Cannabis Concentrates

Top 3 Tools for Making Concentrates at Home

Making herbal extracts at home is very rewarding. You get the benefit of knowing what’s in the extracts you made and how to make it yourself. When… Read more »

Does Marijuana Kill Brain Cells?

In terms of marijuana and its effects on brain cells, or neurons, there is little evidence to suggest that any of the active ingredients in the marijuana plant administered… Read more »

What are Solventless Extracts?

If you’re familiar with cannabis concentrates, you may have heard of solventless extracts. Most concentrates on the market today are made with the solvent: butane. Extract artists… Read more »

Trim Run vs Nug Run Dabs

You may or may not have heard the terms trim run and nug run. If you live in a state with legalized marijuana you may have seen… Read more »

Live Resin: The fastest growing Marijuana product of 2016

First of all, you may be asking yourself what is Live Resin? Well Live Resin is one of the newest ways of extracting concentrates from cannabis. What… Read more »

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