The Weekly Strain Breakdown: Quick One

Quick One is an autoflowering ruderalis strain. It was created by Royal Queen Seeds and modeled after the strain, Lowryder. Lowryder’s genetics are Northern Lights, William Wonder and a Mexican Ruderalis. Quick One is 60% indica and 40% sativa.
Quick One is special. It is one of the first auto-flowering strains that fully matures in 2 months regardless of light cycle. When it was created, it was the world’s only quick growing strain at the time. Rapid growth is what the company had in mind when they created this strain.
People don’t usually look for a ruderalis to smoke. They use it to mix with other cannabis strains to produce the desired genetics for the next batch of cannabis. Ruderalis plants are short, thin and have low THC levels. It isn’t uncommon for flower to range between 10% – 12% THC.
Ruderalis plants are sometimes called gutter weed because it can be thrown into a gutter and it will grow. But that is what also makes them so special, because it can be grown just about anywhere. Ruderalis behave similar to weeds and contribute to the slang term ‘weed’. They can grow in any climate and in any type of dirt. They need only a little bit of water to grow like crazy.

Growing Notes

This strain grows to maturity in record time. It is ready to harvest within 8 weeks and generally produces up to 45 grams per plant. Growers who are concerned about space benefit from Quick One because it grows tight and compact. This makes it ideal for indoor tents and small gardens.
People who want to try their hand at growing should give this easy to grow strain a try. If they can find the seeds of course since supply is rather low. You can find seeds on the Royal Queen Seeds web page if your local dispensary doesn’t carry them.
One of the best things about this little plant is that it doesn’t grow very tall. Quick One tops out growing around 40 cm to 60 cm. One reason it is so short is the auto-flowering aspect. This little lady will begin popping her buds regardless of light cycle. Her terpene profile leans strongly towards citrus and is a treat for growers and patients alike.

Quick One High

Quick One provides a mild high. It helps the body to relax and clear the mind. It is a good strain to enjoy during the day. This strain has an excellent taste when vaporized. The citrus adds a nice invigorating element without being overpowering.
Beginners and light smokers enjoy this strain because the high is flavorful and gentle. The low THC level means that it is a lot more forgiving when it comes to dosing. Quick One is a lightweight strain that provides an easy sensible high without delivering that couch-locking sensation.

Have you smoked Quick One before? Where did you find it? What was your impressions? How did it affect you? Have you grown one in your garden? What were your results? Let us know in the comments down below.

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