Medical Cannabis as an Alternative to Prescription Opioids Boosts the New York Market

A notable increase in the medical cannabis market took place in New York over the last few months. The states MMJ patients list went from 62,256 on… Read more »

Top 5 Medical Reasons People Use MMJ

People have many reasons for smoking MMJ. Ask 5 stoners why they smoke MMJ and you will likely get 5 reasons. There are a lot of factors… Read more »

A Gram a Day Keeps the Opioids at Bay

There has been a lot of talk about cannabis being used as an alternative to opioid-based painkillers. States that have made medical marijuana accessible to patients in… Read more »

Charities Refuse Cannabis Contributions

Charities Refuse Cannabis Contributions

Charities occupy a special place in modern society. Charities function like a corporation but they are very different. They are an institutional mechanism for people and groups… Read more »

Male Cannabis Plants and What They Are Good For

Male plants put seed in your weed Cannabis is a unique plant because it requires both male and female plants to reproduce. At times, female cannabis plants… Read more »

How to Prepare Marijuana Grows for a Hurricane

Water, water everywhere. Hurricane Harvey just passed and Irma is making landfall at the moment. So far, there are a total of eight confirmed deaths with whole… Read more »

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