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Top 3 Tools for Making Concentrates at Home

Making herbal extracts at home is very rewarding. You get the benefit of knowing what’s in the extracts you made and how to make it yourself. When people make concentrates at home, they usually opt for the safe, chemical-free version called rosin. Rosin is made by placing a bud in a piece of parchment paper and pressing it between an even heat source. Too much heat and you will cook of valuable terpenes. Not enough heat and you will lose yield tremendously.
Rosin is a solventless extraction method that uses pressure and heat to extract cannabinoids from cannabis. Rosin has grown exponentially in popularity because it doesn’t require extensive knowledge or understanding of botanical extractions or chemistry. What this means is that just about anyone can make quality rosin with the right press and a little bit of tinkering.
If you’re tired of struggling with a flat iron for hair styling and some clamps to make the concentrates you want, here are some great options.  We’re going to start at the top of the list with the most expensive and work our way down. Remember just because something costs more doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily better. To get to the pressing issue at hand let’s take a look at rosin press number one.

The Eglow 8000 PSI Professional Rosin Press

The eGLOW 8000 PSI Professional  Rosin Press- coming in priced around $1,000, this rosin press is top of the line if you have the money to spend. The eGLOW is a pneumatic rosin press with dual 8 x 6 heating plates. This press is capable of producing 8000 PSI. A full digital display allows for easy setting of pressure level, temperature, and time. Experimenting by fluctuating and altering times and temperatures along with pressure can yield you with the perfect rosin.

The LilSmasher by NugSmasher

The LilSmasher by NugSmasher offers up 6500 PSI and is constructed from solid steel. Dual plates at 3 and 1/2 by 4 inches make for easy pressing with the attached 300w dual heating elements. Get ready for a little bit of a workout to make this rosin. If you have arthritis or weak muscles, this may not be the machine for you as the pressure is applied manually by a lever on the front of the LilSmasher by NugSmasher. This lil’ unit will set you back a lil’ coming in at around $800.

The JU1CE Box Rosin Press

The JU1CE Box Rosin Press is the ideal little device for a single individual looking to make a few dabs here and there for their personal enjoyment. This small rosin press has a 1 inch by 1 and 1/2 inch plates with dual heating elements. This makes this small device perfect for 1-3  gram presses. If you’re looking for the flat iron taken to the next level, this is it. Coming in at $124.99 the JU1CE Box rosin press has everything you need to start making rosin right away, except for the nug.
Do you have a preferred rosin press for making rosin at home? If so, let us know in the comments below! We love to learn about new and exciting products for cannabis consumers!

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Top 4 Stoner Gifts on My Cannabis Wishlist

Some people on your holiday gift list may be hard to choose presents for. However, the stoner in your life should be pretty simple to please. While every cannabis consumer and connoisseur would love a bag of top-shelf bud, an infused edible, or a new smoking apparatus there are some other rather extraordinary and elevated stoner gifts available on the market today. From tools that will help you de-carb your cannabis and ones to help you make infused butter and oils to ones that can even help you grow your own cannabis at home the list is almost endless. Here are five of my favorite cannabis centric gifts that will elevate the happiness of the stoner in your life this holiday season.

The Magical Butter Machine

The Magical Butter machine is well… simply magical and sure to light up the eyes of any stoner on your list. This high-tech device allows for at home cannabis chefs to easily infuse cannabis and other herbs into butter or oil of their choice. The Magical Butter Machine makes cooking with cannabis at home, as easy as adding a few ingredients and pushing a button! First, you will want to decarboxylate your cannabis though, and for that, I highly recommend the next product on our list! Learn more here!

The Ardent Nova Herbal Decarboxylator

The Ardent NOVA Decarboxylator takes the guesswork out the decarb process. If you aren’t familiar with this process, check out this article. The NOVA guarantees full activation of the THC in your product without producing an odor in a clean, straightforward process. The machine offers the ability to decarb up to 1 ounce of flower. Or if you prefer, 5 ounces of kief at one time! Learn more here!

The Grobo One Automated Grow Closet

For individuals lucky enough to be able to grow their own cannabis at home, an automated grow closet such as the Grobo One makes a fantastic gift. I will warn you though, this is the most expensive gift on the list with a hefty price tag. But as you will see, it is well worth it! The Grobo One is made of high-quality steel and Canadian birch wood.
Its features include an ultra-efficient LED lighting system, a small, sleek design that will fit in almost any room, and full automation of the growing process. According to their website all you have to do is, “plug it in, plant your seed, select the recipe on the Grobo app and let Grobo One do the growing.” Learn more here.

The Juice Box Rosin Press

The Ju1ceBox rosin press makes the process of making your own cannabis concentrates at home from bud easy as possible. This small handheld extractor utilizes the idea combination of surface pressure and heat. This and precise timing intervals to ensure high yields of clean extracted oil. This process of extraction eliminates the need for dangerous solvents and hydraulic components. It also allows you to make amazing concentrates in just a few minutes! Learn more here.
What is the must-have dank gift on your cannabis wish list for 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

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CBD-Infused Coca-Cola Could be a Thing

From CBD oils, CBD extracts, CBD capsules, and CBD topical lotions to CBD granola bars, CBD coffee, and CBD honey, it seems almost everything is being infused with this seemingly newly discovered compound. The most recent announcement pertaining to the CBD market came from none other than the Coca-Cola Company out of Atlanta, Georgia.
This U.S. based beverage manufacturer and distributor just hinted that they may be looking to merge into the CBD space and that a CBD-infused beverage from the makers of one of America’s most beloved drinks could be available in the near future. In a statement to Bloomberg via email, a spokesman for Coca-Cola, Kent Landers stated the following;
“We are closely watching the growth of non-psychoactive CBD as an ingredient in functional wellness beverages around the world. The space is evolving quickly.” Regarding whether they will enter the market, he stated, “no decisions have been made at this time.”

Why CBD?

So why would a company such as the Coca-Cola company that has been in business since 1892 all of a sudden be interested in branching into a new beverage market? The answer is simple. The CBD market is predicted to be worth more than $22 billion by 2020. That is a lot of money even for a beverage manufacturer of Coca-Cola’s size.
The movement to re-legalize cannabis around the world has become more successful in recent years. The research surrounding this miraculous plant has also become more abundant. What many believe to be one of the most significant discoveries is surprisingly not based upon one of the most researched compounds found in the plant. The most significant development regarding cannabis that many consider to be the medical breakthrough of the century is the discovery of and isolation of the cannabinoid known as Cannabidiol AKA CBD.
This naturally occurring phytocannabinoid is found in many cultivars of hemp as well as many different strains of the psychoactive form of cannabis commonly known as marijuana. CBD, unlike the more well-known phytocannabinoid THC, does not provide any psychoactive or intoxicating effects.
Very similar to THC, CBD has the potential to offer a plethora of different medical benefits. Benefits to patients suffering from a variety of different ailments. Not only does CBD provide potential medical benefits it has also been scientifically proven to combat the psychoactive effects of THC. CBD has been shown to be effective in helping to treat a wide range of conditions. Conditions ranging from anxiety and depression to pain, inflammation, nicotine addiction, skin disorders, epilepsy and many more.

CBD-Beverages – The “In” Trend

Coca-Cola isn’t the first beverage company that has hinted at entering the CBD market either. In fact, several already have. Constellation Brands, the parent company of the popular brew Corona announced that they were spending nearly $4 billion to up its stakes in a Canadian cannabis producer known as Canopy Growth. Canopy Growth is estimated to worth more than $10 billion.
Other beverage makers that have entered into the sector include Molson Coors which has entered into a joint venture with Hexo’s Corp. Hexo’s Corp was formerly known as the Hydropothecary Corp and is based out of Quebec. They plan to work together to produce cannabis-infused beverages for the Canadian market.
Anheuser Busch, the manufacturer of Budweiser beer, has also mentioned a potential CBD-infused beverage line. This is in addition to Diageo PLC, the maker of Guinness which is currently in discussions with multiple Canadian cannabis producers. We can’t forget to mention the craft-brewing label known as NV’s Lagunita’s a Heineken company. This company took it up a notch and  has already launched a brand that specializes in THC infused non-alcoholic beverages.

So, What’s Next?

Since this announcement from the Coca-Cola Co. stocks in a few different Canadian cannabis producers have seen an increase in interest. Shares in Aurora Cannabis rose as much as 23% after the announcement to over $8 a share. Tilray Inc. also nearly a 9.5% increase as well.
When it comes to the question of whether a CBD-infused Coca-Cola offering could be available soon, the answer is simple. We simply must wait. What we do know is that they are paying close attention. It is on their radar, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it weren’t a Coca-Cola at all as the company has also recently ventured into other beverage options such as tea and juice in recent years. They also recently spent $5.1 billion to acquire Costa Coffee earlier this year.
Considering the potential growth for this market in coming years, it would seem natural that the Coca-Cola Co. and every other major player in the beverage market would want to take advantage of this opportunity. Only time will tell if they will.


The Boiling Point of Cannabis’ Complexity

THC or Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol is a cannabinoid that many are familiar with since this has been the primary focus of conversations and research pertaining to cannabis for years. In recent times, however, we have started to discover that what makes cannabis so incredible isn’t just this one cannabinoid. In fact, it isn’t even the many combinations of different cannabinoids that are possible but in reality, something much more complex.
The reason that cannabis is as effective as it is for a plethora of different ailments and offers such a wide range of benefits, flavors, and aromas, is due to a combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds found in the cannabis plant. Simply lighting a joint of a random strain of cannabis, however, will not provide the full effects possible.

What You Need to Know About Getting the Most Out of Your Herb

Terpenes matter as much as cannabinoids. This cannot be expressed enough. Terpenes which are also found in fruits, vegetables, and other plants are essential to the overall effects of cannabis. Terpenes also provide a plethora of different health benefits as well. Therefore, many cannabis consumers and patients alike have started to pay more attention to the terpene profiles present in the products they purchase.
Here are some of the common terpenes found in cannabis strains along with their potential medical benefits. While this is nowhere near a comprehensive list as there are over 125 terpenes found in cannabis, these are the most common and abundant.

  • ß-myrcene: Analgesic. Anti-inflammatory, Antibiotic, Antimutagenic
  • ß-caryophyllene: Anti-inflammatory, Cytoprotective (gastric mucosa), Antimalarial
  • d-limonene: Cannabinoid agonist, Immune potentiator, Antidepressant, Antimutagenic
  • linalool: Sedative, Antidepressant, Anxiolytic, Immune potentiator
  • pulegone: Memory booster, AChE inhibitor, Sedative, Antipyretic
  • 1,8-cineole (eucalyptol): AChE inhibitor, Increases cerebral, blood flow, Stimulant, Antibiotic, Antiviral, Anti-inflammatory, Antinociceptive
  • a-pinene: Anti-inflammatory, Bronchodilator, Stimulant, Antibiotic, Antineoplastic, AChE inhibitor
  • a-terpineol: Sedative, Antibiotic, AChE inhibitor, Antioxidant, Antimalarial
  • terpineol-4-ol: AChE inhibitor. Antibiotic
  • p-cymene: Antibiotic, Anticandidal, AChE inhibitor

Unfortunately, while many of these terpenes are present in various cannabis strains, their benefits are often abolished through a process known as pyrolytic destruction. This process is where terpenes are heated to a higher temperature than their boiling point therefore essentially eliminating them from existence. The same thing occurs when cannabinoids are heated beyond their boiling points. Here are the boiling points for the most common cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis.

Common Cannabinoid Boiling Points

  • Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC): 157˚C / 315˚F
  • Cannabidiol (CBD): 160-180˚C / 320-356˚F
  • Cannabinol (CBN): 185˚C / 365˚F
  • Cannabichromene (CBC): 220˚C / 428˚F
  • Cannabigerol (CBG): 220˚C/428˚F
  • Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-8-THC): 175-178˚C / 347-352.4˚F
  • Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV): < 220˚C / <428˚F

Common Terpene Boiling Points

  • ß-myrcene: 166-168˚C / 330.8-334.4˚F
  • ß-caryophyllene: 119˚C / 246.2˚F
  • d-limonene: 177˚C / 350.6˚F
  • linalool: 198˚C / 388.4˚F
  • pulegone: 224˚C / 435.2˚F
  • 1,8-cineole (eucalyptol): 176˚C / 348.8˚F
  • a-pinene: 156˚C / 312.8˚F
  • a-terpineol: 217-218˚C / 422.6-424.4˚F
  • terpineol-4-ol: 209˚C / 408.2˚F
  • p-cymene: 177˚C / 350.6˚F

Pyrolytic Destruction – Ruining Your Cannabis One Boiling Point at a Time

As you can see, the boiling points of various terpenes and cannabinoids drastically vary. To avoid pyrolytic destruction many consumers and patients have turned to vaporizing cannabis products. This is because vaporizing eliminates the combustion required for smoking dry herb. Vaporizers, however, tend to heat to specific degrees only; therefore only a portion of the terpenes and cannabinoids are absorbed by the consumer.
While vaporizing would allow a consumer to pinpoint and consume products at a certain temperature allowing them to better tailor their consumption towards the effects they are after, in the process the boiling points of many other terpenes and cannabinoids are not reached or are surpassed. So essentially vaporizing still does not allow consumers and patients to truly experience the full potential of the effects of different cannabis products.

A Complete Cannabis Consumption Experience

One company, however, is aiming to change that. NWT Holdings, the parent company of Firefly vaporizers, has introduced a new vaporizer product that utilizes dynamic convection heating. This process of heating cannabis products is different than what is utilized by other vaporizers on the market today.
Dynamic convection heating gradually heats the chamber around your cannabis across an extensive temperature range. This allows the consumer to benefit from each individual terpene and cannabinoid being heated to their exact boiling point over the course of a 7 second inhale.
This is incredible for both consumers and patients alike. In fact, this could revolutionize the way that we consume cannabis. Never has anyone been able to truly experience the full potential of cannabis but now thanks to innovative leaders and products such as the new line from Firefly featuring dynamic convection heating, we can. This will not only enhance the benefits that we receive as consumers but will also allow us to learn more about the many cannabis strains available on the market today.


ILGM Affiliate Program Review

ILGM is one of the best affiliates out there

All sorts of companies offer affiliate programs. Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, and Target are just a few big names that fully embrace the affiliate design. But Fortune 500 companies aren’t the only ones that offer affiliate kickbacks.
Cannabis companies are also getting in on the action. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is a well-known online seed company that can ship pretty much anywhere in the world. But they also stand out as offering one of the best affiliate programs anywhere.
Most companies offer a single digit commission, little to no support, and have complicated purchase rules. But ILGM is different and goes above and beyond for their affiliates. They understand the value of each customer and do their best to offer the best value to clients.
People love how fast and professional ILGM is. User Jeri P had great things to say about the experience ordering. They said “Love this company. We received our order in 10’days. To say the packaging was discreet would be an understatement.” With such quick turn around, it’s easy to see why so many people love shopping with ILGM.

ILGM has great rates

But ILGM has more than fast service. They offer affiliates some of the highest rates in the industry. ILGM offers 20% commissions on all sales, no minimum. Every single purchase a referral makes will earn money. On average, their commissions come out to about $25 per sale.
They also have an amazing 90 day cookie period. This gives referrals plenty of time to put together shopping lists and make purchases. Sometimes this even results in multiple orders earning commissions.
But they don’t simply pay affiliates based on the traffic driven directly from their links. ILGM even has a Sub affiliate program for people looking for more than just the minimum. The sub system offers 5% commissions on all sales made through new affiliates brought to the site from existing ones.

They offer loads of support

Unlike many other affiliate programs out there, ILGM provides all their affiliates with promo materials like banners and product imagery. These high resolution resources make integrating the affiliate link incredibly fast and easy. They plug into almost any site with little or no effort and look great on all devices.
In addition to the promo materials, ILGM also offers personal affiliate support. This service ensures every affiliate is able to understand the ins and outs of the ILGM business model. ILGM also provides monthly updates and news through an affiliate newsletter, highlighting the most important changes and updates affiliates need to know about.
They even have a step by step introduction to the business and offer tips on how to best promote it. ILGM went so far as to produce a handy manual highlighting the most important and difficult to understand parts of being an affiliate. For people just getting into affiliate marketing, it can make a huge difference.

Their service is amazing

The best affiliate offer is worthless if the company is unable to provide customers the service they expect. Quick and easy to use menus, easy payment methods and quick delivery are some of the most important elements of great service. Customer service is one area where ILGM truly exells and people aren’t shy to share their experiences.
In a review of ILGM, Michael from the UK says “These came in the mail within a week. Though they took a while to show a tail (about 48hrs in a cup of water) they grew fierce.” But he isn’t the only one to have an amazing experience ordering product.
Little Red also raved about the quality of ILGM’s service in their online review. They said “first time growing, bought the seeds through a gift card. the website is so easy to understand. i will definately [sic] buy again.” With customers loving their service and high quality affiliate resources, ILGM has all the good stuff in one place.
The ILGM website is designed to be easy to use and read. All the terms and services are available online in plain English along with their marijuana growing eBook. The eBook is one of the best resources for new growers and can offer new insights to even the most skilled horticulturist. Affiliate marketers and paying customers get access to the eBook for free so don’t forget to check it out as well.

Let yourself in

ILGM is all about building a strong and vibrant community. One major element of that community is an understanding the importance of privacy. ILGM respects customer and affiliate privacy and ensure all data is secure. You can check out all of their service and offers yourself by going to the website.


Weed Supply Issues Resolved By Grobox

My weed supply is in constant jeopardy.

From work to school and kids, there is rarely time left for personal pleasures. All the demands of the day add up and wear you down. Those demands leave me with the desire for a stable weed supply.
I love getting to unwind with a bowl of fine weed at the end of the day. But because of federal law, I can’t grab a joint or two while I’m at the store. I have to drive to the dispensary (which can be miles out of the way) within business hours.
That doesn’t even take into account the wildly fluctuating prices. Sometimes a gram of wax is $20, other times it can be as much as $55 for the cheapest dabs available. I don’t know about you but I have a problem with having my weed budget double unexpectedly.

Options seem limited.

For years, I only found two ways around these challenges. I either had to suck it up and pay or go without. At least until I really looked into producing my own supply.
Now, I have a few big challenges when it comes to growing my own weed. The first was the weather. Oregon is great but plant’s don’t do well here in the winter. As a year-round toker, that really cut into my ability to produce so any solution needed to be indoor.
Then there was the challenge of indoor space. I don’t have a huge warehouse to grow weed in. All I have is my living area. I couldn’t really get away with transforming my entire living room into a grow room.

The complexity was a real turn off.

Weed takes a lot of care to manage a weed supply well. Controlling light, watering, Ph, maintaining micro and macro nutrient levels and limiting smell are just the tip of the iceberg. Plus it needs different care depending on the type of setup I chose.
I had to learn an entirely new vocabulary just to understand what kind of light I needed. Not to mention learning how to prevent and eradicate pests. Then there was the variety of nutrient options to choose from.
It was overwhelming for someone just starting out and made me throw my hands up. It seemed easier to just pay the extra and deal with shortages when they came. At least until I learned about Grobox.

I found the answer.

Grobox is a self-contained and automated growing chamber. The small footprint means it fits anywhere (even apartments). It even comes with a built-in filter to keep that sticky-icky from alerting neighbors.
I really liked how incognito it is. Grobox uses a hydroponic system so I never have to worry about people seeing me haul sacks of soil into my house. And I don’t have to dedicate an entire room to growing my personal stash.
Grobox is packed with sensors to optimize the growing conditions throughout the grow. Because I get to choose what gets planted, I always get my favorite strains. I can grow anything from a squat indica to a tall sativa and always get the best buds.

I finally get control of my supply.

Although handy gardeners can build grow boxes themselves, pre-packaged grow boxes take the guesswork out of setup and maintenance. All you need to do is pull it out of the box, fill it up and plug it in. Even a complete novice can set it up and grow beautiful marijuana their first try.

Also Read: The Best Types Of Seeds For Growing Weed

I also never have to deal with the fluctuating weed supply again. The LED lights and low-energy components also mean it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to operate either. I can grow weed year round and barely notice a change in my utility bills.
With Grobox, I know exactly what goes into my weed. I can check it’s progress daily and always know that it’s pesticide free. All the hard work of monitoring the plants is taken care of. It really is a great way to take control of my weed supply.

Have you experimented with growing your own supply? Would your first try at growing have been different with one of these? Have you used a Grobox before? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!


Puffland Delivers Canadians The Best

Marijuana delivery is alive in Canada.

Medical marijuana dispensaries like Puffland are big business in Canada. Canadians spend as much money on marijuana as they do on wine and almost all that money is currently spent on medical marijuana. And despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau passing legislation legalizing recreational weed, many Canadians still use it medicinally.
There is still some work to be done before the new recreational laws come online. But as the Canadian marijuana market moves ever closer to legalizing recreational marijuana, the dispensary market is getting flooded. With so many options to choose from, many patients don’t know what they are missing out on until the find it. This makes it increasingly important to understand what makes a good dispensary service and sticking with one once you find it.
There is more to a great dispensary than just good prices. One delivery service that provides great product and solid customer service is called Puffland. They also happen to offer a 100% money back guarantee so patients can feel secure in their purchases.
What is Puffland?
Puffland is a Canadian company based in British Columbia. They specialize in delivering discrete medical cannabis across the Great White North. With low prices and access to some killer genetics, patients are taking notice. Their high quality of product and great customer service is starting to earn them a solid reputation.
With the goal of providing safe access to medical marijuana to suffering people, Puffland makes sure to provide the highest quality product at an affordable price. Medical patients depend on them every day to provide their medicine on time and as promised.
A great service with loads of options.
The internet has made more of the world accessible to everyone. That’s why Puffland is using the internet to ensure that medical patients are able to get their medicine. They set up their site to offer clients their products and services with minimum hassle and maximum features.
The Puffland website is responsive and easy to navigate with prices prominently displayed among quality images. You can see what they offer, how much it costs and add it to your cart without having to change screens. Checkout is also fast and easy with only a few steps before your delicious cannabis is on its way.
When it comes to paying, Puffland is ready and willing to take both Interac E-Transfers and Bitcoin through Coingate. Additionally, every purchase earns clients reward points for free gifts like cannabis and smoking accessories. In addition to lowering the overall cost of marijuana supplies, the points offer patients the chance to sample products they might be on the fence about.
And don’t forget the massive selection.
Puffland prides itself on having a wide selection of medical flowers, concentrates and edibles. Patients suffering from conditions and disorders such as chronic pain, insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea, anxiety, add/adhd, and ptsd can all find the right strain or product for them.
From sativas to indicas and every kind of hybrid in between, Puffland has patients covered. They also have almost every possible preparation of cannabis. From shatter to sap and live resin crumble to infused honey and CBD capsules, they have it all.
With a wide selection of cannabis flower available, it can be easy to forget that they also have competitively priced  tinctures, balms and CBD products. Finding the right product is simple and only takes a few clicks to have shipped right to the door.
It’s as convenient as possible.
Puffland provides clients with express shipping options as well. Their standard shipping arrives a couple days after ordering. The discrete packaging ensures anonymity while the tracking allows for constant monitoring.
If xpresspost is too long to wait, patients can get Post Priority shipping. One click and the medicine is shipped in half the time, often arriving overnight. This gives patients with time constraints the options they need to stay medicated and healthy.
If you ever have any problems with your order, the service team is there to help. Just shoot them an email or touch in with them on any social media platform and they should respond quickly and professionally.
Do you use Puffland? What was your experience? Would you ever use a delivery dispensary service? Let us know in the comments below!

Netflix Enters the Legal Weed Market

Netflix Enters the Legal Weed Market

Netflix is a titan of entertainment.

Over the last decade, Netflix has gone from unknown streaming service to an international powerhouse. The entire cable industry had to shift their business models to account for the streaming service or die. Discontent with only disrupting cable, Netflix has expanded to encompass the entire film industry.
Today, Netflix hosts network content, provides instant access to popular film and even produces their own originals. They account for about 37% of all internet traffic and show no signs of giving up their market share. A major contributor to their recent success has been their exceptional lineup of original shows.
Orange is the New Black has a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes while the Santa Clarita Diet has a 72% rating. These shows boast more viewers than Tom Brokaw in the 1990s and secure Netflix as a entertainment titan. And the company’s most recent move is to appeal to a certain segment of their viewers: cannabis users.

Netflix uses a ‘Disjointed’ Approach.

The newest show on the block is called ‘Disjointed‘. It is a comedic show about a cannabis dispensary. Complete with liberal use of laugh tracks and one-liners, it is a true sitcom. And Netflix thinks Disjointed deserves a proper introduction to the cannabis community.
What better way for a show about selling cannabis to connect with the audience than to actually sell weed? Netflix can’t find one. So they decided to team up with a dispensary in Hollywood to produce a dozen strains specifically designed to heighten their respective shows.
Last weekend, Netflix sold the special strains for only three days. Inspired by their shows, the strains provide a variety of effects. High-grade indicas represented the lighter side of life while the more complex shows paired with sativas.

Cannabis is too big to miss.

Companies like Netflix aren’t stupid. They know their audience and this recent adventure into canna-culture is likely just the tip of the iceberg. While the company doesn’t intend to continue producing the cannabis, $150,000 of sales in 3 days is hard to beat.
The streaming service partnered up with Alternative Herbal Health Services (AHHS), a dispensary based out of Los Angeles’ West Hollywood district. The dispensary handled the cannabis end of things while Netflix handled the marketing and production. According to AdWeek, the crew moved over 430 ounces in Netflix’s cannabis line.
That equates to around $150,000 in sales which is no laughing matter. It took six months of planning to pull off too. Netflix, AHHS and the marketing firm Carrot worked together to make the promotion a success. Carrot’s executive creative director Jonathan Santoro explained that all partners, including AHHS, cleared everything with lawyers first.

Netflix took strain pairings seriously.

The sale took place at a pop-up event hosted by AHHS and ended on Sunday. Each of the twelve strains was uniquely paired with a popular original show created and streamed on Netflix. The strains were tailored to the specific show they represented as well.
Indica-dominant strains represented the lighter side of things and “sillier” shows. While dramedies (drama/comedy) got the sativa treatment instead. Disjointed had three special varieties to represent it at the event (The Omega, Eves Bush and Rutherford B. Haze) Each of the others shows received one strain to represent it.
Here is the full list of shows and the strains that represented them:

  • Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later (Camp Firewood)
  • Bojack Horseman (Prickly Muffin)
  • Arrested Development (Banana Stand Kush)
  • Chelsea (Vodkush)
  • Grace And Frankie (Peyotea 73)
  • Lady Dynamite (Sassafrass OG)
  • Santa Clarita Diet (Baka Bile)
  • Orange Is The New Black (Poussey Riot)
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return (Moon 13)
  • Disjointed (The Omega, Eves Bush and Rutherford B Haze)

Netflix kept their hands clean.

Netflix didn’t actually produce or sell any of the marijuana themselves. Carrot’s executive creative director Jonathan Santoro explained that all partners, including AHHS, worked to ensure that all sales were handled according to the strict legislation of California. So while they actively profited from cannabis, they didn’t violate any federal statutes.
“Netflix or Carrot never physically touched the flower,” Santoro stated. Netflix made the show, Carrot handled the marketing and AHHS dealt with growing and packaging the flower. Santoro deftly avoided getting into hot water when questioned about how they determined the correct strains to pair. Santoro claimed “I don’t know if I can legally answer that question, but it is fair to say that Carrot did the research necessary.”
All in all, this is a major win for the cannabis community. International powerhouses with billions of dollars available are finding ways to engage with and profit off cannabis. There is still a long way to go before brands can openly associate with cannabis but this is a step in the right direction.

What happens next?

Netflix claims this was a one-time event. None of the specific strains are available for sale any monger. So anyone who missed the Hollywood promotion is out of luck. But the success of the event makes it easy for Netflix to think about repeating.
There is real risk for companies looking to engage in this kind of marketing. In addition to the intricacies of U.S. law, entertainment companies risk alienating their core demographics. Companies like Time Warner, Harpo Productions, and others risk far more than Netflix (whose viewers tend to be more open).
That doesn’t mean copycat or season two events are impossible though. Companies like HBO and Hulu have powerhouse franchises that appeal to stoners. And there is nothing to say they wouldn’t try a similar event in the future given the success of this attempt.
So far, none of the three companies involved (Netflix, Carrot and AHHS) have sworn off future events. Other companies have yet to release plans for similar events but several may try now that the concept is proven. We will have to wait and see if the amazingly positive reception by the cannabis community spurs anyone else to dabble in dabs.

Collecting Marijuana Sculptural Glass

Collecting Marijuana: Sculptural Glass

Collecting glass is a passion shared by millions of people.

People aren’t the only ones that start collecting either. Some animals cache or horde items too. Crows are attracted to and give shiny objects as presents. Deep under the ocean certain crustaceans collect rocks. The act of collecting stems from a desire to make life easier or more bearable.
Collecting isn’t based exclusively on physical necessity either. People can collect everything from experiences like visiting all 50 United States to items like paintings. Even though these items and experiences don’t seem amazingly important, they can make all the difference to the color of the memories created with them.

Why collect glass?Collecting Glass

Glass is known for being fragile but modern advances make them far more durable than in days past. While some people still lose glass regularly, careful attention to storage and maintenance will keep a pipe around for decades. Granted, law enforcement has a habit of destroying paraphernalia when they find it.
Even if a smoker isn’t losing pipes regularly to damage or enforcement, the first pipe is rarely perfect. New users rarely know how a pipe should feel in the hand or how a bong should draw. This means many first-time purchases are based on looks and not function, leading to additional purchases.

What makes sculptural glass pieces special?

People buy sculpture because they feel it embodies some aspect of their personality or persona. Sculptural glass offers smokers the opportunity to merge their love of cannabis with other loves. What better piece to represent a SCA fighter than a steamroller in the shape of a mace or sword?
The glass sculpture also becomes a social extension of the person who owns it. A giant glass spider pipe suggests a flair for extravagance and a hint of danger. While a lewd and nude sculptural pipe reinforces acceptance of the chauvinistic tendencies of ‘that one guy’. The piece itself becomes an extension of the person collecting it.

And glass isn’t cheap either.

It is also difficult for many people to justify paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a piece of glass that has the same function as an $80 one. This is especially difficult to justify if the person might break or have to toss the piece at any given moment.
Spending $50 on a basic pipe every month because it gets dropped or has to be ditched is expensive. Over the course of a year, replacement costs add up to $600 or more. That is a lot of money to dish out regularly but it also means spending $300 on a bong once a year doesn’t feel as bad.

Remember that the smoking experience is colored by the device.

Smoke out of enough pieces and you will find one that looks cool but smokes like trash. Veteran smokers should recognize that function is more important to a smoking device than form. Even so, nobody can resist the draw of smoking out of and collecting something special.
Claiming to have a glass turtle to smoke out of is intriguing and grabs people’s attention. But if the piece is poorly made, it holds their attention for all the wrong reasons. People will critique burnt fingers and remember the stench of sizzling nose hair instead of the cool elements of the piece.
If the glass piece is masterfully crafted, it will show through on every element. Years after the fact, people will bring up the time they smoked out of your bad ass animal. They will fondly recite the story to friends as they describe the legendary status of smoking out of a spider. They won’t even remember how stellar or crappy the weed was!

There are a few key things to look for when collecting sculptural pipes.

Pipes and bongs are supposed to create thick smoke but not all can. The smoke cools as it is inhaled through the glass which allows it to expand and thicken. Denser and colder smoke fills the chamber evenly. But wide chambers aren’t able to empty as a slipstream is created between the narrow openings.
The airflow should be restricted enough to produce resistance while the flame is hitting the weed but strong enough to force the heat down and through the plant matter. Smokers should be able to draw a hit easily and the chambers should clear quickly.

Make sure it fits before you buy.

Buyer’s remorse is a real thing and stoners experience it regularly. Most glass galleries ensure that all sales are final so there is no recourse once the piece is open at home. In addition to that, nobody outside of a few Facebook groups and friends accept used glass.
The people who do accept used glass will likely offer pennies on the dollar. That’s assuming they are willing to pay for it to begin with. So make sure you really like a piece before dropping hundreds of dollars on it.

Keep an eye out for bad welds.

There are a lot of talented and honest glass galleries out there. There are also plenty of fly-by-night charlatans both online and in the real world. Instead of relying on the word of a salesman, inspect the piece for defects and shortcuts.
When two pieces of glass get fused, it creates a weld line. High quality pieces have smooth welds that create even transitions between pieces of glass. Poor quality pieces have bubbly, ridged or uneven welds. Poor quality welds create stress on the glass and can lead to spontaneous fracturing and other unpleasantness.

And make sure it’s stable!

Every piece needs to be stable when sitting on a flat surface. If a piece can’t stand on its own, it should at least have a stable stand. Nothing is quite as stunningly horrible as watching a $4000 piece crash every time a door closes.
Ideally, expensive pieces should also be easy to handle. Glass pieces need to sit well in the hand so they don’t get dropped while being used or passed. Some designs are inherently intricate and fragile but even these need to be stable enough to stand on a shelf and get moved from time to time.

Four Amazing American Made Products for Cannabis Consumption

Four for the Fourth: Four Amazing American Made Products for Cannabis Consumption

Four for the Fourth: Four Amazing American Made Products for Cannabis Consumption
The Fourth of July holiday is upon us. That means parties, road trips, hiking, and cannabis! Here are four great American Made products that are excellent for cannabis consumption. Nothing says patriotic like buying products made in the USA and nothing says holiday weekend like exploring new ways to enjoy our favorite plant.

  1. Mendo Mulchers Grinders: If your preferred method of consumption is flower than you know how important a quality grinder is. These grinders are not only high quality but are made here in the USA. With prices that range from just over $15.00 to just over $70.00, based on the size and whether or not it includes a screen, there is a grinder here for every budget. So if you are blazing up a bowl on the fourth and want an American made grinder this is an excellent option.
  2. Jane West Collection by Grav: If glass pipes are your thing then the Jane West Collection by Grav might be just what you are looking for. Designed with both form and function in mind these glass pipes for “the mainstream cannabis consumer” are made from borosilicate glass colored with pure cobalt ore giving them a distinctive deep blue coloring. Jane West’s goal is to make cannabis accessible to “everyday women” and these five glass pieces are designed with that in mind. The pieces look and feel luxurious and would be an excellent addition to any savvy consumer’s collection.
  3. The Galaxy E-Nail by Smoke Cartel: If you are looking for something a little pricey but definitely unique the Galaxy E-nail fits the bill. It is the only e-nail with an all ceramic air pathway, which is vastly preferable to titanium. Additionally these e-nails are handcrafted in Santa Cruz, CA with materials sourced from around the United States. At a price point of $349.00 this is for the serious cannabis enthusiast, but it is covered by a three year manufacturer’s warranty so you can purchase with confidence.
  4. Firefly 2 Vaporizer: I saved what I might consider to be the best for last with the Firefly 2 vaporizer. This is one of my favorite products for personal use. Gizmodo calls it “the best overall vaporizer,” Newsweek called it “the iPhone of vaporizers.” I call it an excellent travel companion. It’s a handheld vape that’s small enough to fit in your pocket, can vape both flower and concentrates, and has a bluetooth app featuring six preset temperature settings. It is high-end item, but totally worth it if you like to have options when you are on the go.

Eucalyptus/Spearmint Earth Elements Tranquil Bath Soak from Ganja Chica: If you’re a California resident and are looking for something that is therapeutic, relaxing, and different for this 4th of July look no further than this bath soak from Ganja Chica. Sometimes we need to get away from the party for a little bit of self care and rejuvenation. This soak combines epsom salts, ground cannabis, and Eucalyptus and Spearmint for a relaxing, soothing, bath that will help you recover from your holiday adventures no matter what they were.
There you have it, not four but five products that could help you further enjoy cannabis this Fourth of July weekend!