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  1. Avatar08 Mar

    So far I’ve ordered twice from CSB and had no issues. Although using Credit card is unnerving. Not to worry with CSB. Shipping time was 7 days for both orders.
    The biggest issue here is making sure your shipping address is correct so be sure to double check that.
    Of course I had questions about ordering, etc. and to my surprise they answered those questions promptly. Sometimes the same day so it’s nice to know your not dealing with some computer generated message that gets you nowhere.
    I haven’t attempted to germinate yet but I can say the seeds arrived in good shape with no pale or damaged ones in the bunch. I’m a newbie grower and I’ve learned SO much from the CSB website as it’s filled with good info. for the first timer. It makes choosing the right strain for my area easy.
    Let’s face it, finding a reputable seed bank and actually getting the seeds in your hands is half the battle. With CSB, there is no battle. The entire process went very smoothly and they are my “go to” seed bank from now on.
    If your still concerned, try placing a small order to start with and see how it goes. You won’t be disappointed.

    1. Avatar13 May
      Tom S

      good to know ! Enjoy

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