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As you can guess from its name, Maui Wowie is a tropical strain that’s sure to amaze and delight with stress relief like no other. Obviously born and bred in Hawaii, Maui Wowie is worldwide at this point, and a very popular strain for folks who like to be active and need a boost to help them get outside. For growers, this strain is best suited to tropical and warm temperatures, with plenty of sunlight.
The taste is understandably a sweet and sour pineapple, with notes of candy and lemon lime citrus. Pair it with Mango Kush for a scrumptious fruit salad that will take you to whole new levels of relaxation. Oddly enough, one user describes the affects as being “like being in kangaroo’s pouch while it’s jumping,” whatever that means. Other folks have felt great mental clarity, and that they’re capable of consuming Maui Wowie while working without losing any productivity. Great motivation!
I liked how in control I felt when trying this strain. Everyone was right about its delicious flavor and scent, and I was able to keep my train of thought while being able to let go of tensions and enjoy the feeling. I suggest having some Maui Wowie in the middle of the day, just after lunch so that you can avoid the typical afternoon energy crash. Head outside to soak up some sun, climb a mountain, or chill out by a river.
Medical patients typically use Maui Wowie for busting stress and depression, while others find escape from insomnia or exhaustion. Like with most weeds, you might experience dry mouth and eyes, so stay hydrated with some fruit juice or coconut water for a truly tropical, vacation-like experience. Legendary, multidimensional, “wowie”, are just a few ways people have described this wonderful strain.
image: medicaljane.com

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