8 Reasons Blunts > Joints

Alright, people, let’s talk blunts vs joints. We all have our own personal opinions here, but only 1 is right: mine and those that agree with me…. Read more »

How To Make 5 Edible Pipes under $5 in under 5 minutes

Adam R. shows us how to make 5 different edible pipes for those special times.

These 12 States Consume the Most Marijuana

The United States is still feeling the effects of the 2016 Election. A lot of controversy surrounds the results of the Presidential portion of Election Day. However,… Read more »

New Jersey Legalizes Weed but Criminalizes Possession

New Jersey will arrest anyone with the smallest possession of weed. 29 U.S. states have legalized medical and/or recreational marijuana. The State of New Jersey recently legalized… Read more »

10 Best Times To Get High

A wise man once said “Everything’s better when you’re high. If you don’t smoke, I don’t know why.” That wise man was Cameron Thomaz, otherwise known as… Read more »

5 Ways To Tell Your Parents That You Smoke Weed

So you want to tell you parents you smoke weed, but you don’t know how to? That’s fair. Been there. No matter what age you are, unless… Read more »

The DEA has basically robbed Americans of $3.2 billion

The DEA has basically robbed Americans of $3.2 billion

20 Great Books To Read While High

Books can take you to another time and place, another world. They invite you inside the mind of another human being, to see the world from their… Read more »

Top 10 Influential People Who Support Legalizing Weed

Some people are simply more influential than others. Influential people hold a special place in society where their opinion matters. These people are the most outspoken and… Read more »

The Best Holistic Pot Party on the West Coast

The full Immersion pot party. The full Immersion is a relaxing California pot party. It all started with 3 women: Katie Partlow of Little Face Events, Anya… Read more »

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