Bong- A smoking device in which the smoke passes through water before it’s inhaled. Inhaling through the mouthpiece activates the bongs it’s one direction airflow. Our bong comes in different shapes and sizes and also they work a little bit differently. 

When buying your first bong, the first things you gonna consider when shopping for a bomb would be size and volume for starters you’ve got this little like easy to use easy to clean real simple nice little tokes then you just want to dive right in or if you’ve got a little more experience you want a massive bong. Huge bong rips everyone loves those but then for more stylish smokers we’ve got simple ones in ou WeedReader shop. 

We have bongs that have very pretty artwork. Other key things to consider would be the glass thickness and the joint sizes joints come in different varieties like a male joint with a female Bowl. We have many different kinds like just a small tip of the iceberg.

 You can also check the basic bongs who had a straight tube and a mouthpiece, We also have beaker bongs this bongs are shaped perfectly and can allow you to smoke big and smooth. We also have Silicone bong that comes in different sizes and colors. These silicone bongs are not breakable since this is silicone as well as easy to clean and very convenient for beginners. We also have Percolator bongs comes with different sizes and shape that can be the perfect option for smooth smoking sessions! When looking for the best sizes for bongs. Every bong must have an airtight seal in order to work your bong perfectly.

 If you love traveling we also provide you Portable small bongs that are easy to carry and can go through wherever you are you just shop