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  1. Avatar03 Oct
    How to Successfully Monetize Your Weed Blog - Find trending news, viral photos and videos on Bittabi

    […] For weed-specific affiliate programs, check out Cannabis Training University and Marijuana Affiliate Pro. You can find other weed-specific affiliate programs here. […]

  2. Avatar06 Dec

    Great resource! Thanks For this.

  3. Avatar18 Dec

    I work with VaporNation, payments like a Swiss watch.

  4. Avatar06 Sep

    Cannabis Training University ended the Affiliate Program.

  5. Avatar10 Oct

    isn’t the sale of seed totally illegal? even in the few states where it’s legal its very limited. if you are selling it online- coudn’t you get into a ton of trouble?

  6. Avatar10 Nov
    Tyler Drew

    [Edited] has one of the best (if not the THE best) affiliate programs in the cannabis industry with a 60% commission/payout on all enrollments (sell the Master Grower Certification & get over $350+…),

  7. Avatar20 Dec
  8. Avatar10 Oct

    awsome I just signed up. For many for my blog. thanks http://www.howtogrowweed420.com/4314.html

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