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Top 10 Music Videos to Watch High

Looking to get blazed and watch a bad-ass music video?

This list has some of the best music video available to get high to. They may not be modern masterpieces, but they get way better when viewed high. Each video sets a different mood and may appeal to different crowds but at least one music video should get you toking and tapping your foot along.           

Bad Motherfucker

Life is never sweeter than right after a near death experience. This hyper violent music video delivers a first-person parkour Borne or Bond style chase. Long, soft notes are offset with amazing choreography and a rock and roll beat.
This will get your blood pumping and makes you feel like a bad ass. Shot with minimal cuts, it’s great for getting into the mood for some CoD or Battlefield. Most immersive when paired with a full sativa like Sour Diesel.

Get Jinxed

This animated music video is just awesome. A promotional piece to highlight a League of Legends character, even people not familiar with LOL will find it interesting. This video has everything from riding bombs into battle to riding rhinos.
Full of playful energy and great action, Jinx looks like she would be a blast to get stoned with. This pyromaniac set her sick monkey loose in our brains with her song. Jinx and her antics are best when dabbing a sativa like Strawberry Cough.

Turn Down For What

What happens when music gets into your soul? DJ Snake and Lil Jon explore how one dudes mojo can infect a whole apartment building. Each person seems to be affected in a different part of their anatomy and the needs of the bass can never be sated.
Something like Kosher Kush can help you get into the mood for this video. There are a lot of layers to this video, even if it just looks like a wild time on the surface. Just make sure to stay safe as you delve it’s depths.

Roundtable Rival

Lindsey Stirling is the best choreographer and musician in the west. She shows off her talents in this over-the-top music video of a bank robbery. The steam punk theme in this video is pretty awesome and makes me think a wagonload of amplifiers might be a good investment.
The story that plays out is fun and the lack of lyrics helps make the roar of a dab torch much less intrusive. It also goes great with a western based strain like Huckleberry Kush. And there is nothing like watching this bad-ass battle of musicians go down in the old west.

Bubble Butt
Giant women flying through the air and inflating butts with fire hose-like tentacles are just the start of this music video. This ear-worm highlights some strange visuals and obnoxiously oversized bubble butts doing their thing. The slow motion twerking is rhythmically hypnotic.
The rolling lyrics, vibrant colors and deep bass pair great with a solid indica. Bongs make a great chugging sound to go along with the refrain. That Bubba Kush never hits the same after smoking with this video playing in the background.

Upside Down & Inside Out

Shot in one take without a single edit, this video is a trip to watch. These guys got a plane that could create zero g’s to shoot the video in. The people who put this together must have been high too. Things get real crazy when the paint balloons and piñatas fill the whole cabin.
Having so much going on at once makes it impossible to see everything in one pass. Even so, some parts of this music video are especially awesome stoned. Namely, the color explosions are insanely intense when roasting a sweet hybrid strain like Pineapple Express.

Deep Down Low

This video accurately describes the feeling of being too high in public. The worst part is knowing that you are freaking out but unable to stop the progression. The sick bass is nice for timing a deep hit and the visuals are just enough to make you feel high even if you aren’t. The effect is increased with higher doses of THC.
Once sufficiently blazed, you can feel the bass pumping those sweet dabs deep into your lungs. Heavy indicas like Granddaddy Purple make the visuals even more intense. Just make sure to have plenty of fluids on hand for the inevitable cotton mouth.

Too High

We all know this guy. The immature stoner that smoked way too much. Most have even been him from time to time as they learned their limits. Any strain will let you mirror the lyrics if you consume enough.
A collection of examples, this video walks you through all the possible ways getting too high can screw with your mind. Smoking some high grade indica is going to let the bass permeate your being with this one but be careful to not actually be too high. That way you won’t forget chicken nuggets in the oven.

Epic Rap Battles of History

What would happen if two historical figures were to rap battle? Snoop delivers a biblical beat-down in this music video. There are a host of others but each features Epic Loyd and Nice Peter (except the female tracks) as two opposing MC’s.
Super fun but equally nerdy fact is that almost every line relates to some historical fact about the people battling. You will want to have a sativa like Durban Poison on-hand for this one so you can keep up.

Batmetal (Face-Fisted)

Animating Face-Fisted in this way was inspired. True to the black pit that is the soul of Dethklok, batman is a perfect fit. This is an in your face example of Batman’s short lived (and ultra-violent)cover band. The perfect pairing to go with some Critical Sensi Star or other powerful indica.

Do you agree with this list?

Are there other songs you think should have been included? What are some of your favorite music videos to watch when getting high? Tell us in the comments section and let’s start a conversation.