ILGM Affiliate Program Review

ILGM is one of the best affiliates out there

All sorts of companies offer affiliate programs. Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, and Target are just a few big names that fully embrace the affiliate design. But Fortune 500 companies aren’t the only ones that offer affiliate kickbacks.
Cannabis companies are also getting in on the action. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is a well-known online seed company that can ship pretty much anywhere in the world. But they also stand out as offering one of the best affiliate programs anywhere.
Most companies offer a single digit commission, little to no support, and have complicated purchase rules. But ILGM is different and goes above and beyond for their affiliates. They understand the value of each customer and do their best to offer the best value to clients.
People love how fast and professional ILGM is. User Jeri P had great things to say about the experience ordering. They said “Love this company. We received our order in 10’days. To say the packaging was discreet would be an understatement.” With such quick turn around, it’s easy to see why so many people love shopping with ILGM.

ILGM has great rates

But ILGM has more than fast service. They offer affiliates some of the highest rates in the industry. ILGM offers 20% commissions on all sales, no minimum. Every single purchase a referral makes will earn money. On average, their commissions come out to about $25 per sale.
They also have an amazing 90 day cookie period. This gives referrals plenty of time to put together shopping lists and make purchases. Sometimes this even results in multiple orders earning commissions.
But they don’t simply pay affiliates based on the traffic driven directly from their links. ILGM even has a Sub affiliate program for people looking for more than just the minimum. The sub system offers 5% commissions on all sales made through new affiliates brought to the site from existing ones.

They offer loads of support

Unlike many other affiliate programs out there, ILGM provides all their affiliates with promo materials like banners and product imagery. These high resolution resources make integrating the affiliate link incredibly fast and easy. They plug into almost any site with little or no effort and look great on all devices.
In addition to the promo materials, ILGM also offers personal affiliate support. This service ensures every affiliate is able to understand the ins and outs of the ILGM business model. ILGM also provides monthly updates and news through an affiliate newsletter, highlighting the most important changes and updates affiliates need to know about.
They even have a step by step introduction to the business and offer tips on how to best promote it. ILGM went so far as to produce a handy manual highlighting the most important and difficult to understand parts of being an affiliate. For people just getting into affiliate marketing, it can make a huge difference.

Their service is amazing

The best affiliate offer is worthless if the company is unable to provide customers the service they expect. Quick and easy to use menus, easy payment methods and quick delivery are some of the most important elements of great service. Customer service is one area where ILGM truly exells and people aren’t shy to share their experiences.
In a review of ILGM, Michael from the UK says “These came in the mail within a week. Though they took a while to show a tail (about 48hrs in a cup of water) they grew fierce.” But he isn’t the only one to have an amazing experience ordering product.
Little Red also raved about the quality of ILGM’s service in their online review. They said “first time growing, bought the seeds through a gift card. the website is so easy to understand. i will definately [sic] buy again.” With customers loving their service and high quality affiliate resources, ILGM has all the good stuff in one place.
The ILGM website is designed to be easy to use and read. All the terms and services are available online in plain English along with their marijuana growing eBook. The eBook is one of the best resources for new growers and can offer new insights to even the most skilled horticulturist. Affiliate marketers and paying customers get access to the eBook for free so don’t forget to check it out as well.

Let yourself in

ILGM is all about building a strong and vibrant community. One major element of that community is an understanding the importance of privacy. ILGM respects customer and affiliate privacy and ensure all data is secure. You can check out all of their service and offers yourself by going to the website.

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5 Affiliate Programs to Try Out in 2018

It takes more than dollars to win at affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing requires understanding and skill to do well. Many entrepreneurs struggle to earn the kind of paychecks that dreams are made of. To complicate things, the internet is full of predators posing as opportunity.
But finding a good affiliate marketing network doesn’t have to be a roll of the die. By doing plenty of research and looking into the specifics, business owners can find a wealth of good options. Merchants offer different commission rates and script options so you can find one with the perfect setup one or use several.
But the money you can make is always dependent on the traffic you can drive. That means a professional website and some experience running scripts and code are helpful but basic computer skills are a must. Free programs like GIMP and Kompozer go a long way in reducing the cost of producing compelling images and audio for those of us on a budget. Just don’t mislead anyone while providing tons of back-links and relevant information.

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs offers affiliates a CBD affiliate program network with tiered commissions and weekly payouts. Once you get signed up, creating and adding links is simple and easy. You can generate links connecting to any page but the best is the home page. With high overall conversion rates and quick payout, using the network is a great option for anyone in the cannabis industry.

A quick overview:

-20% commissions

– tiered commissions

– varied creatives/links

– some affiliates converting at 50%

– weekly payouts


Got Vape

The Got Vape affiliate program, offers 50% (net) commissions to its affiliates. Instead of tracking the percentage of total sales, Got Vape tracks the profit of each item. They also have a $100 minimum balance payout so it might be a while before the checks start rolling in if you don’t have much traffic. But once things start rolling they the wheels tend to stay in motion.

A quick overview:

-50% commissions

– Tracks profit instead of sale amount.

– $100 minimum balance


Marijuana Vaporizer sells everything you could want for a vaporizer and offer affiliate web masters 20-25% commissions on all sales less postage. There is also an additional 10% referred webmasters commission. High traffic conversion means more profit in your pocket for sending traffic to

A quick overview:

– 20-25% commissions on vape sales

– 10% referred webmasters commission

– High traffic conversion


Farmers Lab SeedsAffiliate Marketing offers a $50 signup bonus to their 25% commission rate. They provide affiliates with special tools to share your link on most social media sites. They have a wide range of static and animated banners so you are sure to find the right fit. And this site has no minimum payout so you will be getting checks every month.

A quick overview:

– 25% commissions

– $50 signup Bonus

-Many ad options

-No minimum payout

– Social Media Tools


Green Cultured offers 60% commissions per enrollment and 365 day cookies. That means you will get credit for the sale even if it takes them a  while to get around to buying it. But the real-time analytics are a real boon that other companies don’t always do. And they also offer special landing pages and custom marketing materials.

A quick overview:

– 60% commissions on gross

– 365 day cookies

-Real-time analytics

-Custom marketing materials


There are a lot of options when it comes to affiliates. Have you tried any of the ones on this list? What were your experiences? Is there a company you think should have been on this list? Let us know in the comment section below and help spread the word.

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10 Best Marijuana Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online. And with the growing success of the legalization movement, now is the time to become an affiliate marketer for the booming cannabis industry!

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a kind of online advertising. Basically, bloggers and webmasters post banner ads and other links to online retailers. In exchange, they receive a commission on all sales referred by their site. The commission rate can be anywhere from 5% to 20%, and sometimes even higher!
This is ideal for the cannabis industry in particular. Why? Because Google AdSense will not post ads on any site that encourages marijuana use. Which means that the main source of online revenue isn’t available to canna-businesses. Affiliate marketing provides the perfect way for marijuana sites to support each other, so the cannabis industry can continue to thrive.

10 Best Marijuana Affiliate Programs

1. My Weed Seeds

My Weed Seeds will pay you 20% of all sales that you refer directly. Not only that, but you can also make a percentage of the sales from other affiliates that you referred to the program, and the ones they refer, and the ones they refer, and so on… It’s a 10-tiered system that has huge potential for the motivated marketer!

2. High Supplies

This online seed retailer based in the Netherlands pays you a commission of 15% on all sales that you refer as an affiliate.

3. Cannabis Training University

The affiliate program from Cannabis Training University is another one that rewards the dedicated marketer. Here’s how it works: you make 30% from your first 3 sales, 40% on sales 4 – 7, and 50% on all sales after that!

4. Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds has one of the sharpest websites around, with an online store that sells much more than seeds — like T-shirts, collectibles, grinders and other accessories. And as an affiliate you earn a flat 20% rate on all sales you refer. The only downside: the $200 minimum payout is twice as high as most.

5. VaporNation

Earn 15% of referred sales on a huge selection of vaporizers, glassware, scales, storage and cleaning supplies, and more. Plus, VaporNation gives you a $10 bonus just for signing up!

6. Seedsman

The two-tiered affiliate program at lets you earn 15% of all sales made through your site, as well as 5% of sales through your sub-affiliates.

7. I Love Growing Marijuana

By posting a link to the FREE ebook, “The Marijuana Grow Bible,” you earn 20% of all seed and product sales from customers you refer.

8. Dealzer offers a variety of grow supplies, like hydroponic boxes, grow tents, ventilation equipment and LED lights. As an affiliate, you can earn 15% of all sales referred by your site.

9. Dr. Seeds

Dr. Seeds is another online seed retailer with an excellent affiliate program. You can earn 15% commission on all sales you refer.

10. Growing Elite Marijuana

Ryan Riley has put together a comprehensive grow guide, featuring both digital downloads and a hardcover book. By signing up as an affiliate, you can earn a whopping 57% of every sale you refer! You can look forever and not find a better commission rate than that.
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ben jerrys releases new snack

Ben & Jerry's Releases New Snack for Stoners

Rumors have been swirling that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is working on a new cannabis-infused product, and they have just announced that they are indeed releasing a new frozen treat… sans cannabis.
The new BRRR-ito is obviously marketed to pot smokers, however. The product is being rolled out on April 20th, sort of the unofficial “National Day of Weed.” The commercial plays upon some (rather degrading) marijuana stereotypes, depicting a crowd of droopy-eyed, brain dead stoners staring at a screen. But I must say that the BRRR-ito itself (which as you might guess is basically ice cream and chocolate wrapped up like a burrito in a waffle cone shell) does look delicious. Check it out here:

In an interview with Huff Post Live, founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield addressed the rumors of a THC-infused treat. They definitely spoke out in favor of legalization, and even seemed keen on the idea of cannabis edibles. But the decision is not up to them. The company has to answer to a board of directors, and prove that the potential profit of a weed-laced ice cream would be greater than the risks – especially when major banks and financial institutions are refusing to do business with cannabis companies.
Still, the new BRRR-ito, and the ad campaign surrounding it, shows that big name companies have their eye on the cannabis market. They can read the writing on the wall: legalization is here to stay, and there is nowhere to go but up.
Who knows what mega brand will jump on the bandwagon next, or what new pot oriented products are yet to be unveiled? But please, no more dumb stoner stereotypes! Cannabis users are more sophisticated than that, and smart companies would do well to recognize that.