Super Silver Haze

Strain Review: Super Silver Haze

Three time 1st-prize winner of the Cannabis Cup awards, Super Silver Haze is a must-try breed of mostly sativa phenotypes. One of the first top-shelf strains I ever tried in Amsterdam was a Super Silver Haze, and it left me in wonder and excited creative pursuit. Its lineage lies in Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze, making it a sweet, sticky blend best for those who love the feeling of not knowing what hit them after a puff.
The body high is incredibly long-lasting, and great for people with hyper tension or high stress levels. Vape some SSH to take care of nausea or an upset stomach, a lack of appetite, or anxiety. Take care of dry mouth with some juice or water, and ease yourself into the day with pain relief and an energy uplift.
Buds of Super Silver Haze look almost exactly as they sound– large, sugar-studded nuggets with a silvery crystal coating, thick and curled green leaves (loaded with those crystals), and often a purply-grey dusting or huge orange fuzzes. The citrus taste is sharp often on the first inhale, but mouth-watering and sweet without being overpowering. A go-to smoke for many, start out light to see how it affects your mood/body/spirit.
Some users have said it’s one of the only strains that doesn’t give a headache or dry them out. Great for aching muscles in need of relaxation, but be aware of how the sativa can give you energy to get up and use those muscles. If it helps you focus, use the focus well! Do something productive while enjoying the stress-free effects, the sweet candy-like taste, and the potent sour smell inherited from the great Skunk #1.
Offers a calm without the heaviness of sedation. Pain and spasms subside, but in lighter doses it might be hard to fall asleep, so try it out a few times before using it for insomnia or as a bedtime routine. Sometimes a single hit may be enough to last the average user 2 or more hours! For many, the Haze genetic produces euphoria, happiness, and a lightness in the chest radiating upward. This is the weed that could send you straight to the clouds.
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Most Common Medicinal Uses for Marijuana

Most Common Medicinal Uses for Marijuana

How Medicinal Marijuana Can Help
Almost have of the United States has already legalized the use of medical marijuana, with many more States and territories soon to join. Soon enough the majority of the country will allow medical marijuana use and for good reason. Marijuana has many health benefits that can help people cope with pain and stress associated with illnesses, chronic illnesses and certain injuries.  The medical industry has understood the benefits of weed for years, and now, slowly, the country is starting to allow people to self-medicate with it.
The fact is that weed can help people deal with many medical issues. But how can weed help the sick, ill or chronically ill? Weed contains CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), both of which contain pain relieving, stress relieving, and various other properties that have medicinal affects and uses. So this means that weed is good for pain relief, stress relief, and it is even good for helping people to eat and sleep if they are having trouble eating or sleeping.
Ailments Weed Can Treat
Since we know that weed relieves pain and stress, basically any medical disorder that causes aches or pain or that makes one nervous or stressful can be treated with medicinal marijuana, but there are a number of disorders, maladies and diseases that medicinal marijuana is particularly helpful with. These include but are not limited to:

  • Glaucoma: Weed helps decrease pressure that builds up inside the eye, so it is helpful in the treatment of and even the prevention of glaucoma.
  • Lung disease: Unlike tobacco, which can destroy the lung’s capacity to hold air, studies have shown that pot usage can actually INCREASE lung capacity, as weed is actually good for the lungs.  Many people who smoked for years can actually benefit from smoking weed once they quit smoking tobacco products.
  • Cancer: While marijuana can’t directly treat existing cancer cells, many cancer patients benefit from the use of it in a number of ways. It can help keep cancer cells from spreading.  Also, weed does help alleviate associated pain. Then there’s the fact that people undergoing cancer treatment, especially radiation therapy, can fight nausea with it and even get their appetites back with the help of pot. Let’s not forget how stressful having cancer can be. Smoking weed can decrease stress levels as well.
  • Epileptic Seizures: Yes, as marijuana relaxes people and eases stress, pot can actually help prevent seizures.  Seizures occur under extreme stress and when the body and mind get quite wound up. Weed can help fight this process, staving off dangerous seizures in the process.
  • Anxiety Disorders:  This seems to be quite obvious, as THC decreases the effects of stress and anxiety first and foremost. Anyone who has ever smoked pot would recognize this right away. People who suffer from anxiety disorders, panic attacks and other stress and anxiety related disorders benefit greatly from smoking weed.

Side Effects
Unfortunately nothing is perfect, not even nature’s greatest drug. Overuse of weed can lead to problems and there are some negative side effects as there are with every type of medication known to man. If pot is smoked too much people can get depressed, lose their drive and motivation, and definitely develop emotional disorders. Memory issues will arise with extensive pot use. Also, contrary to popular belief, marijuana does have some addictive characteristics and can cause users who abuse it to become dependent on the drug over time. But any drug can be abused. This doesn’t mean that marijuana, with controlled use, can’t do many wonderful things for human suffering and the human body because it absolutely can.
Ultimately people have to be responsible for their use and potential abuse of any drug, but marijuana has many more positive, beneficial characteristics than it does negative characteristics.  There are many people suffering from many aches, pains and illnesses that are extremely happy to see marijuana usage, especially medicinal marijuana usage, being legalized. It is about time the U.S. caught up to the rest of the world and let people legally get the relief that they need to cope with their pain and suffering.
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3 Historical Occurrences Where Weed Might Have Led to a Better Outcome

3 Historical Occurrences Where Weed Might Have Led to a Better Outcome

While there’s no way to go back in time and change what has happened, it certainly would be nice to have the chance to go back to a few pivotal points in mankind’s timeline and change a few things for the better. Who wouldn’t like to go back in time and give Attila the Hun a spliff and tell him to relax a bit? Tell the mad Hun to smoke up and just let the stress ease from his body, save a few thousand lives in the process and channel all the anger into something more productive like civilization building.  
Perhaps if Lee Harvey Oswald had a few tokes off of some relaxing herb he would have never went up into that book depository, let alone pulled the trigger and taken the life of JFK. Instead of being so wound up over the Cuban crisis he might have worked to import cigars and weed from the island nation instead of killing a promising young Commander in Chief in JFK.
Unfortunately we can’t go back in time, but we can look at a few points in history and easily see how the use of weed might have made humanity and our history much better off.  Here are three points in our history where a little bit of weed use could have benefited mankind, and the world might just be a better place today had it been smoked.
The Boston Massacre Could Have Been Stopped By Weed
The United States was going to separate from the British Empire sooner or later anyway, it is the nature of the American to rebel against authority and Britain was so far removed, powerful or not it just logistically didn’t make much sense. So while the war might not have been averted, the Boston Massacre itself likely could have, and then who knows, maybe a gentlemanly solution could have been reached. The British Sentry that got spooked by a forming mob was completely stressed out. It was cold and the troops that assembled were nervous. Also the mob was angry but had no real means or intention to attack the Redcoats. Had a nice relaxing peace pipe full of some primo weed been passed around, the stress would have dissipated and 5 wasted lives could have been saved.  
The French Revolution: On Weed Eating Cake Would Have Sounded Like a Good Idea
Of course there was a lot at play when the French Revolution erupted, as the masses were tired of being ruled by a monarchy that claimed royalty or superiority over the people. Perhaps the overthrow of royalty, which was really a good thing, would not have been avoided. People have a right to govern themselves and no one is born superior to anyone else. But the violent upheaval of the French government might have been avoided, along with many beheadings and the bloody storming of the Bastille. The country was fiscally broke and King Louis and Marie Antoinette would likely have been evicted and cast from power, but if the mob had smoked a few nice, relaxing joints, they might not have gotten so upset when the last Queen of France said “Let them eat cake!” They might have simply taken her up on the invitation, which the mob misunderstood as an insult anyway. Cake, after all, is pretty tasty when you have the munchies.
Hitler’s Rise to Power
This one is most intriguing. Hitler was an evil wart on the backside of history. He caused millions of death, maybe more needless deaths than any people on the planet. He was an angry little man, all wound up, who suffered from syphilis, and many other anger issues and disorders. Starting with Adolph himself, smoking weed on a regular basis would likely have reduced his stress and anger, and made him less dangerous and vile of a person. It certainly would have treated some of the pain he dealt with, which made him excessively agitated, and likely some of the distorted thoughts that ran through his head would have been softened, forgotten or lost. But the biggest likelihood is that if the German people were routinely smoking pot, they would have laughed so hard at the crazy little angry, herky-jerky man, he never could have risen to power in the first place. What person, good and high, could take such an angry, goose-stepping, radical nutty fascist seriously?
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Legalized Weed May Actually Reduce Crime


Best Vacation Destinations for Those Who Enjoy Weed

Want to Get Away and still be Able to Enjoy Weed?
As the United States is starting to catch up with the rest of the civilized world by finally starting to legalize marijuana, a natural drug that has many medical as well as casual benefits, many people are becoming more open and vocal about their enjoyment of weed. There’s nothing wrong, after a long day at work, of relaxing with a joint in the comfort of your own home, and as it becomes legalized, more and more people are starting to recognize the joys and benefits of pot. So, when you get one or two or three weeks to take a vacation, travel and kick back, why wouldn’t you want to find vacation spots where you can relax and enjoy weed at the same time.
Weed is certainly safer for you than drinking alcohol, and on a vacation who doesn’t like to kick back and have a good time. That is the whole point of a vacation after all, to relax and have fun. So why not find a vacation destination that welcomes pot smokers, a place where you can have the best of all worlds and get away from it all for a few fantastic, unforgettable weeks. Here are the 5 best vacation spots for weed smokers.
5 Best Weed Vacation Spots

  • Paradise Island, Bahamas

We end this discussion with the name right off the bat.  With name Paradise Island nothing more needs to be said. Still, the island lives up to its name, especially if you are a weed smoker.  Weed is readily available and it is some of the most famous weed in the world. The beaches are gorgeous and the water is clear and warm. What more could you ask for? Besides, how could any time spent in the Bahamas be a bad thing?

  • Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver still has marijuana laws on the books against selling and intent to sell, but recreational use is legal and you can buy different breeds of weed all over the Province in small amounts. So long as you only keep small amounts you can have a great time. It is beautiful country with plenty of great cities and rural areas to explore, and it is, after all, the birthplace of the 420 movement and 420 day!

  • Denver, Colorado

If you’re staying in the United States or visiting the United States for a vacation and you want the most weed friendly vacation spot you can find, Colorado is the place to go. There’s great skiing in the winter and hiking, camping and water sports in the summer. Most importantly weed is legal and the weed tourism industry in Colorado is thriving. There are even weed friendly real estate rentals and weed tours!

  • Amsterdam Netherlands

Amsterdam is the original vacation destination for the chronic pot lover or even the casual smoker. Walking along the scenic waterways, smoking at the pot bars with waterfront views. You can even smoke weed in most cafes in Amsterdam as they sell pot right on the premises. You are allowed 30 grams for your own private use. Amsterdam has long been the mecca of pot smoker getaways, and is simply a beautiful city that anyone can relax in and enjoy. It’s just a major bonus that pot is legal and even celebrated in Amsterdam.

  • Jamaica

If you asked most anyone what island or nation or place that they thought of when you mention weed or pot, the vast majority of them would name Jamaica. The reggae music, the laid back atmosphere, and the vast majority of inhabitants smoking pot on a daily basis make it the ultimate destination for any pot loving vacationer. Throw in the white sandy beaches, the great weather and the crystal blue waters and you have a great destination for anyone. But let’s be honest. Kingston is the capitol of the pot universe. If you have any questions about the myriad of joys and possibilities for a pot smoking traveler, always head to the birthplace of Bob Marley.  You can’t go wrong there.
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