Top 10 Interesting Marijuana Facts

Top 10 Interesting Marijuana Facts

Here are the most interesting marijuana facts I know.

As an avid cannabis consumer, I am always finding new info about weed. Much of the information comes during smoking sessions with friends or interviewees. The hard part is organizing the information into a cohesive thought after the high subsides. But here is my list of interesting marijuana facts. There is no specific order so the tenth entry is just as interesting to me as the first.

  1. It’s physically impossible to overdose on THC

Life is meaningless and death approaches. This realization makes you decide to end it on a high note. You buy 1000 joints and a couple lighters, determined to end it all. Things begin by lighting up the first joint and before you reach the end of your stash, one of two things will happen.
After a few joints, you will either pass out before getting to the end or you will die from carbon monoxide poisoning. The carbon monoxide is created by burning the stems and leaf but would give a pounding headache long before becoming dangerous. The THC and other psychoactive elements have virtually no chance of being the cause of death.
You would need to smoke 40,0000 times the average amount of weed within a few minutes to get a lethal dose. That’s one record even Michael Phelps can’t get close to approaching, much less breaking.

  1. Weed started online commerce

In 1971, Stanford University housed the latest and greatest computer system. The machine was part of a new generation of connected computers. Students at Stanford were able to use a basic e-mail network called Arpanet to effectively send and receive text messages. But the 70’s were a time of reckless abandon, wild ideas, and advancing technologies.
It only took a few months before some inspired soul took the next logical step in networking. Several students used their accounts at the university’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory to buy some weed from a fellow student. This drug deal was the world’s first e-commerce transaction and proved the validity of the concept.

  1. Tupac was smoked

We all have that one friend who would get the mortician high if they were cremated. Tupac was that and a whole lot more. On top of being a master weed smoker, he was an entrepreneur, musician, poet, thug and straight up bad ass. But that didn’t stop a hail of bullets from ending his life prematurely.
After Tupac died, he had one final request of his friends. The crew had some misgivings but eventually decided it was the best way to honor his memory. They mixed his ashes with some of the best weed the world had to offer and smoked it. They can probably still feel the buzz….

  1. Rates of obesity are 33% lower in cannabis users

Potheads are supposed to be craven munchies hounds hell bent on emptying fridges right? Well, science disagrees with that old stereotype. Studies have shown that cannabis cuts the risk of obesity by about a third. They believe the benefit is partly due to how weed helps regulate blood sugars.
The ability to regulate blood-sugars has lead scientists to investigate. Several studies are looking into using marijuana to treat Type 2 Diabetes. Marijuana doesn’t cure diabetes though…

  1. Prohibition costs the US $17.5 billion each year

There are a lot of drugs that the government doesn’t want people getting their hands on. If every drug were legalized today, the U.S. would save $41.3 billion annually. It would also pretty much empty the overpopulated prisons that proliferate the ‘land of the free’.
Other countries have done it with positive results. Portugal managed to cut drug abuse in half less than 10 years after decriminalizing all drugs. America could as well if the head of the Justice Department wasn’t heavily invested in growing the prison population.

  1. California and Colorado bring in over 75% of all cannabis sales

America loves its weed more than ever. Since 1996, 30 states and the District of Columbia have established some form of legalized marijuana. There are seven states that go so far as to allow recreational marijuana.
California and Colorado make up the bulk of the American market. Together they dominate recreational and medical marijuana to the tune of almost $4 billion a year. That is more than all the other states combined…

  1. There are 111 different cannabinoids in cannabis

Cannabinoids are a group of chemicals found in the cannabis plant and in our own bodies. THC and CBD are the most common cannabinoids but there are several versions of each. As the plant goes through its lifecycle, the concentrations and chemical properties of the cannabinoids change.
THC and CBD are the prize children of the cannabinoid world, but they’re not the only compounds in ganja. Cannabinoids like CBN and CBG are known to have their own medicinal effects. Imagine what secrets the other 108 hold…

  1. THC can stay in your system for longer than 27 days

THC binds to fat cells in the body. So the amount of time THC stays in your system mostly depends on your metabolism. Sedentary and obese users retain THC in their bodies for a significantly longer time than thin or active users.
But consumption levels also matter. Some studies show that average sized, regular marijuana users retain THC metabolites in their systems for an average of 27 days. Occasional smokers can expect that number drops to 10 days. But heavy-set, high-use consumers might fail a test over 30 days after consuming.

  1. Marijuana prohibition doesn’t protect kids

In 2011, use of marijuana by teenagers hit a 30-year peak, with one out of every 15 high school students reporting they smoke most days, and for the first time U.S. teens reported smoking more pot than cigarettes. But teenagers don’t smoke any more pot in states where medical marijuana is legal than in ones where it’s not.
Legalization opponents argue that the best way to reduce use by minors is to criminalize and deregulate pot. But evidence shows that decriminalizing marijuana and regulating it actively reduces the rate of abusers. Portugal legalized all drugs and treated addiction as a public health issue. They saw a long-term decrease in overall abuse and underage use.

  1. Marijuana milkshakes are one of the oldest cannabis recipes known to man

Bhang is crafted from the dried leaves and flowering shoots of a female cannabis plant. Most commonly enjoyed as a sorbet (preferably as a thandai drink) or as a snack by adding ghee, sugar and milk. A favorite way to consume it in Delhi is rolled into balls called ‘antas’ (marbles).
It’s difficult to tell when bhang became associated with East Indian festivals. Ancient texts describe the drink as Lord Shiva’s nectar, convoluting and enshrining the origins in mystery older than the gods themselves. Regardless, there must have been compelling reasons for creating the drink and later incorporating it into festivities for thousands of years.

Do you agree with the interesting facts on this list?

Did you know everything on this list? Which interesting marijuana fact is your favorite? What interesting marijuana facts have you heard? Ask your friends if they have any and let us know in the comments below!

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Top 10 Influential People Who Support Legalizing Weed

Some people are simply more influential than others. Influential people hold a special place in society where their opinion matters. These people are the most outspoken and influential supporters of legalizing cannabis. Without personalities and platforms like the people on this list have, we might never he seen a state legalize marijuana.

1. Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is the Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate. He introduced a bill in 2015 that would have ended the federal prohibition of marijuana. Sadly, his pleas fell on deaf ears but Bernie continues to fight for the common people.

2. Morgan Freeman

Mr. Freeman played in several leading roles and in countless movies. From Hoke Coleburn in Driving Miss Daisy to God in Bruce Almighty, he has played them all. He supports the legalization of marijuana because it helps him relieve the pain of fibromyalgia. He has also seen and understands how marijuana helps save children who struggle with severe seizures.

3. The Dalai Lama

Possibly one of the most positive influential people on the planet is The Dalai Lama. He is the Tibetan Buddhist Leader who doesn’t encourage the use of drugs or alcohol. But he does support medical marijuana because science has suggested it is helpful.

4. Snoop Dogg

The famous rapper Snoop Dogg is a potrepeneur. He not only smokes weed every day, but he also partnered with Canadian medical marijuana retailer Canopy Growth. Snoop is going to sell at least 3 different cannabis products with Canopy Growth under the name of “Leafs by Snoop”. The hope is that Canada will legalize weed soon, allowing Snoop and Canopy Growth to maximize revenue.

5. Woody Harrelson

This famous actor is on the advisory board for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). In 2016, Woody tried to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Hawaii. Unfortunately, his request was denied. But that hasn’t stopped him from trying to change the way government views and regulates weed.

6. Joe Rogan

The host of Fear Factor has been a staunch weed advocate for several decades. Joe is also a successful MMA fighter and political advocate. There is even a strain bearing his name and it’s popular wherever available. Many celebrities wouldn’t even know what marijuana is without the ceaseless activism Joe seems to simply exude.

7. Bill Maher

Famous comedian and Real Time talk show host Bill Maher is an avid supporter of legalized marijuana. He has even smoked weed live on air. Maher is also on the advisory board of NORML, and claims to smoke weed while writing new comedic material.

8. Canada’ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The Prime Minister of Canada is pushing hard for the full legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada. He made a promise to legalize weed while he was in office. He believes that recreational weed could generate C$5 billion to C$7 billion in annual revenue.

9. Ricky Williams, a former NFL Pro running back.

Ricky Williams is truly a great potrepranuer. He believes that marijuana should not be a part of the random drug tests that athletes must endure. He partnered with Weedmaps; a company that helps medical marijuana patients find dispensaries. Williams is also a part of the 420 games, a marathon 4.20 miles long in San Francisco. And he co-founded a cannabis friendly gym called Power Plant Fitness and Wellness.

10. Jack Nicholson.

Jack Nicholson is generally a private man when it comes to publicly talking about weed. However, he was quite candid when talking to the U.K.’s Daily Mail. Nicholson came at weed from a different perspective. From an economic standpoint, he claimed 85% of men who are incarcerated in the U.S. are from drug-related offenses. It’s costing tax payers $40,000 a year for each prisoner according to his sources. To Nicholson, that is ludicrous.

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Top 10 Cannabis Medibles

The 10 most sought after medibles.

These super delicious cannabis edibles (medibles) are sought after for a variety of reasons. Many on this top list have won Cannabis Cup Awards. And some mentioned are as healthy as the can be made. All are outstanding examples of what the industry has to offer.

1 Raspberry Macaroons

Award winning macaroons from Santa Cruz, CA., these tasty treats are to die for. They have won the High Times Cannabis Cup challenge in Northern California and it’s easy to see why. These are raw, vegan macaroons that come in four perfectly bite-sized treats. Packed with 50 mg of THC each, these scrumptious delights fill consumers with euphoric bliss and energy.

2 Tree Hugger Cinnamon Maple & Tangy BBQ Nuts

Tree Hugger won several awards and has been featured on cannabis cooking shows. Tree Huggers are sweet and delicious almonds and pecans that are covered in hemp seed, maple syrup, cinnamon extracts and the main ingredient: solventless cannabis extract. Each container has 100 mg of THC.  If you divide the serving size into 4, then you’ll get 25mg of THC per dose.

3 Reef Jerky

This snack took third place in a 2014 Denver competition, and first place in another hosted in San Bernardino. This 100 mg THC jerky package packs a powerful bite. Best consumed in small doses until desired affects are understood.

4 Crème Brulee and Cali High Thai’d Ice Cream

Winner of several awards, judges loved this ice cream for its “torch it yourself” theme. Yes that’s right, after sprinkling a little sugar you torch it until the sugar turn into a golden brown. The crackly sugar layer on top shatters with a spoon before digging into an intense flavored ice cream. Yum!

5 Pineapple Delight Bites

Pineapple Delight Bites are little packets of mixed dried fruits infused with coconut oil and 100 mg of THC in one large bite. They also have a gluten free variety and blueberry sample pack. Newbies are warned to consume smaller bites of 25mg until they understand the effects of Pineapple Delight Bites.

6 Altai Sea Salt Caramel Bon Bons 25mg Sativa

For the chocolate lovers, these tasty little treats come in a 100 mg package and divided into 4 25mg bites. These little bonbons provide the sativa effect, energy and creativity. Also perfect snack for the day time.

7 Bubba Kush Root Beer 100mg

Bubba Kush Root Beer tastes just like root beer. Try this root beer with cannabis-infused ice cream for the ultimate stoned float. With a convenient screw-top cap, you can indulge in smaller portions and save the rest for later.

8 Kief Krispy

First place winner of the Michigan Cannabis Cup, they impressed judges because it matched the label claims of 150 mg THC +/- 25 mg. The cinnamon toast crunch cereal bar has a crunchy and gooey texture with an exquisite hash flavor.

9 Captain Kirk’s Truffle Tropicales

A multiple High Times Cannabis Cup winner, these medibles are organic, gluten-free and refined sugar-free. Each yummy truffle contains 60.15 mg of THC and 32.08 THCa. If you’re in the neighborhood, look for Captain Kirk’s Truffles at various dispensaries inlcuding Ann Arbor Health Collective, the Green Door and Depot Town in Ypsilanti, MI.

10 Mellow Handcrafted Marshmallows

The perfect marshmallows to give to lightweights. There’s 12 marshmallows per box for a total of 60mg in each container. Each marshmallow contains ~5 mg of THC.These tasty treats come in a variety of flavors such as s’mores and strawberry shortcake. And the cannabis taste is kept to a minimum. The perfect mellow for the average fellow.

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Top 10 YouTube Series to Binge High

We have all gotten real high and just wanted to veg out on some awesome videos.The Animal Planet tapped into the phenomenon during the 90’s. Youtube has been an internet staple since its debut in 2005 and given countless people a platform for their work. While there are countless examples of great one-off videos, we wanted to highlight series that pair well with getting ripped.

Sometimes you just want to smoke out and laugh your ass off watching Youtube. Youtube Bong

Basically, forget about what is going on around you and just enjoy the moment. Nothing hits that spot like a hilarious comedy sketch or a detailed explanation for some of life’s little mysteries.
Here is our list of 10 amazing series to watch while smoking some dank herb. Great while smoking alone or with homies, these series/creators consistently deliver outstanding videos. So load a fat bowl, roll a doobie,  grab some fluids and munchies because you won’t want to leave once you start.

Pete Holmes: Ex-Men Series

Professor X (Pete Holmes) has a special way of explaining why certain X-Men need to leave the team. Sure to get anyone familiar with the characters to crack up. Even if you don’t know the difference between Cyclops and Psylocke, this series is packed full of some stellar burns and expertly delivered lines that left me on the floor.


Science Plus: Cultural Evolution of Marijuana

A podcast/video series that takes us on a detailed and open-minded tour through our history with cannabis. He supports all of his claims with scientific  evidence and peer reviewed research. The detail and approachability that Trace brings to the table is amazing and even managed to impress Discovery News enough to give him a show.


Animation Domination High-Def: The Adventures of OG Sherlock Kush

What would happen if Sherlock Holmes smoked weed instead of cocaine? This animated series by the Lucas Bros follows Sherlock OG Kush as he solves a string of mysteries. He is able to stay one step ahead of the villains thanks to weed and his overwhelming love of it.


Vice: Documentaries

Have you ever wanted to get an inside look at the REAL dark side of life? This playlist coverers the dark side of cannabis and a host of other drugs in amazing detail and quality. Vice is known for covering the seedy side of the world and they are great at it.


Today I Found Out: Answers

Do you know why the seasons are named what they are? How about why nuclear bombs create a mushroom cloud? The answer to these and so many more questions by watching this series. There is no better time to watch this series than when smoking a fattie.


Haley 420: Outdoor Videos

Just a cool chick getting high outside, Haley has a magnetic personality and feels legitimately nice to chill out getting high with. She has a love of glass and potent cannabis which she shares easily. Some videos are better than others but they all feature amazing pieces, good conversation and great weed.


Nerdist: Because Science w/ Kyle Hill

Can Wolverine cut through a lightsaber? DO you know how CatDog would poop? Or how about the long term ramifications of a Godzilla attack would be? Kyle Hill uses real world physics and science based observations to answer these and many other vitally important questions.


College Humor: If Google was a Guy

We all do it. Google is the one place we all go to get our answers to every question. But how you google says a lot about you.


Revere Glass: On the Torch

Have you ever wondered how bongs are made? This series shows the ins and outs of popular and technical styles. Great even for non-glass blowers, Kevin and Dustin are awesome and consistently impress with their level heads. They make even the most difficult techniques seem approachable.


CustomGrow420: Cannabis Education

From the first second on screen, Jolie Olie is a character. But don’t judge him too fast, this guy knows his stuff. With ongoing content to keep things fresh, CustomGrow420 is a fun place to hang out and blaze along.

Do you agree with the list? Which series is your favorite? Which series do you think need to be included? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below. Thanks for reading.

Top 10 Common Dabbing Mistakes

We have all made some dabbing mistakes when getting started.

Some of us learned from our dabbing mistakes while others remain ignorant of the finer points of canna culture. Regardless of where you fit along the spectrum of cannabis intelligence, you are sure to have experienced at least one of these common mistakes. These are in no particular order as each person will struggle with different parts (mine is overheating) more than others.
There are also more ways to counter these problems than I have time to list but I encourage you to share any tips or tricks with other readers in the comment section below.  We are all here to learn after all. So without further ado, here is my list of the top 10 dabbing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Overheating the NailBig Dab Rig

The normal way to heat a dab rig is with a torch. The goal is to heat the nail up enough that the concentrate vaporizes without combusting. Many dabbers don’t wait for the nail to cool slightly before taking their hit. These dabbing mistakes cause the concentrate to combust instead of vaporizing.
Combusted concentrate is significantly more harsh, lacks key terpenes and produces a lower quality high. Since terpenes act synergistically with THC and CBD to produce more powerful effects, burning them up robs people of the very experience they are trying to get. Glass should be a dull red, titanium and ceramic nails should be their natural color before dabbing


It’s OK to heat the nail until it turns red hot. It can burn off waste from the last hit and creates a uniformly hot surface. Just wait for it to cool before taking a dab. The amount of time to wait depends on the thickness of the material but it is good to wait until just before the nail returns to its normal color.
Titanium and ceramic nails change color at a higher temperature so require longer heating times. Ceramic has the highest “red hot” temperature, followed by titanium, then crystal and finally glass. Titanium ends up retaining the most heat so it takes the longest to cool while glass is the worst heat conductor and cools quickly.

Grabbing the NailHot Dab Nail

Dabbing is a fairly new way to consume cannabis. Most people start by smoking flower through a glass pipe or bong. Bong users especially fall prey to rookie dabbing mistakes. When they are ready to clear the bong, they try to remove the nail in the same way the bowl is pulled in a normal bong.
It normally takes only a moment for people to realize their mistake. As they try to remove the bowl, their nervous system registers that their fingers are literally melting and they reflexively drop the scorching hot nail. If their reflexes are fast, it drops back in place. If not, pray it doesn’t shatter on impact with the ground.


Don’t let people hold the rig. If the dab rig rests on a table or counter and doesn’t have to be held to hit. Having hands away from the rig can also give someone the moment they need to realize how hot that thing is and avoid touching it even if they start to reach for it.
Now, this is not always possible with exceptionally small pieces. If at all possible, don’t start a new dabber off with a small dab rig. Pain is a great teacher though so some people only need to grab the nail once and they will never forget why that is a bad idea.

Overloading the BowlOverloaded Bowl

Concentrates have to be heated to several hundred degrees before they vaporize. As product comes into contact with the nail, the two are at different temperatures. As they remain in contact with each other, their temperatures begin to equalize. The more concentrate that comes into contact with the glass, the faster it cools.
Adding more concentrate than the nail has heat to vaporize results in thin smoke and wasted material. Do this for long enough and the nail will become coated in a black resin-like substance. This residue catches on fire, produces foul smoke and can cause the piece to retain heat (which leads to spontaneous breaking).


Make sure to use the right amount of product and heat. Thicker nails retain their heat longer than thin walled nail so the best bet is excess heat. Use a torch to heat the nail until it no longer smokes.
Electronic nails get buildup as well so periodically torching or otherwise cleaning the nail is part of a dab rigs regular maintenance. Use an old toothbrush and a rubbing alcohol/salt solution to clean the caked on residue without much risk of breaking the nail.

Missing the Bowlmissed bowl

This happens to new and veteran dabbers alike. They go to take a dab and the concentrate falls to the side of the nail or on the dome. This happens most when people hold their dab over the nail before taking their hit. They forget that heat rises so the 6 or so inches above a heated nail will melt concentrate and cause it to drip.
The bigger and less viscous the dab, the more likely it is to miss the intended target. If you have ever tried to drop something from a high place on a specific target, you know that the further away you are, the harder it is to hit. Crumble and saps tend to be difficult to put where wanted so contribute to this problem more than wax or shatters.


Hold your dab over a container or to the side of the dab rig. Remember that the closer the dab is to the nail, the faster it is going to melt. Move the dab to the nail quickly but stay under control. Approaching the  nail from above at a 45 degree angle will give the most time and control over the quickly melting concentrate.
About one inch from the nail, most concentrate loses cohesion. What was wax or shatter becomes a liquid in about half a second so don’t delay when getting close. There is a lot of technique involved in getting exceptionally long or large dabs to hit properly. Finding the proper balance of speed, distance and heat is tricky but can be done.

Dropping the Dab Down the Center

This is a problem that comes from the overall style of domeless nails. You basically have a doughnut of glass with a hole in the center. Some people end up putting the concentrate into the center hole instead of in the glass cup. This results in the concentrate completely bypassing the heating element and dropping directly into the water.


When dabbing, make sure the concentrate falls into the cup side of the glass. The center hole is to allow the vapor to be sucked through the piece, not the actual concentrate. If the dab doesn’t drop on and stay on a hot part of the nail it simply won’t vaporize.

Missing the Rig

dropped dabs
This is another hand eye coordination problem, just the next step up. These dabbing mistakes happen most with products like crumble and shatter. Instead of the dab dropping next to the nail, this is when the dab misses the whole rig.
Trying to drop a piece on a heated nail will often result in missing the whole piece. Since crumble and shatter are stable enough to handle, it is tempting to just use your hands. The rub comes when those tender digits get close to a heated surface and you are forced to ‘toss’ it the last of the way because it basically takes vector calculus to get it right.
There is a reason that vector calculus is one of the last lessons in math too. Because getting multiple things moving just right is REALLY difficult, especially with weights in the milligrams.


Get a good dab tool. Having the right tools will go a long way to prevent dabbing mistakes from being an issue. Many come with a pointed end and a scoop end. Using the scoop for crumble and shatter makes getting the concentrate in the right place a synch. Silicone dab tools also prevent things from sticking to the tool while being relatively cheap.

Oversized Hitsdabbing mistakes

Hitting a dab is not like hitting a pipe or joint. It is closer to a bong but is still on a different level. People new to dabbing have a hard time judging how big a given hit will be and often get wrecked as they take their first few hits. Most of the time it is hilarious to watch people make dabbing mistakes like this.
But it can be a scary experience to get so high. There are hundreds of people that end up in emergency rooms each year from getting too high. If people don’t become somewhat catatonic, they often begin to freak out and panic.


Start off slow when getting into dabs. With flower, the average concentration of THC /CBD (according to lab testing) lies around 15-25%. Concentrates rarely drop below 60% THC/CBD but can get as high as 99.9%.  That is a pretty big difference so always check the potency before taking a hit when possible.
Also, be sure to take small dabs to start. Taking a normal sized dab (about half the size of a pea) is the equivalent of smoking about 2-3 bowls of flower. A ‘dose’ of THC is commonly seen as between 3 and 5 milligrams.

ChokingHazy Daze

Our lungs are miracles of nature and finely tuned to process oxygen. When they register something other than oxygen, your lungs are designed to help get it out. Cannabis vapor is so much denser and hotter than normal air so when the lungs believe there is more smoke than air, they do their job and make you cough.
Stoners of all experience levels make dabbing mistakes and sometimes explode into bouts of uncontrollable heaving. It can last for only a moment or for several minutes. The denser and bigger the hit, the longer it takes to recover. There is a point on the inhale where the lungs decide enough is enough and with enough practice, anyone can find thier limit.


Try taking a slower hit. Instead of sucking as hard as possible, take slow hits. This allows you to feel as your lungs approach their maximum capacity. You will feel your lungs begin to buck before they go full heave. With enough practice you should be able to get close to coughing without actually triggering the reflex.
In addition to breath control, practice deep breathing. Stretching your lungs when breathing normal air is a good way to strengthen them. It also helps your body process oxygen better and improves circulation, both key elements of processing THC and CBD.

PukingReady to puke

Sometimes a cough is so powerful that it causes you to spew chunks. Other times, attempting to burp up a hit can cause the gag reflex to go off. This dabbing mistake is similar to the choking issue where the body is trying to expel something it thinks is bad.
People with an overactive gag reflex may find themselves experiencing this regularly when taking big hits. They start to cough, and suddenly it becomes more. That is because coughing is tied to the gag reflex and a host of other respiratory systems.


Try not to burp. It sounds counter intuitive but part of burping is swallowing. When smoke is swallowed, it causes irritation to the throat and other soft tissues. The body reacts to this irritation by trying to expel it through reflexive action. Not swallowing the smoke will drastically reduce the chance of puking.

Dropping the Piece

Whenever someone experiences one or more of the previous nine mistakes, bad things happen. Muscle spasms (like coughing and puking) can make limbs tense and smack glass into furniture. Grabbing the nail also causes reflexive motion that can lead to broken pieces.
Even people with the best intentions and a perfect tract record are not immune to dropping the piece. Get someone coughing hard enough that they start to puke and the piece gets forgotten. The most common way to drop a piece is when passing it to another person.
It takes careful coordination to pass a bong to another person. Misjudge how heavy it is or how tight a hold the other person has and the sound of shattering glass is sure to follow. When you are coughing up a lung and trying not to puke on everyone, it gets a lot harder to judge whether or not you should let go.


The first step to prevent dropping the piece is to reduce interactions. There is a lot going on when dabbing. You have the rig, the tool, the torch and the concentrate all in your hands at once. Look for ways to keep things organizes and clear like having a special tray specifically for setting up and taking dabs. Minimizing the number of times you have to change hands or switch angles will save time, effort and reduce chance of making dabbing mistakes.
Additionally, make sure the area is glass friendly. Put down carpets/rugs, remove hard surfaces and that you store your piece where it won’t be bumped. Build a cocoon of softness around your piece and then even if it does get dropped it will survive.

Well, that’s the end of the list.

What did you think? Have you made any of these dabbing mistakes? Let us know how you avoid these mistakes or other ones you have made. I love getting to hear your stories  and getting to know our community. Thanks for reading.