Berkeley California Fights the Black Market

Berkeley is Tired of the Black Market Thousands of people purchase cannabis regularly in California. Residents, tourists, and visitors contribute billions of dollars to California’s economy, but… Read more »

Prop 64 Starts Rolling Recreationally

Prop 64 is getting recreational weed rolling. Also known as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), Prop 64 passed with a wide, 57-43% margin in November… Read more »

California Passes Sanctuary Bill 1578

What happens now that California passed Bill 1578? California has taken a major step in ending the War on Drugs. By passing Assembly Bill 1578, California has… Read more »

Insurance Companies to Cover Weed in California

Insurance can be hard to get. Most Americans know how hard it is to deal with insurance companies. The coverage is confusing and Americans pay more than… Read more »

Sold: Starting a Medical Grow Business

Before starting a medical grow business, you need to do a ton of research. Federal, state and local laws create a vast web of interconnecting rules that… Read more »

A History of Medical Cannabis Part 2: Modern Cannabis

In Part 1 we talked about ancient cannabis and how it has been used throughout the ages. Today we are going to talk about modern cannabis and… Read more »

A Legal Retail Cannabis Market in California Could Offer Many Benefits

When it comes to cannabis legalization in the U.S., California is where it all began back in 1995 when they became the first state to legalize cannabis… Read more »

Illegal Grow Ops in Humboldt Being Targeted for Environmental Harm

We recently released an article about how marijuana arrests are still a significant thing in the state of California. Despite medical marijuana being legal since 1996 and… Read more »

Thousands of Californians are Being Arrested for Cannabis Each Year

Despite the fact that Californians voted to legalize medical marijuana in 1996 and reduced the consequences of possessing small amounts of marijuana to be a minor nonarrestable… Read more »

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