Woody Harrelson

This famous actor is on the advisory board for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). In 2016, Woody tried to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Hawaii. Unfortunately, his request was denied. But that hasn’t stopped him from trying to change the way government views and regulates weed.

6. Joe Rogan

The host of Fear Factor has been a staunch weed advocate for several decades. Joe is also a successful MMA fighter and political advocate. There is even a strain bearing his name and it’s popular wherever available. Many celebrities wouldn’t even know what marijuana is without the ceaseless activism Joe seems to simply exude.

7. Bill Maher

Famous comedian and Real Time talk show host Bill Maher is an avid supporter of legalized marijuana. He has even smoked weed live on air. Maher is also on the advisory board of NORML, and claims to smoke weed while writing new comedic material.

8. Canada’ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The Prime Minister of Canada is pushing hard for the full legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada. He made a promise to legalize weed while he was in office. He believes that recreational weed could generate C$5 billion to C$7 billion in annual revenue.

9. Ricky Williams, a former NFL Pro running back.

Ricky Williams is truly a great potrepranuer. He believes that marijuana should not be a part of the random drug tests that athletes must endure. He partnered with Weedmaps; a company that helps medical marijuana patients find dispensaries. Williams is also a part of the 420 games, a marathon 4.20 miles long in San Francisco. And he co-founded a cannabis friendly gym called Power Plant Fitness and Wellness.

10. Jack Nicholson.

Jack Nicholson is generally a private man when it comes to publicly talking about weed. However, he was quite candid when talking to the U.K.’s Daily Mail. Nicholson came at weed from a different perspective. From an economic standpoint, he claimed 85% of men who are incarcerated in the U.S. are from drug-related offenses. It’s costing tax payers $40,000 a year for each prisoner according to his sources. To Nicholson, that is ludicrous.


The Best Holistic Pot Party on the West Coast

The full Immersion pot party.

The full Immersion is a relaxing California pot party. It all started with 3 women: Katie Partlow of Little Face Events, Anya Matusevich and Sasha Perelman of Higher Beauty. Their focus is to provide guests with cannabis specific events that highlights the 5 human senses.
Some of Immersion’s events include blindfolding guests during dinner time, dipping into sound baths and inhaling essential oils. “I went to a few other cannabis events before, where it’s just really loud music, or the main activity is a bong-ripping contest. It feels awkward.”

Immersion vs. The Fyre Festival.

Immersion is something different, it’s a special event because its more than just a lame pot party. The Fyre Festival was a type of pot party that felt cheesy. The guests were promised a DJ, but instead they got to listen to someone’s MP3 playlist. The hosts of the Fyre Festival handed out free joints, but the large amounts of fruit flies ruined the session. Guests couldn’t leave the event when they wanted to because congestion blocked traffic.
Immersion is a cannabis party that is better organized and provides a clean and comfortable setting for guests. Immersion is a party where they serve weed. They provide activities where people dance, socialize, watch a simple sports game in the sun, etc. There is no random loud music and crowds of strangers running into each other.

Immersion is the next level of classy pot parties.

The Immersion crew wanted to create an experience that is not otherwise possible at a bar. Like having dinner blindfolded. It may seem strange but clients say the experience is enlightening. All private conversations cease once 75 people have blindfolds on. Blindfolding guests just for dinner time creates a comfortably intimate atmosphere.
The atmosphere at Immersion wasn’t about having tables filled with only popular strains of weed. “When people focus too much on the weed brands it feels off. People ask almost like, is this a trade show? I don’t like too heavy branding at all,” Partlow said. Smoking weed can ruin the normal flow of conversation, so the hosts of Immersion try to limit the amount of conversations during weed-themed events.

Partlow has experience hosting cannabis themed parties.

Partlow is not a novice when it comes to throwing a classy pot party. Partlow hosted an event in 2016 called Comedy, Cake & Cannabis. Inside there was an exhibit of frosting and fondant-twisted art. All while Los Angeles comics, Kate Berlant and Brandon Wardell, where making guest laugh hysterically.
Other parties Partlow hosted have similar themes, like the CannaMiss Marquez party. At that event burlesque dancers where wearing weed shaped green feathers. The dancers stripped down to tasseled green pasties while smoking a joint. Partlow said, “I want to do something at the next level, just getting people up and moving and not just sitting and high. You can stay home for that, you know?”