Top 4 Stoner Gifts on My Cannabis Wishlist

Some people on your holiday gift list may be hard to choose presents for. However, the stoner in your life should be pretty simple to please. While… Read more »

New Tariffs Hit Cannabis Vapes Hard

New tariffs hit vapes hard America is in the middle of a trade war and foreign powers are fighting back with new tariffs. Recently announced tariffs proposed… Read more »

Weed Supply Issues Resolved By Grobox

My weed supply is in constant jeopardy. From work to school and kids, there is rarely time left for personal pleasures. All the demands of the day… Read more »

Hemp Airplane Flies High With Weed Fuel

Can you imagine flying in a hemp airplane? The idea of a hemp airplane isn’t as far fetched as it might seem. Modern airplanes use special composite… Read more »

Tips On Processing Payments For Marijuana Companies

Marijuana is generating billions of dollars every year. In 2016 alone, legal sales of medical and recreational marijuana reached $6.7 billion. Up from $5.4 billion in legal… Read more »

10 Easy Makeshift Smoking Devices

Everyone needs a makeshift piece eventually. Sometimes, an accident robs you of the only pipe you own and a makeshift option is needed. Other times, you bring… Read more »

Cannabis DUI and Alcohol DUI Laws are Treated the Same

In many states, cannabis DUI laws are treated like alcohol DUI laws. But a cannabis DUI and an alcohol DUI should be treated differently for many reasons…. Read more »

GMO Weed Coming to Stores Soon

People have been genetically modifying weed since the beginning. Ancient farmers grew cannabis plants with specific goals in mind. The different goals produced two distinctly new variations… Read more »

Cannatech Introduces New-Age Weed Technology

Silicon Valley utilizes Cannatech to introduce new weed technology. For a long time, the most popular and sophisticated weed technology was smoking cannabis through rolling papers and… Read more »

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