DAB rigs

Dab rigs– Selecting a Dab Rig is very important for your smoking sessions and you may look for design on our website plus we offer high quality yet affordable dab rigs in Weed Reader. We offer our client a smooth hit. Essentially its perc-less there’s only a down stem so there’s minimal filtration meaning big bubbles and lots of flavour.


 In Weedreader we’ve got a shower head perc provides quite a bit of filtration and still some of the flavors, but might tone it down a bit. We also provide you with a  drum perk this one is going to provide the most 

Filtration the bubbles are going to be really small and the hit will be cooled down the most it’s so small and compact that the flavour won’t be dimmed down too much. Dab Rigs produce a perfect concentrate for the wonderful flavor that we offer!

You can use Dab rigs starting with the torch. Heat the nail with a torch for about 30 seconds. Let the nail cool for about 60 seconds. Carefully Place concentrates on the nail and slowly start to inhale. Place a carb cap on the nail while inhaling. Lift the carb cap to clear the vapor. Exhale the vapor immediately- don’t hold it. 

Dab rigs are much more diverse than you may have thought. 


The traditional dab rig features a glass nail a percolation area where the vapor can cool down, and a mouthpiece. Generally, dab rigs are really made from glass, though if you’re looking for something more portable or durable, you may want to try one made from silicone. Electronic dab rigs like the Puffco Peak or the Dr. Dabber Switch heat up electronically, and hence it’s easier to control the temperature.