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How To Deal With A Pot Dealer

Meeting up with a pot dealer can be a shady or outright annoying experience. If you’ve ever been handed your dub wrapped in a paper towel you know what we’re talking about. Outside of dispensaries you’re more likely to get skimped and lied to. Not everyone has the luxury of giving a 1 star rating and taking their business to the next dispensary. For the rest, here are some tips on how to better deal with a pot dealer.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag)

Bring your own bag. Smelly proof bags are good for containing the smell of dank so you can get your bud home without snitching on yourself on the way. If you get pulled over and the only thing containing the smell of your weed is a brown paper bag, you’re going to have a bad time. If you live with people who don’t approve of your habits, you will also have a bad time. So, bring a smell-proof bag or container when visiting your dealer.

Get A Scale

If you’re just buying for personal use a scale at your home is like a $20 lie detector test. It’s better to leave your scale at home so you don’t look like a dealer yourself. After picking up and bringing your bud home successfully, weigh it out. Make sure it’s equal to or greater than to the amount you paid for. If it’s any less you can confront your dealer via text. If they try to blame you or refuse to compensate you in anyway find a new guy. If they make it right, you can keep giving them your business but keep them in check.

Check The Product Out

Don’t just get tossed a bag and peel off. Unless you got it for a discount you’re going to want to check the quality. Most dealers claim they got the fire but if it’s a bag of brown nugs they’re obviously lying. Check for kief, make sure it’s not a bag of shake unless you agreed to buy shake. Frosty nugs and dank smells are good signs. If it doesn’t smell or it’s dry it shouldn’t be the price of top shelf. At this point you can tell them you’re not interested or that it’s not worth the premium price they were asking for.

Read The Signs

Dealers who won’t ever scale things out in front of you are a bit shady. If they won’t let you inspect it that is another red flag. If you ask them what it is and they never know they probably don’t care that much about weed. Pot dealers don’t attract too much drama, but if they’re dealing other drugs you should stay away.
Good signs include a dealer who always know their strain. They can tell you whether it’s a hybrid, sativa, or indica. These guys are a bit more committed to the plant than people just pushing whatever comes their way for the lowest number.

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5 Reasons You Should Be Using Hemp Wick

History Of Hemp Wick

Hemp has been used mankind since ancient times. It hasn’t outlived it’s usefulness yet. hemp is still used to create textiles and to assist stoners. That’s right, hemp wick is still heavily utilized by weed smokers and for good reasons.
Hemp wick is usually made with wax and hemp. The strands can be ignited and will burn slow. The lit hemp wick is often used in place of a butane lighter. If you’re not already on the hemp wick bandwagon here’s five reasons you should join.

1. Protect Your Fingers

One main reason people use hemp wick is to protect your hands. The angle it takes to light a bowl might burn unseasoned smokers fingers. Not to mention the striking wheel will leave your fingers torn up. Thats a nono for anyone trying to hide their smoking habit from a parent or loved one. Burned and cut up fingers make it obvious that youre a smoker. Lighting bowls properly can take some getting used to but hemp wick makes it easier.
You can also help a friend who doesn’t usually smoke by lighting their bowl for them with hemp wick. Trying to light a bowl for someone else with a lighter can get awkward. With hemp wick, you can reach the bowl from a distance and light it. Additionally, this can be useful when trying to light the bowl of a 3 foot or bigger bong. It’ll be hard to reach on your own but with some hemp wick you can light it yourself.

2. Better at cornering bowls

Hemp wick is useful for that one friend who never learned to corner a bowl. If you’re trying to light a bowl outdoors the wind might make you light the whole bowl on accident. With hemp wick, light the end, and let it burn for about 5 seconds. Then quickly twist the wick to put out the flame. Afterwards, you should have a bright red cherried wick which can be used to corner bowls to perfection. You won’t accidentally light more than you need if you’re using this method instead of an open flame.

3. Smoother than using a butane lighter

Try a bong rip with the method mentioned above, then try one with a butane lighter. Let us know, which is smoother, we already know the answer is the hemp wick. There’s no butane to irritate your throat and lungs so you’ll find bong rips with hemp wick to be much more enjoyable.

4. Safer than using a butane lighter

Inhaling butane can be harmful to the throat and lungs. Fortunately, in small amounts the worst it can do is irritate. On the other hand, too much butane inhalation can lead to sudden sniffing death syndrome. Even if it’s just to avoid constantly irritating your throat and lungs, you’re probably better off using hemp wick over a butane lighter.

5. Less wasteful than a butane lighter

By being able to corner bowls better, you’ll be wasting less weed than you need to be. Furthermore, you won’t be contributing as much to waste and pollution. When you’re finished with your hemp wick there isn’t plastic and metal to dispose of like a bic lighter. The product literally gets burned away and it’s less toxic for the environment than butane when burned.
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Marijuana Policy Under President Trump

President Trump. Those are two words I thought would never be uttered together. But much to my dismay, Donald Trump has won the election, and is now on his way to become President of the United States of America.
So what does this mean for the future of the legalization movement, and the War on Drugs?
It’s difficult to say what position Trump himself takes on the issue. He told reporters last year that, “In terms of marijuana and legalization, I think that should be a state issue.”
But how much of what this man says can we really believe? He has proven that he will say anything to please the electorate and/or generate media coverage. And his stance on legal pot has changed quite a bit through the years – at one point he was reportedly even in favor of legalizing all drugs – and he has repeatedly spoken out against recreational pot.
So on the issue of cannabis, like on so many others, Trump is basically a big, fat question mark. There is no telling what he really thinks, or what he will do when he takes office.
Perhaps the best way to determine how the Trump administration will approach drug policy is to take a look at his appointments. Who is he surrounding himself with? Who is he putting in positions of power?
And that’s where it starts to get really ugly.
Trump announced his pick for attorney general this week: senator Jeff Sessions. For those of you who don’t know who he is, the Republican senator from Alabama basically embodies every Hollywood stereotype of a white lawyer from the deep south… He makes racist jokes at work, and refers to black co-workers as “boy.” He called the NAACP a communist organization. He opposes the Voting Rights Act and supports mandatory minimum sentencing for drug offenders.
He admitted to making the following “joke” to his colleagues while serving as prosecutor in Alabama: “I was fine with the Klu Klux Klan until I found out they smoked pot.”
That one statement, I think, sums up who Jeff Sessions is, what he believes, and his attitude toward marijuana (among other things). And if you’re a pot smoker, a person of color, or anyone who cares about civil rights and criminal justice reform, the thought of Sessions assuming the position of America’s top prosecutor should send shivers down your spine.
Fortunately, his appointment does have to be confirmed by the Senate. Unfortunately, the Senate is still in Republican hands. We can only hope that there are enough senators of good conscience, on both sides of the isle, who will be willing to risk “the wrath of Trump” in order to oppose his appointment of a notorious racist to be next U.S. attorney general.
Whether Sessions gets confirmed or not, the fact that he was picked in the first place is troubling enough. It’s a clear sign of which direction the President-Elect plans to take this country during his term: backwards.
At a time when 60% of Americans support recreational marijuana, when 8 states plus D.C. have already voted for it, and no less than 28 states have medical marijuana programs in place, Trump taps a guy whose drug policy is reminiscent of Reagan and Anslinger. Despite the growing consensus that cannabis needs to removed from the list of Schedule 1 drugs, and decriminalized at the federal level, Trump is assembling a cabinet that will do anything but.
It looks like under President Trump, the War on Drugs is alive and well… for the next 4 years at least.

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Why Hydroponic Systems Grow the Best Weed

What is a Hydronic System?
Hydroponic grow systems are excellent for growing high quality marijuana, but these systems are active grow systems, means that they have working parts and require some effort from those who use hydro systems to grow marijuana.  There are turnkey systems that are a bit more expensive, but that are ready to plant and grow for novices who want to try growing with a hydroponic system.
Technically speaking, any system that doesn’t use actual soil to grow the marijuana in is a hydroponic system. With advances in soilless grow mixes, most of which consist of peat and synthetics, most people who grow marijuana indoors don’t use soil. When most people refer to hydroponic grow systems, however, they are referring to weed growing systems where the pot is grown largely in liquids or water.
Types of Hydroponic Grow Systems
There are a number of different types of hydroponic marijuana grow systems. Let’s examine a few of the more popular and more successful hydroponic weed growing systems in use today:

  • Deep Water Culture (DWC): This is a simple irrigation system that utilizes buckets or containers that are linked together. The marijuana plants are suspended in the containers and water and nutrient rich solutions are then pumped through and irrigated so that the plant gets nutrition and grows. These systems can be small or large, and simple to use or quite complex.
  • Ebb & Flow; Also Called Flood & Drain or Pump & Dump Systems: These are easy to use systems that are most popular with more novice growers as they take less time and care. These systems use tables with compartments called flood tables, and then large amounts of liquids and nutrients are pumped in and quickly drained. Think of the grocery section in a big grocery store when they shower the produce and then quickly drain it, or how landscapers turn a hose full blast on a transplanted plant when exposed to air. That is the principle, overwhelming liquid and nutrients followed by lots of oxygen.
  • Top Feeds: There are several different types of top feed systems, the drip, the spray emitter and the timed flow. As evidenced in the name, unlike most hydroponic systems the top feed feeds the marijuana plant from the top, not from the bottom. The difference is in how this process is accomplished. In the drip the plants are in individual containers and a constant drip is fed through a pump, then it is either drained or recycled. The timed slow is like the drip, the only difference being that the nutrients are delivered at timed intervals. The spray emitter, again like the grocery produce system, sprays at intervals from above, and is an extremely popular system as it delivers the nutrients to the marijuana more evenly, though if not careful over-saturation is a distinct possibility.
  • Nutrient Film Technique (NFT): This is the most complex system and really is only for expert or advanced indoor marijuana growers. In this system the pot plant is again suspended, but the roots must be identified so that they can grow down, usually through a net or mesh, where the pot plant can then be fed nutrients in a thin film in a reservoir. The NFT system can produce excellent weed plants and excellent weed yields, but it is not easy and takes serious care and a skilled and practiced hand.

What You Need to Know About Indoor Growing and Hydroponics
Nutrients matter, aeration matters, the equipment you use and the system you use, all of these things matter. If you skimp on equipment or pumps or aerators, you are likely to yield sub-par marijuana plants and they are likely to yield less weed of any quality.
You can save time and money growing marijuana at home, and indoor hydroponic systems are likely the best way to go, but simply don’t cut corners. Like making a gourmet meal at home, you still need to use the best ingredients, time, care and effort to make the meal taste great. Make sure the plants have ample light, and that your grow lights emit heat, and pay attention to the plant, too much liquid or too much light can ruin a great crop as well. There can always be too much of a good thing, even with the right equipment and the right system!
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The best types of seeds for growing weed

Seed Types
Now that most of the world has come to grips with the idea that marijuana is not only worthy of being legal, but can even be good for you, many pot smokers are getting into growing their own marijuana plants.  Many marijuana growers are now growing the plants they need for their own use indoors or in their gardens. The seed types that will be examined are good for indoor growth and for growth in various areas.
To grow the best plants you have to understand the basics of growing marijuana. First you have to make sure that it is legal in your city, state, region or country to grow marijuana, and then you can start by learning what types of seeds there are. Just like there is not one type of marijuana strain or bud, there are different types of seeds. For growing purposes, there are 3 important and noteworthy types of seed to pay attention to. We will explore them now.

  • Autoflowering marijuana seeds: Autoflowering cannabis or marijuana seeds flower in short periods of time, often within a few weeks. For this reason, as they provide blooms fairly quickly, the THC content of these plants is not that great or concentrated. Still, they are popular and easy cannabis seeds to grow, especially for beginners. Popular autoflowering cannabis seeds include the AK 47 and the Low rider seed.
  • Feminized marijuana seeds: These types of seeds have been altered genetically in an effort to produce female pot plants. Female pot plants are the only marijuana plants that produce flowers and buds that have enough THC in them to get people high, so these seeds are altered to produce over 90% feminine plants that will grow marijuana that is worth smoking or ingesting. Popular feminized cannabis seed strains include Skunk and Haze strains.
  • Regular marijuana seeds: These are simply any old seeds of any old type, and they can be either male or female, so they can produce worthy marijuana or male plants that are only good for helping to inseminate and fertilize female plants. The problem is, when purchasing these seeds, you can never tell how many male or female seeds you get, and the females are needed to produce flowering marijuana plants with a decent amount of THC.

Best for Certain Climates
There is not a ton of difference between climates and the type of seeds you can grow, except that some types of seeds are more suited to shorter summers, therefore they need less sun and heat to grow as they grow in shorter periods of time. Therefore autoflowering cannabis or marijuana seeds are ideal for areas with short summers or short growing seasons. These seeds grow plants that flower and can be cultivated in as little as a few weeks, so they don’t need long growth periods. Autoflowering cannabis or marijuana seeds are perfect for short harvests and yields. All other types of seeds and plants, while they very in growth periods, require longer summers or more light and warmth. It is important to know this, because if you want to grow plants indoors, your light and heating system has to mimic that of a natural growth environment. The more summer and growth period that a type of seed or marijuana strain requires, the more heat and light they will require.
While there are many growing tips and hormones and fertilizers and food and types of soil that can be used to grow the best marijuana plants, these are the basics when it comes to marijuana or cannabis seeds and how to best grow them. Once you choose your seed type, make sure your provide them with, cultivate or create a growing environment that will contribute to maximum yield and harvest. If you’re using times heat lamps to mimic the sun on feminized plants that require full summers , make sure that they get 8-12 hours of warmth and light a day, but also make sure that they get enough water to stay hydrated and not burn up. The last thing you want to do is ruin a good crop from growing it in the wrong environment or not giving it enough water.
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Best Types of Munchies

Best Types of Munchies

Why We Get The Munchies
The question as to why people get so hungry, and often crave the craziest of combinations of food, can be answered with one word: Cannabinoids! In your body, naturally, cannabinoids exist, but they are known as endocannabinoids. It is the endocannabinoids that help regulate your metabolism, and that tell your stomach and body whether or not it is full or empty. When you are under the influence of marijuana, your body is flooded with cannabinoids and THC, which confuses your stomach and makes you think that you are STARVING, often no matter how much you eat. THC totally confuses the endocannabinoids that regulate your feelings of hunger or fullness.
While someone who is under the influence will eventually develop the feeling that they are full, it takes a lot of food to trigger that feeling. The endocannabinoids are dulled by the THC, so it’s as if they are asleep at the wheel. This allows people to digest large sums of food and still feel hungry, and also explains while someone who is high can eat such rich foods or have such weird cravings, cravings that might seem insane if the person were not under the influence of pot.
Favorite Types of Munchies
While everyone has different tastes and craves different foods, one thing is for certain; people often get and entertain strange cravings when under the influence of weed. It’s an old joke, certainly it has been in many movies and television shows, how people gorge themselves when they are high, and how they eat incredibly odd foods when smoking pot. These weird, strong cravings, and the desire for a LOT of food while you’re at it, are commonly referred to as the munchies.  When you are high and starving and want to dunk strawberry Pop Tarts into a vat of Nutella, you have the munchies.  The munchies are a common affliction, and part of what can make marijuana beneficial, especially for those who have eating disorders or people who can’t hold down food.
Let’s take a look at some favorite munchies, or types of food that feed the hunger!

  • Fast Food: The number one munchie, the fast food grease bomb. Nothing hits the spot like French fries smothered in everything, chili, gravy, cheese, ketchup, you name it. Someone must have been high when they came up with the Canadian Poutine, or French fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds.
  • Peanut Butter and Anything: The famous peanut butter and chocolate combo is a munchie delight, but what about peanut butter and banana sandwiches, peanut butter and raisins, or peanut butter on a hamburger? These are all famous munchie stuffers.


  • Ice Cream and Anything: Much like peanut butter, ice cream is an adaptive stoner’s delight that goes with most anything. Where do you think flavors like cotton candy and moose tracks were invented anyway? Ice cream is sweet and rich and smooth and fills the biggest of munchie cravings, no matter what it’s paired with.
  • Pizza: The fact of the matter is, pizza is good most anytime and with most anything. But certainly someone was high when they decided to try pineapple and ham on a pizza pie. And anchovies? You would have to be smoking marijuana to eat those things right? There are many fine gourmet pizzas as well that fit the bill, from all white pizza to cheeseburger pizzas to pizza deserts!
  • Dagwood Sandwiches:  Ah yes, the old everything on the mile high sandwich trick> All the cheeses and all kinds of condiments and all the dressings and veggies plus as much meat as you can get your hands on. After all, someone has to eat the liverwurst and braunschweiger sooner or later, right?
  • Candy: Last but not least, what person under the influence of marijuana doesn’t get a sweet tooth? A good high makes for great candy munchies, including anything from licorice to chocolate to marshmallow fluff straight from the jar. Certainly whoever invented the Fluffernutter  had a huge case of the munchies.

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Strain Review: Maui Wowie

As you can guess from its name, Maui Wowie is a tropical strain that’s sure to amaze and delight with stress relief like no other. Obviously born and bred in Hawaii, Maui Wowie is worldwide at this point, and a very popular strain for folks who like to be active and need a boost to help them get outside. For growers, this strain is best suited to tropical and warm temperatures, with plenty of sunlight.
The taste is understandably a sweet and sour pineapple, with notes of candy and lemon lime citrus. Pair it with Mango Kush for a scrumptious fruit salad that will take you to whole new levels of relaxation. Oddly enough, one user describes the affects as being “like being in kangaroo’s pouch while it’s jumping,” whatever that means. Other folks have felt great mental clarity, and that they’re capable of consuming Maui Wowie while working without losing any productivity. Great motivation!
I liked how in control I felt when trying this strain. Everyone was right about its delicious flavor and scent, and I was able to keep my train of thought while being able to let go of tensions and enjoy the feeling. I suggest having some Maui Wowie in the middle of the day, just after lunch so that you can avoid the typical afternoon energy crash. Head outside to soak up some sun, climb a mountain, or chill out by a river.
Medical patients typically use Maui Wowie for busting stress and depression, while others find escape from insomnia or exhaustion. Like with most weeds, you might experience dry mouth and eyes, so stay hydrated with some fruit juice or coconut water for a truly tropical, vacation-like experience. Legendary, multidimensional, “wowie”, are just a few ways people have described this wonderful strain.
image: medicaljane.com

golden Goat

Strain Review: Golden Goat

Golden Goat was a glorious accident birthed in Topeka, Kansas, when a female Island Sweet Skunk was pollinated by a male Hawaiian Romulan. Many would say it was the perfect happenstance, as Golden Goat is very strong, sweet, and effective. A hybrid for sure, some batches err on the side of the Hawaiian sativa to produce a great whole-body high without a mind haze or confusion.
Batches often appear light green and even pink in color, with a very fruit scent and taste. Others may find it sour and spicy, with hints of citrus or the good-ole taste of earth. Bud size tends to be thick and very hairy, with some coated in a fine, cheesy dust that is perfect for kief collectors. The beauty of this strain is it’s reasonably high CBD content, usually topping at 1.07%. With that, expect muscle relaxation and pain relief.
Some have recommended using this strain for when you want to relax without a huge energy boost, and others recommend staying at home (never, ever drive if you don’t feel capable of doing so!) and finding out the effects for yourself. Other highlights include a social uplift, great fruity taste, and positive creative moments. Try it for focused meditation or introspection, or if you’re having trouble getting out of a funk.
One user describes their experience with Golden Goat in three stages: a very energetic come up, with a boost in desire to be social or creative, with focus to complete tasks and projects; next, a’sudden realization’ of happiness and euphoria, like you’ve just remembered a great moment from earlier and that the feeling has been building for a while. Then, for this particular user, they experienced a heavy crash, but just in a way that made it easy to fall asleep. If you’re planning a full day, try a few puffs of Golden Goat to get you through and ensure a good, solid night’s sleep afterward.
Chemical makeup
THC: 12-23%
CBD: 0-0.06%
CBN: 0-0.1%
CBG: 0.3-1.0%
THCV: 0.04-0.2%
CBC: 0-0.01%
CBL: 0-0.02%
β-Linalool: 0-0.05%
β-Myrcene: 0-0.4%
a-Pinene: 0-0.5%
D-Limonene: 0-0.08%
β-Caryophyllene: 0-0.05%
image: Ry Prichard, The Cannabist

Lemon Haze

Strain Review: Lemon Haze

Just take a wild guess at how this strain might taste. Before it’s even ground up in the bowl, you’ll be able to both smell and taste the sweet, sharp notes of Lemon Haze, a popular sativa choice. Like ‘fresh peeled lemon slices’, pucker up and try a toke. It produces a very smooth, long-lasting high, with all the best qualities you get from any sativa strain. For some, they’ve found it to be a cure for depression, a lack of appetite, and for others, great relief from aches and pains.
With a respectable THC content ranging from 15-20%, this strain is also known for its fairly high CBD rate, at .38%. Understandably, this is where the pain relief comes from. Try starting off your day with Lemon Haze if you suffer from low energy or have trouble keeping positive moods up. The high lasts long, as said before, but it also comes on slow, and very gentle. You may experience a change in visual perception–that is, things could become clearer, brighter, and the euphoric sensation may bring on a cheer to last you the day.
Some folks find themselves to be very chatty or talkative after trying Lemon Haze. This strain might be the thing to take your next group hang out to a whole new level of fun and adventure (so long as you’re responsible, of course). Try it when you feel stress is too much to handle–it’ll be no match for the powers of Lemon Haze. Others find a tolerable balance of cerebral effects and a relaxing body high, so that they can focus on the task at hand without soaring into space.
The buds are sometimes small, dense little nuggets, but don’t be mistaken–they’re still quite powerful. Ranging from beautiful greens to bright yellows, the leaves are coated with orange or amber colored hairs that give off its distinct citrus scent. Overall, the stickiness, scent, and flavor remind me of Lemonheads.The taste packs a whopping punch of sourness, so try pairing it with a sweeter strain at the end of a night for a delicious bedtime “snack.”
image: medicaljane.com

Recreational Marijuana

The Wave Of Recreational Marijuana Hits The East Coast

New Recreational Marijuana States

It wasn’t all bad news on election night, several new states now have access to legal marijuana. Voters in Maine, Massachusetts, California, and Nevada passed recreational marijuana laws. Legal weed is now available to about 20 percent of adults in the United States. Until recently, recreational marijuana has only been available on the west coast and Colorado. However, the wave of recreational marijuana has finally hit the East Coast with states like Maine and Massachusetts. Both states had medical marijuana laws in place prior to this year’s election.


The vote for recreational marijuana in Maine barely passed with 51% of the vote. 49% were in opposition, the numbers were so close that opponents are pushing for a recount.Opponents only need to collect 100 signatures for the Secretary of State’s office to consider taking another count. Some opponents claim that the vote passed by a fraction of a percentage.
“The margin is razor thin, there are more than 375,000 people in the state of Maine that voted against this,” Newell Auger of No on 1 told WCHS. “It demands a careful, accurate result, and the idea that we are going to push on through when the margin is .005 [percent] is foolhardy.”
However, the latest recount has the law passing 381,060 to 376,658.
“We are talking thousands of votes difference,” countered Yes on 1 campaign manager David Boyer. “I just don’t see them making up that ground. Those votes can flip our way. We are ready to move forward with implementation.”
If the recount doesn’t happen, Maine voters can expect the right to grow, sell, manufacture, and distribute marijuana and it’s products. The state will be implementing a 10 percent tax and local governments can opt to implement local rules on retail sales. Within the next 40 days, adults will be able to carry up to two and a half ounces of pot and grow up to six plants. Maine and Massachusetts are the first two states on the east coast to go the recreational marijuana route. Maine’s state motto is “I’ll lead.” Hopefully the rest of the East coast follows their lead.


Despite having an anti-pot governor, Massachusetts voters decided to pass a measure called Question 4 which legalized recreational marijuana. Question 4 will tax the use and sale of marijuana similarly to alcohol. So, only adults ages 21 and up can purchase marijuana. Only an ounce is allowed in public but 10 can be possessed at your home.
Don’t get too excited though, retail sales aren’t scheduled to begin until 2018. When retail sales begin, out of staters will also be permitted to carry an ounce at a time. Tourism might rise in the Mile “High” City because few other places on the East Coast offer legal marijuana to visitors. Maine will be Massachusetts only competition in the East.
Local communities are looking forward to the expected boost in tax revenues and jobs created from the booming cannabis industry.
“A century-long mistake has been abolished!” Yes on 4 communications director Jim Borghesani told a crowd of supporters of the ballot question. “Voters chose fact over fear and rational arguments over hysteria.”