Strain Review: Quick One

The Weekly Strain Breakdown: Quick One

Quick One is an autoflowering ruderalis strain. It was created by Royal Queen Seeds and modeled after the strain, Lowryder. Lowryder’s genetics are Northern Lights, William Wonder and a Mexican Ruderalis. Quick One is 60% indica and 40% sativa.
Quick One is special. It is one of the first auto-flowering strains that fully matures in 2 months regardless of light cycle. When it was created, it was the world’s only quick growing strain at the time. Rapid growth is what the company had in mind when they created this strain.
People don’t usually look for a ruderalis to smoke. They use it to mix with other cannabis strains to produce the desired genetics for the next batch of cannabis. Ruderalis plants are short, thin and have low THC levels. It isn’t uncommon for flower to range between 10% – 12% THC.
Ruderalis plants are sometimes called gutter weed because it can be thrown into a gutter and it will grow. But that is what also makes them so special, because it can be grown just about anywhere. Ruderalis behave similar to weeds and contribute to the slang term ‘weed’. They can grow in any climate and in any type of dirt. They need only a little bit of water to grow like crazy.

Growing Notes

This strain grows to maturity in record time. It is ready to harvest within 8 weeks and generally produces up to 45 grams per plant. Growers who are concerned about space benefit from Quick One because it grows tight and compact. This makes it ideal for indoor tents and small gardens.
People who want to try their hand at growing should give this easy to grow strain a try. If they can find the seeds of course since supply is rather low. You can find seeds on the Royal Queen Seeds web page if your local dispensary doesn’t carry them.
One of the best things about this little plant is that it doesn’t grow very tall. Quick One tops out growing around 40 cm to 60 cm. One reason it is so short is the auto-flowering aspect. This little lady will begin popping her buds regardless of light cycle. Her terpene profile leans strongly towards citrus and is a treat for growers and patients alike.

Quick One High

Quick One provides a mild high. It helps the body to relax and clear the mind. It is a good strain to enjoy during the day. This strain has an excellent taste when vaporized. The citrus adds a nice invigorating element without being overpowering.
Beginners and light smokers enjoy this strain because the high is flavorful and gentle. The low THC level means that it is a lot more forgiving when it comes to dosing. Quick One is a lightweight strain that provides an easy sensible high without delivering that couch-locking sensation.

Have you smoked Quick One before? Where did you find it? What was your impressions? How did it affect you? Have you grown one in your garden? What were your results? Let us know in the comments down below.

cinderella99FULL11 e1519374642886

Strain Review: Cinderella 99

Cinderella 99 is a classy lady

Cinderella 99 (aka C99, Cindy) is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by Mr. Soul. He is one of the main breeders for the Brothers Grimm company. They are a well established cannabis breeding company with a long track record of excellent strains.
Mr. Soul used Jack Herer seeds that he found in an Amsterdam coffee shop to start the Cinderella 99 line. This strain became popular with cannabis cultivators because of how it naturally grows well indoors. Patients and rec users also love the consistently high THC averages.
C99 is highly sought after by consumers primarily because of the wonderful high it provides. After a good puff of this strain, it takes effect and is often described as euphoric and uplifting. Cinderella 99 is a dream come true for everyone who wants to have a good time or deal with some serious pain.

How to Raise Cindy

Cinderella 99 is one of the easy strains to grow. New and experienced cultivators don’t have many struggles growing it in most garden styles. In fact, many cultivators love growing it indoors because of how easy it is.
Cindy doesn’t grow very tall. This strain is short by nature but incredibly bushy. It produces large yields in a short flowering time of only 7-9 weeks. C99 produces plenty of THC containing trichomes which help it test above 24%.
C99 tends to stretch out its limbs toward the end of the growing cycle. It grows like a bush, and it will continue to try and stretch out its fan like fingers.

Recreational and Medicinal Smokers Enjoy C99

Users can enjoy smoking Cindy 99 any time of the day. Simply put, this strain is, “creative and blissful” –miltowntoker. A few puffs or a dab of C99 is usually enough. Users love the happyness, euphoria, uplifted, energetic and relaxed feelings this strain provides.
Cindy makes people feel happy. Out of all the effects that this strain provides, happiness is the no. 1 effect. Followed by a blissful euphoric sensation. It is the kind of high that makes people not want to wage a war, but make peace and have a good time.
Medical patients seek out this happy weed for more reasons than just feel good emotions. They are looking for relief from certain ailments that bring them down. Feelings like stress, depression, lack of appetite, pain and fatigue and symptoms that start to melt away with C99.

Cindy is Very Sweet

C99 can make a room smell like a sweet lemon grove. It has distinct tastes of citrus, earth and sugar. Take this strain with a tasty summer drinks for an amazing pool party experience.
If Cindy is going to be there at the party, bring out the refreshments. This strain gives people a strong cotton mouth sensation. Dry mouth is the biggest complaint people have about this strain. But cotton mouth is a usual feeling associated with smoking cannabis and this isn’t exceptionally strong.
Other complaints people have with this strain are dry eyes, paranoia, dizziness and anxiety after consuming too much. Like other strains, showing restraint and managing dosages is the best way to avoid negative side effects. There normally is not a problem, just watch those doses and you’ll be fine. If you see that you took too much, hang out by the couch and socialize. Enjoy the high and it should begin to fade within a couple hours.

Have you tried Cinderella 99 before? What is your impression? Does this strain make you feel wonderful about life or was it ‘meh’? For growers out there, what was it like growing C99? Is this strain as short and bushy as we’ve heard about? Let us know in the comments down below?

marionberry kush

Strain Review: Marionberry Kush

Marionberry Kush

Marionberry Kush is a tasty hybrid that was made when crossed with Raspberry Kush and Space Queen. Closely resembling its sister Cinderella 99, Marionberry phenotypes are balanced hybrids.Bred by the TGA Genetics crew, Marionberry is desired by many for its flavor and wonderful high.
There is a bit of variation in smell/flavor between the six normal phenotypes. They range from more pineapple to strawberry and one even has potent Romulan undertones. They also generally have a little pink or purple sprinkled throughout the sugary bud structure.
This Pacific Nowthwest strain owes its name to the wild berries that grow outside the Heroes of the Farm production sites. The Marionberry name fits perfectly since these plants tend to smell fruity like a mix of passionfruit and raspberry. This plant also produces chunky colas that can turn slightly purple under the right conditions which adds to the effect.

The Quick Budding Plant

Marionberry Kush is a fun strain to grow. This medium sized plant is known for needing some space but fits well within indoor operations. The production is average at about 1-3 oz/ft of canopy but very consistent once dialed in.
The sweet aroma Marionberry Kush is known for really develops in the final days of flower. The smell of a fresh plant fills the air with a sweet scent similar to a fresh baked pie. And once the product is dried and cured, the smell remains potent and lingers in the air long after the bud leaves the area.
One of the great parts about having this plant in your grow room is that it flowers in only 7-9 weeks. The quick turn around means that indoor cultivators can squeeze a little more production into each year. The quick flowering time also helps growers who are new or otherwise impatient.

The Happy Weed

Producing a high that uplifts and relaxes, Marionberry Kush is great for daytime or active consuming. Creative tasks seem much easier while boring or dull activities become less monotonous. While dry mouth and munchies are always a concern, the overall effect is not very strong. But don’t let the minor power of the side effects make you think this in a weak strain.
This weed is strong enough for medical patients seek it out and special request it regularly. Patients who struggle with depression, pain, lack of appetite, stress and insomnia find it invaluable. It doesn’t take for the high to start kicking in either. The high is fast acting and tends to endure for several hours, especially when dabbed.
Another cool fact about this strain is that it doesn’t couch-lock people. But it still provides a nice radiating buzz effect that starts in the head and goes down the body. Overall, this strain is great to take during the day because it doesn’t get in the way of accomplishing work or otherwise engaging with others.

Have you tried smoking or growing Marionberry Pie? What was your impression of this strain? What was growing this strain like? Let us know in the comments down below.

pineapple chunk

Weekly Strain Breakdown: Pineapple Chunk

Pineapple ChunkPineapple Chunk

Pineapple Chunk is a heavy hitting hybrid. It is a creeper because the high doesn’t kick in right away. It takes a few minutes for the full body buzz and cerebral punch to kick in. But most people don’t notice the high creep in because they are relaxed on the couch taking it all in.
Pineapple Chunk was developed by Barney’s Farm. They used a cross between Cheese and Skunk #1 with one of their own Pineapple strains to create Pineapple Chunk. They new strain has successfully inherited its parents high THC count with a small amount of CBD.
This strain has amazing painkilling and stress-relieving capabilities. It also makes smokers feel like they gave their brain an energy boost. This is not the ideal strain to treat anxiety or insomnia because of the cerebral jolt this strain provides. But, it is a nice strain to smoke after a long hard day of work, or as a treat for getting a big job done.

Growing Notes

This strain is resistant to mold and illness. It flowers quickly (55-69 days indoors). It’s ready for harvest by the end of September. The buds become a normal shade of green with purple streaks here and there.
Pineapple’s grow naturally in hot environments, and this strain is no different. It will grow to it greatest potential in hot and temperate climates. The yields are high (650 gr/m^2) which is surprising for such a short plant. The last test results came back to Barney’s Farm with 25% THC and 1.1% CBD. The high should be strong and long lasting.
Currently, it is difficult to find clipping of Pineapple Chunk. But luckily, Barney’s Farm sells Pineapple Chunk seeds. Now anyone can try their hand at cultivating their own Pineapple Chunk crop.

When to Smoke Male pollinated

After one big puff of Pineapple Chunk, smokers will feel stoned. This is not a good social weed because although the mind feels a sense of awakeness, the body feels like it doubled in weight on the couch. As if someone raised the gravity intensity around them because they don’t want to move from where they took their last hit.
All smokers can use this strain to feel creative, energized, euphoric, happy, relaxed and uplifted. But medical patients can use this strain for other specialized purposes. This strain helps people with arthritis, chronic pain, depression, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, PTSD, stress, epilepsy and tremors.
This strain doesn’t generally put people to sleep because of the cerebral energy it provides. But, people who can’t sleep because of their serious medical conditions can benefit from this strain.  This strain helps the body to calm down. If patient’s bodies ache too much or if they can’t stop shaking, they can finally get a chance to sleep.

More Cheese, Less Earth

The smell is so potent and distinct that it is easy to tell the parents of the strain. It has a strong cheese and sweet pineapple smell, along with hints of earth and skunk. There is no hiding this strain, the smell gives everyone away.
When this strain is inhaled, the smoke is smooth. It doesn’t cause too many smokers to go into a coughing fit. And the taste is strongly reminiscent of pineapples.
This strain is fun to smoke with your crew and be stoned in front of the T.V. together. Or go on a relaxing walk before the weed couch locks you. This is a fun strain to smoke when there is free time to relax and smell the roses.
Have you smoked Pineapple Chunk? Did this strain sneak a fast one by you? What is it like smoking too much Pineapple Chunk? Does this strain help treat pain and sleep well? What were your growing experiences like with this strain? Let us know in the comments down below.

sirius black1

Weekly Strain Breakdown: Sirius Black

Sirius Black Is Passion Incarnate.

Sirius Black is a cannabis strain that was developed in the early 80’s by the dream team known as the Oregon Breeders Group in Portland. They worked tirelessly to create a strain that  blossoms into deep purple buds. And they succeeded.
The Oregon Breeders Group proudly presents, Sirius Black. A tightly packed bud that has the shape of spades and is completely purple. It also has several orange hairs and its trichomes are light purple.
The club also created a strain that tastes like it smells. This strain smells like bold, sweet grapes and fill the air with a hint of musk. The high starts in the head and makes people feel euphoric and creative.

Relax And Be Sirius…

This strain makes people feel like they want to relax without melting into the couch. It is a unique strain because it is an indica that works better as a daytime strain. After a dab or a couple puffs, people feel calmer. Like they can slow down for a moment and breathe.
After a few minutes have gone by, it’s easy to see why this strain is so effective. It can help take away some of the pressure from chronic pain, depression, fatigue, inflammation and lack of sleep. Even though this strain can be taken in the day, people who need to sleep can take a slightly different dose to relax further into bed.
Sirius Black can also help people calm their muscles spasms. That kind of pain is uncomfortable and makes daily life a chore. A couple puffs of Sirius Black can help calm the spasms down enough to relax and take it all in.

…But Not Too Sirius

Sirius Black is a strong bud to smoke. Its effects are strong and provides several bonuses. But with the good comes the bad, and the bad of this strain is the awful dry mouth.
Normally, when a strain gives people dry mouth, a small glass of water can provide enough substance to get the juices flowing. But this strain makes people drink lots of water because the cotton mouth sensation is desert dry strong.
When a strain causes dry mouth, expect dry eyes to follow. But the dry eye effect is not as strong as the dry mouth effect. A couple of drops of eye drops should do the trick. And don’t move too quickly after getting high because this strain causes dizziness.

You’ll Know When The Right Time Comessirius black

To Netflix and chill with Sirius Black. The high that this strain provides fills people with a heavenly buzz that engulfs your body head to toe. All mental and physical pains start to melt away as the cerebral lift leaves you feeling sedated.
Eventually you’ll start to slowly fall into a heavy deep sleep. And when you wake up in the morning you’ll feel relaxed and ready to seize the day. This strains high THC levels work to treat medical conditions while you dream of better days.

Have you sampled some of the magic of Sirius Black? Tell us what you think in the comments down below.

blue magoo

The Weekly Strain Breakdown: Blue Magoo

Blue Magoo is an indica dominant hybrid.

The indica/blue portion of Blue Magoo is provided by the legendary Blueberry cannabis lineage. The racy sativa elements were supplied by a choice F2 phenotype. Portland based breeders, Dynasty Seeds also bred other legendary strains like Caramel Cough and Huckleberry Diesel.
Blue Magoo represents some of the best an indica has to offer. The strain mix generally runs about 85% heavy indica and 15% racy sativa. This results in a potent narcotic-like high with lab results typically coming in between 16-12% THC and little or no CBD.
A popular strain on the West Coast, it has begun popping up around the country. Growers love it for the decent commercial production while consumers love it for the color and potent effects. Users normally report relief of many symptoms and feeling great all day.

Blue Magoo grows as a medium to large flower.

Growing this poses some challenges as Dynasty Seeds has only licensed clones so far. That means people need to find a genetic source with a mother plant. But its hearty nature has made Blue Magoo a viable option for growers in temperate climates.
If the plants are exposed to low temperatures during the growing season, the flowers can develop a deep blue or purple color. But growers often need to trim fan leaves to allow light to reach lower tiers of the canopy. Regardless, the buds are generally loose and fluffy. This is one reason Blue Magoo concentrates are more common than flower in many locations.
The flowers generally feel oily from the large and bulbous trichomes. And after about 7-8 weeks, the flowers will be mature enough to harvest. Trimming, drying and curing are all pretty average. Growers can choose the method that works best for them.

Blue Magoo provides a relaxing high.Blue Magoo Concentrates

Users often report feeling instant relaxation pass over them as they smoke this strain. Breathing slows and tense muscles loosen in a slightly narcotic fashion. The heavy high offers powerful sedation but leaves the mind able to perform creative tasks. The uplifted mood and calmer demeanor is only the tip of the iceberg.
One of the hallmarks of Blue Magoo is the euphoric and even giggly nature to the high. It is not uncommon for people to become especially chatty after only a few hits. Or for smiles to gorw so large it makes the user squint. But the relief it provides the body is enough to keep users coming back for more.
Insomniacs find the effects of this strain help ease them into blissful oblivion. While people suffering from depression find some benefit from consuming it as well. Some additional uses people have reported for Blue Magoo include relieving stress, pain and nausea. Although some use it all day, most recommend this as a nighttime strain.

Expect few appetite problems and other side effects.

Users report that eating enough is never an issue with this strain. The appetite stimulation is on the higher end but doesn’t leave the user mindlessly consuming anything in their path. But the heavy sedation may mean that delicious meal you crave sounds like too much effort. But that isn’t the only thing to watch out for.
Blue Magoo comes with the usual case of dry mouth and dry eyes. But they are much more noticeable than with some other strains. Eyes appear droopy and deep red to even casual observers. The redness is easy enough to treat with eye drops but the droopy look will remain. But the real side effect to watch out for isn’t red eyes.
Smoking too much of this strain can quickly lead to feelings of anxiety, dizziness and paranoia. The initial high is sedating but after enough hits, the racy sativa undertones really start to kick in. Slow visual responsiveness leads to feelings of dizziness from quick motion. And they all compound with the creative element to allow feelings of paranoia to creep in.

Blue Magoo smells like ripe blueberries.

The sweet and fruity smell of this strain is quite pleasing. Breaking open a nug releases a powerful blast of euphoria-inducing aromas. From the start of the hit to the aftertaste, Blue Magoo is sweet and flavorful. The Blueberry lineage really shines through on this one.
But the hint of floral elements adds a new dimension to the flavor. It really is a treat to smoke and a joy to dab. Under some circumstances, earthy undertones can come to the front and provide a satisfying base to the flavor. Just don’t let the taste make you consume too much.

Have you tried Blue Magoo? Have you seen it outside of California and where? What did you think of the smell and flavor? Let us know in the comments down below.

My Favorite Strains Ghost OG Weedist

The Weekly Strain Breakdown: Ghost OG

The Balanced Ghost

Ghost OG is a well-balanced hybrid strain that leans towards indica. The true origins of Ghost OG is debatable within the cannabis community. However, everyone will agree that one of Ghost OG’s parents is the mother of all Kush’s, OG Kush.
Ghost OG could be derived from OG Kush and an Afghani strain. Another possibility is that the Ghost is mixed between OG Kush and a Triangle Kush. Whichever parents Ghost OG is derived from, the qualities of this strain are unique. OG strains usually have a piney taste and Ghost has a lemon taste.
This is an award-winning strain. Cultivators known as, The Clinic, from Colorado entered their strain of Ghost OG in 2013. It won 3rd place at the High Times Cannabis Cup under the Medical Hybrid category.

How Ghosts are Madecoco coir

Ghost OG looks like a Kush, tastes like a Kush and grows like a Kush. This strain might be too difficult for a beginner grower to try and tackle on. It is a bit finicky, but with enough TLC, Ghost OG grow and produce amazingly tasty buds.
This is a truly sturdy strain. It can grow indoors and outdoors and can tolerate cooler nighttime temperatures. The Ghost prefers temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the humidity low and feed heavily using calcium and magnesium.
The big dense nugs on the stem are susceptible to bud rot. That is why it is better to grow this strain outdoors if or when the humidity is high. Using compost tea helps the plant fight against powdery mildew.

How Ghosts Can Help

Ghost OG is a strong hybrid that offers wonderful effects that both medical and recreational smokers enjoy. After a few puffs, many agree that they feel relaxed, happy, euphoric, uplifted and hungry. This is a strain that makes smokers feel positive and hungry.
Medical patients look for these strains because Ghost OG provides benefits other than a feel-good euphoria. Many patients say they feel relief from stress, pain, lack of appetite, depression and insomnia. And the Ghost doesn’t just stop there. It also provides relief for more serious conditions such as ADD/ADHD, anxiety, chronic pain, headaches, migraines and PMS.
This strain is great for people struggling with muscle and joint stiffness. Ghost OG helps users relax enough to provide relief for rheumatoid arthritis as well as a great pre-workout routine.

Ghost OG can be a Little Scary

There are a few negatives associated with Ghost OG. But most of it is easily preventable and easy to deal with. The most common complaint is dry mouth. The cure is simple when it comes to feeling like there’s a bunch of cotton balls in your mouth. Make sure you have a cool glass of water nearby to combat the cotton balls.
Other people have complained about dry eyes. But the cure for that is simple too. Purchase your favorite brand of eye drops and that will do the trick. Other not so common complaints include anxiousness, paranoia and headaches.
These symptoms are preventable. Smokers need to realize that this Ghost is a strong strain. And the stronger the strain the more powerful the effects are. The best method to smoke this strain is to watch those dosages. Take a few puffs then put it down and wait a few minutes.

A Sweet and Sour Ghost

Ghost OG is a great smelling and tasting herb. Crack open a nug and it’s like breaking open an orange. The smell is sweet, citrus and earthy.
It tastes just as good as it smells. People say that the taste is reminiscent of strong and sweet oranges. After exhale, expect an earthy undertone.
Ghost OG is better to enjoy during the mornings as a wake-n-bake. The aches and pains subside while allowing smokers to go out and enjoy the day. For those who enjoy early morning exercise regimes, this phenotype lets smokers enjoy yoga and stretches without feeling constrained by usual aches and pains.

Have you tried some Ghost OG? What was your experience when smoking Ghost OG? Was Ghost OG easy to grow or difficult? Let us know in the comments down below.

Romulan 1

The Weekly Strain Breakdown: Romulan

Named after the hostile alien race from Star Trek, this strain will punch you in the face and knock you down, but not out. Romulan is a strong indica-dominant hybrid that is highly sought after for its strong effects and therapeutic qualities.That is why it clocks in at about 75% indica and 25% sativa.
This North American Indica and White Rhino mix was featured in several magazines such as High Times, Skunk and Cannabis Culture. Now it’s gaining popularity in British Columbia and across the Pacific Northwest. It was originally created in Victoria, B.C. Since then has become a North American favorite.

Growing Romulan MonstersRomulan

Romulan is a little difficult to grow. This is because it requires some TLC. Expect this strain to grow medium in height and stretch a bit toward the end of its growing cycle.
It can grow indoors and outdoors and prefers the SOG or SCROG method. This strain requires lots of airflow. It’s recommended that growers space their plants to prevent damage from mold and pests.
This strain tolerates colder climates but it does like temperatures between 68 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It also likes dry environments. This one is an eater, feel free to provide this strain with heavy amount of food. Diversify its nutrients to boost its immune system. After 8 weeks expect your plants to yield moderate to high yields.

Romulan Medicine

Medical and recreational users enjoy this strain because of its deep sedating effects and intoxicating properties. It relaxes muscles and treats nerve damage. Many strains that were created with Romulan still provide a full body calm.
Many agree that the biggest sensation they feel when smoking this strain is relaxed. Followed by feelings of happiness, sleepy, uplifted and euphoric. For those struggling with pain, stress, insomnia, muscle spasms and depression Romulan provides a comforting relief.
This strain also helps alleviate serious medical conditions. Medical patients seek out Romulan if they are struggling with anxiety, chronic aches and pains, stomach issues, PTSD and lupus. There are a few negative effects associated with this strain but they only require simple fixes. Dry mouth is cured with water and dry eyes are cured with eye drops. The rest of the problems are preventable by keeping an eye on dosages.

The Romulan Wayromulan

Romulan is a short growing flower with piney scents. So its buds are dense and completely covered in frosty resin. Many would agree that it smells earthy, sweet and piney. It tastes just like it smells, piney and sweet.
This strain is best used during the evening. And not during an engaging activity. “…Not the smartest idea to take my portable vaporizer loaded up with this particular strain to a bowling alley… I quickly lost interest in the repetitiveness of throwing a heavy ball.” Says Romulan enthusiast, Brian.

Have you smoked Romulan? Does this strain make your face feel like it’s changing to look like the face of a Romulan? What was your experience like growing this strain? Is this strain easy to find? Let us know in the comments below.

Headband 2

The Weekly Strain Breakdown: Headband

Headband is potent hybrid. It is a popular strain that can easily be found in California. It is a cross between Sour Diesel, Master Kush and OG Kush.
The cannabis community is at odds when it comes to labeling whether this strain is more sativa or indica dominant. Some suggest that Headband is a sativa-dominant hybrid because of the OG lineage. The high that this strain produces also suggests that this is a sativa-dominant strain.
Headband provides a very heady high. Many would agree that it feels like there is a slight pressure wrapping around the crown of the head. Like wearing a headband.

How to Grow Headband Headband

This strain is difficult to grow because it requires training the plants to improve yields. This is due to the popcorn looking buds that this strain produces. It can grow in hydroponics or by using the SCROG method. It can grow indoors and outdoors but prefers temperatures between 68 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
This phenotype is a dainty eater. It is recommended that growers pay close attention when it comes to feeding this type of strain. Growers need to make sure that they are not under feeding their plant and that they are not burning their plant.
The plant will be ready for harvest within 9 to 10 weeks. Expect medium to low yields, which can be improved with proper training and nutrients. If grown indoors the yields also improve. During flower time, the garden will exude a strong diesel like aroma.

Don’t Headband and Drive

The high associated with this strain makes people feel foggy and spacy. It is a creeper weed that takes a few minutes for people to start feeling its effects. Smokers will start to stare off into space and then snap back into reality wondering what just happened. Many people reported feeling happy, relaxed, euphoric, uplifted and creative after a few puffs of Headband.
This strain also provides relief from medical issues. Some of these issues are relief from stress, pain, depression, headaches and fatigue. Medical patients found this strain useful for combating migraines, muscles spasms and to help improve appetite. Most people complain about dry mouth when smoking Headband. But having a cool refreshing beverage nearby or bubble gum helps combat that issue.
Dry eyes are another common complaint, but the cure for dry eyes is eye drops. Other negative effects include headaches, paranoia and dizziness. Keep an eye on dosages and all will be well. Remember, Headband is a strong creeper weed and the high lasts for hours. Keep calm and lay back if the high becomes too much to handle.

A Sickly-Sweet Herbheadband

When opening a jar of Headband, expect a waft of skunkiness and pine. The smoke will be thick but it provides a smooth creamy citrusy taste on inhale. On exhale, expect a chemically diesel like taste. The lingering aftertaste in your mouth tends to remind people of lemon scented cleaners.
When loading a bowl, it is difficult to break apart. The buds are covered in white trichomes and are very sticky. It is better to use a grinder to break up these buds instead of using fingers. You’ll just end up squishing and flattening your weed if you use your fingers.
Headband is a strain that provides a sense of relaxation, mild creativity and an intoxicating good time. It is recommended that smokers enjoy this strain in the evening. This is because the head high tends to trickle down a person’s body and create a wonderful body buzz. It is also considered an aphrodisiac.

Have you smoked Headband? What was your experience like? Did you enjoy the taste of this strain? Was is difficult to grow or easy? Let us know in the comments below.

ak 47 weed

The Weekly Strain Breakdown: AK-47

AK-47 is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was created in 1992 by Serious Seeds. This strain has a strong lineage. It is a mix between South American, Mexican, Thai and Afghani strains. This strain is 65% sativa and 35% indica.
Its beginnings may have started way back since the 1970’s. That was the time of the post-war era. And during that time this strain was a simple cross between Thai and Afghani strains. It was reinvented in 1992 by Serious Seeds. And in 1999, it was super crossed to produce uniform seeds.
In lab tests, THC contents scores are generally high. Its highest THC test contents was at 20%. The CBD contents are generally around 1.5%. Winner of several world-wide cannabis awards for its strong and long-lasting THC effects.

How AK-47 GrowsAK-47

AK-47 seeds can be moderately difficult to grow because of how much TLC this strain requires. Expect this strain to grow huge and develop buds that are just as big. It has great bag appeal. The fluffy buds are dark, yellow and green with red hairs that are covered in heavy amounts of crystals.
This phenotype can grow indoors and outdoors. However, most cultivators prefer to grow this strain indoors in soil or hydro. It likes the sea of green method, and create an even canopy by cutting the tops and trellising them. The large buds are prone to bud rot so they need to be constantly check up on. AK requires lots of feeding at first and then a complete flush right before harvest.
An air filtration system is recommended because the scent this plant gives off is incredibly pungent. It’ll do best in temperatures of 75 degrees. Indoors, expect to be ready to flower in eight to nine weeks. Outdoors, expect to harvest by the middle of October. After some TLC, expect to harvest yields between 350 and 500 grams.

Don’t Judge this Strain by its Namemarijuana grow

A relaxing and mellow weed, this strain creates a cerebral buzz with a heavy-couch locking sensation. The head high keeps people feeling creative and mentally engaged. It would be easy to accomplish tasks except that the couch-lock tends to stop people in their tracks.
Many people extremely happy after a few tokes of this strain. They also report feeling relaxed, uplifted, euphoric and energetic. Not only does this strain provide wonderful feelings of joy and relaxation, but it also has some great medical benefits as well.
Medical patients use this strain to help combat stress, depression, pain, fatigue and lack of appetite. It also helps alleviate more serious symptoms. Such as ADD/ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder and PMS.

A Few NegativesLandrace Strain 1

There are a few negatives associated with this strain. But it’s nothing that can’t be avoided or cured. One complaint that is most common is dry mouth.
Dry mouth is easy to fix. Before starting a smoke session, grab a nice cold glass of water. Basically, any refreshing beverage should do the trick. If a tasty beverage is not available, chewing on a piece of bubble gum keeps a mouth moist.
Other complaints that are not so common are dry eyes, dizziness, headaches and paranoia. When it comes to dry eyes, eye drops will fix that issue. Other symptoms are easily preventable by keeping a careful eye on these dosages. Take a few puffs then put it down and wait a few minutes.

The Pungent Weapon

AK-47 is a pungent strain. Many will agree that it has a strong, earthy sweet scent. Hiding this smell will be almost impossible. Opening a bag or jar that contains this strain will completely fill up a room. A garden will carry this strain smell for miles. And smoking this strain will permeate though walls.
The taste is just as potent as the smell. It’ll have a sweet and sour taste on inhale. Expect a floral taste on exhale.

Have you tried AK-47? What was your experience like? Was it easy to grow this strain? Or does it require too much TLC to deal with? Let us know in the comments down below.