Best Types of Munchies

Why We Get The Munchies
The question as to why people get so hungry, and often crave the craziest of combinations of food, can be answered with one word: Cannabinoids! In your body, naturally, cannabinoids exist, but they are known as endocannabinoids. It is the endocannabinoids that help regulate your metabolism, and that tell your stomach and body whether or not it is full or empty. When you are under the influence of marijuana, your body is flooded with cannabinoids and THC, which confuses your stomach and makes you think that you are STARVING, often no matter how much you eat. THC totally confuses the endocannabinoids that regulate your feelings of hunger or fullness.
While someone who is under the influence will eventually develop the feeling that they are full, it takes a lot of food to trigger that feeling. The endocannabinoids are dulled by the THC, so it’s as if they are asleep at the wheel. This allows people to digest large sums of food and still feel hungry, and also explains while someone who is high can eat such rich foods or have such weird cravings, cravings that might seem insane if the person were not under the influence of pot.
Favorite Types of Munchies
While everyone has different tastes and craves different foods, one thing is for certain; people often get and entertain strange cravings when under the influence of weed. It’s an old joke, certainly it has been in many movies and television shows, how people gorge themselves when they are high, and how they eat incredibly odd foods when smoking pot. These weird, strong cravings, and the desire for a LOT of food while you’re at it, are commonly referred to as the munchies.  When you are high and starving and want to dunk strawberry Pop Tarts into a vat of Nutella, you have the munchies.  The munchies are a common affliction, and part of what can make marijuana beneficial, especially for those who have eating disorders or people who can’t hold down food.
Let’s take a look at some favorite munchies, or types of food that feed the hunger!

  • Fast Food: The number one munchie, the fast food grease bomb. Nothing hits the spot like French fries smothered in everything, chili, gravy, cheese, ketchup, you name it. Someone must have been high when they came up with the Canadian Poutine, or French fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds.
  • Peanut Butter and Anything: The famous peanut butter and chocolate combo is a munchie delight, but what about peanut butter and banana sandwiches, peanut butter and raisins, or peanut butter on a hamburger? These are all famous munchie stuffers.


  • Ice Cream and Anything: Much like peanut butter, ice cream is an adaptive stoner’s delight that goes with most anything. Where do you think flavors like cotton candy and moose tracks were invented anyway? Ice cream is sweet and rich and smooth and fills the biggest of munchie cravings, no matter what it’s paired with.
  • Pizza: The fact of the matter is, pizza is good most anytime and with most anything. But certainly someone was high when they decided to try pineapple and ham on a pizza pie. And anchovies? You would have to be smoking marijuana to eat those things right? There are many fine gourmet pizzas as well that fit the bill, from all white pizza to cheeseburger pizzas to pizza deserts!
  • Dagwood Sandwiches:  Ah yes, the old everything on the mile high sandwich trick> All the cheeses and all kinds of condiments and all the dressings and veggies plus as much meat as you can get your hands on. After all, someone has to eat the liverwurst and braunschweiger sooner or later, right?
  • Candy: Last but not least, what person under the influence of marijuana doesn’t get a sweet tooth? A good high makes for great candy munchies, including anything from licorice to chocolate to marshmallow fluff straight from the jar. Certainly whoever invented the Fluffernutter  had a huge case of the munchies.

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