Most Common Medicinal Uses for Marijuana

How Medicinal Marijuana Can Help
Almost have of the United States has already legalized the use of medical marijuana, with many more States and territories soon to join. Soon enough the majority of the country will allow medical marijuana use and for good reason. Marijuana has many health benefits that can help people cope with pain and stress associated with illnesses, chronic illnesses and certain injuries.  The medical industry has understood the benefits of weed for years, and now, slowly, the country is starting to allow people to self-medicate with it.
The fact is that weed can help people deal with many medical issues. But how can weed help the sick, ill or chronically ill? Weed contains CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), both of which contain pain relieving, stress relieving, and various other properties that have medicinal affects and uses. So this means that weed is good for pain relief, stress relief, and it is even good for helping people to eat and sleep if they are having trouble eating or sleeping.
Ailments Weed Can Treat
Since we know that weed relieves pain and stress, basically any medical disorder that causes aches or pain or that makes one nervous or stressful can be treated with medicinal marijuana, but there are a number of disorders, maladies and diseases that medicinal marijuana is particularly helpful with. These include but are not limited to:

  • Glaucoma: Weed helps decrease pressure that builds up inside the eye, so it is helpful in the treatment of and even the prevention of glaucoma.
  • Lung disease: Unlike tobacco, which can destroy the lung’s capacity to hold air, studies have shown that pot usage can actually INCREASE lung capacity, as weed is actually good for the lungs.  Many people who smoked for years can actually benefit from smoking weed once they quit smoking tobacco products.
  • Cancer: While marijuana can’t directly treat existing cancer cells, many cancer patients benefit from the use of it in a number of ways. It can help keep cancer cells from spreading.  Also, weed does help alleviate associated pain. Then there’s the fact that people undergoing cancer treatment, especially radiation therapy, can fight nausea with it and even get their appetites back with the help of pot. Let’s not forget how stressful having cancer can be. Smoking weed can decrease stress levels as well.
  • Epileptic Seizures: Yes, as marijuana relaxes people and eases stress, pot can actually help prevent seizures.  Seizures occur under extreme stress and when the body and mind get quite wound up. Weed can help fight this process, staving off dangerous seizures in the process.
  • Anxiety Disorders:  This seems to be quite obvious, as THC decreases the effects of stress and anxiety first and foremost. Anyone who has ever smoked pot would recognize this right away. People who suffer from anxiety disorders, panic attacks and other stress and anxiety related disorders benefit greatly from smoking weed.

Side Effects
Unfortunately nothing is perfect, not even nature’s greatest drug. Overuse of weed can lead to problems and there are some negative side effects as there are with every type of medication known to man. If pot is smoked too much people can get depressed, lose their drive and motivation, and definitely develop emotional disorders. Memory issues will arise with extensive pot use. Also, contrary to popular belief, marijuana does have some addictive characteristics and can cause users who abuse it to become dependent on the drug over time. But any drug can be abused. This doesn’t mean that marijuana, with controlled use, can’t do many wonderful things for human suffering and the human body because it absolutely can.
Ultimately people have to be responsible for their use and potential abuse of any drug, but marijuana has many more positive, beneficial characteristics than it does negative characteristics.  There are many people suffering from many aches, pains and illnesses that are extremely happy to see marijuana usage, especially medicinal marijuana usage, being legalized. It is about time the U.S. caught up to the rest of the world and let people legally get the relief that they need to cope with their pain and suffering.
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