10 Easy Makeshift Smoking Devices

Everyone needs a makeshift piece eventually.

Sometimes, an accident robs you of the only pipe you own and a makeshift option is needed. Other times, you bring weed to a party expecting to find a pipe there already. Either way, two of the three key ingredients for smoking (weed, fire, and a pipe) are present with no hope of the third finding you.

It is up to you to channel your inner MacGyver and create a makeshift smoking device they will talk about for decades. Many stoners struggle with trying to be as inventive as the Big Mac himself. This list will help you go from zero to hero in 420 style.

Here is a list of 10 makeshift smoking devices that will keep the smoke flowing and the party going. 


  1. 2-Liter Bong:

Drill a 1/2″ hole halfway down in the middle of a 2-liter bottle. Make another hole on the opposite side of the bottle from the first and about 2 inches higher. Take a 1/2″ straw and wedge a 10mm socket into one end securely. Insert the open end of the straw into the hole at ~45-degree angle. Fill the bottle with water until the tip of the straw is submerged but ensure the liquid does not reach the first hole. Load the weed into the socket, cover the second hole with thumb and draw through the mouth of the bottle.

Pro Tip:

Plastic straws melt (producing toxic chemicals) after a couple hits. Try using silicone straws for a safe makeshift smoking that won’t react to the heat of a bowl. Just don’t try setting silicone on fire.


  1. Apple:Makeshift Smoking Device

Use a pencil or drill to make hole down the entire center of the core. Create another hole that intersects the first hole at ~135 degrees near the bottom of the apple and bite out a bowl. Use the bottom of the core as a carb and the top of the apple as the mouthpiece. Draw hit from the first hole.

Pro Tip:

Place metal or glass bowl (if available) in the hole instead of letting the weed touch the fruit. This keeps the cannabis dry.


  1. Banana:

Use knife to cut the first inch of the tip (not stalk) off the banana. Set the tip aside for use later. Use a straw or drill to create a whole going 1/2 to 3/4 the length from the end that was cut. Drill hole at ~90 degrees to the first hole. Set the tip in the second hole and secure with toothpicks. Use the banana tip as bowl and draw through the first hole.

Pro Tip:

Fresh fruit is better for making pipes because old fruit can be too soft to hold its shape.


  1. Soda Can:

Flatten one side of empty can until it forms a small divot. Using a knife or screw needle, punch holes in the can to create the bowl. Punch additional hole in the side of the can for carb. Draw hit from can opening. Soda have chemical linings on the inside and out. Make sure to burn off the harmful material before taking the first hit.

Pro Tip:

Right handed smokers like a carb on the left of the pipe while left handed smokers prefer a carb on the right side. This makes it easy for the thumb to close or open the hole while toking.


  1. Strawberry:

Use a straw to core the strawberry. Create a second hole with the straw intersecting the first at ~90 degrees. Place a joint in the hole and draw hit from first hole.

Pro Tip:

You can use a steel 1/2″ or 10mm socket as a makeshift bowl.


  1. Knife Hits:

Roll a piece of paper up into a cone with an opening at both ends. Secure paper with tape or origami that shit to make a smoke hood. Take two kitchen knives and place the blade side against a heating element until red hot. Take a small pea sized nug (of any grade cannabis) and twist between knives beneath wide end of hood. Draw hit from narrow end of hood.

Pro Tip:

Cut the bottom off a 2-liter bottle. Punch holes in bottom piece. Fill bottle with ice and wedge bottom piece into the top piece. This creates a cooling ice dome that makes the smoke significantly smoother.


  1. Paper Towel Steamroller:

Drill a 1/2″ hole 3/4 of the way down an empty paper towel roll tube. Wedge a 10mm socket securely into the hole. Draw through the end furthest from the bowl and use the palm of the hand to cover the other end like a carb.

Pro Tip:

Fill a different empty paper towel roll with wadded up dryer sheets. When exhaling smoke, blow through the sheet-filled tube. The air on the other side smells like fresh laundry instead of pure resin.


  1. Coconut:

Drill a hole in top of the coconut. Drain the milk and set aside. Drill second hole intersecting first in the center of the coconut at ~135 degrees. Place joint in second hole. Draw hit from first hole.

Pro Tip:

You can use the coconut juice as bong water if you drop a stem down the second hole.


  1. Sobe Hit:

Using a nail or screw driver, punch a hole in the bottom divot of a glass Sobe bottle and set aside. Cut 1/2″ hole in the lid of the bottle. Wedge a 10mm socket into the hole in the cap. Cover hole in the bottom of the bottle and fill with water. Screw cap back on and fill with weed. Uncover bottom hole and light bowl simultaneously. Once all water has drained, unscrew cap and draw hit through bottle mouthpiece.

Pro Tip:

Hold Sobe bottle above a pitcher to catch and reuse the water. This also makes it easy to do gravity bong hits if the bottom breaks out of the bottle.


  1. Lightsaber:

Unscrew blade portion of saber and set handle aside. Remove plastic light bulb housing. Apply thin line of superglue to base of plastic cup. Slice top 1″ off the saber blade. Drill 1/2″ hole in second to bottom section of blade. Drill second 1/2″ hole 1 inch above and directly opposite the first hole. Take a 1/2″ straw and wedge a 10mm socket into one end securely. Insert the open end of the straw into the hole at ~45-degree angle. Fill the bottle with water until the tip of the straw is submerged but ensure the liquid does not reach the first hole. Load the weed into the socket, cover the second hole with thumb and draw through the open end of the blade.

Pro Tip:

Steel down-stems are commonly available in a variety of sizes at smoke shops. A properly sized down-stem should almost tough the opposite corner of the bottom of the chamber. Having it touch can transfer heat and cause plastic parts to melt faster.

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