Glass Pipes

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3 Pros and 3 Cons of Smoking Weed with a Pipe 

Every smoker’s consumer has their preferred way of smoking and for many, that way of smoking is with a pipe. 

Let start with the Pros

Easy to Clean

The Pipe cleaners have a name for a reason and they make for a quick and efficiently clean, without leaving any residue behind.

No Added taste 

Most marijuana pipes are made out of glass so there’s no way the actual pipe will taint the flower 

Easy to Use 

Smoking from a pipe requires just two steps. First, you have to pack the bowl, then you light it and smoke 

Now here are some Cons

Easy to Break

Most weed pipes are made of glass which is very easily broken especially because pipes are so portable 


Yes, Smokers can find cheap pipes at any smoke shop but the ones that pull look the best are more costly because they’re all unique in their own way. 

Difficult to Smoke in Public

Even though they’re very portable, Pipe are hard to smoke in public compared to just lighting one joint, you have to pack multiple bowls and light up multiple bowls.