5 New Cannabis Trends You Need To Know About


It’s been a long wait, but cannabis users worldwide can finally start unpacking their secret hash boxes in the public eye. If you’re among the millions that knew all along that this little Me Time Box offers great variety and benefits, you’re at the right place. Read on as we discuss the latest trends of the versatile and healthy family of Cannabaceae.

According to studies compiled by New Frontier Data, the legalization of cannabis for personal use has been driven foremost in the regions where service was the highest. What’s interesting to note is how quickly the percentage of users climbed in each area where authorities legalized it. With all the focus on the superb healing agencies found in CBD, people are flocking to the plant, hoping that it’ll help manage pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

Cannabis has become a commodity that industrialists quickly recognized as a money churner, and new products are landing on shop-shelves at lightning speed. It’s exciting to follow the recent trends, and we take a look at what’s happening worldwide.

Becoming More Legal Daily

Twenty-two states legalized medical marijuana. In eleven of them, both recreational and medical cannabis are allowed to be consumed. It’s become all the craze as the main goody-bag item at A-listers parties, with influencers even being paid to suck on vape pens.

Another four states could have it legalized by November 2020; Montana, New Jersey, South Dakota, and Arizona.

Shred-It up in Style


New accessories are hitting the market faster than it takes you to roll your next joint, and it’s becoming a rather fancy affair too. It’s refreshing to see the stigma disappear into a vapor as new trends lend a sophisticated touch to the weed industry. 

You can buy a ‘super shredder’ that cleans and shreds up to three pounds of cannabis in a mere 7 seconds. It removes all the stems and leaves you with a consistent final product ready for the perfect roll.

Infusing Cuisine

For some, it’s all about the health, for others only about the fun. The fact is that regardless of why you’re using it, it adds to both categories. The latest trend is to infuse your everyday food and even beverages with all things cannabis. 

With top quality products that are easy to use, clean, and store, you can infuse all your oils and butter. The best thing about using such tools is that you can also use it for other herbs and spices.

Considerate Smokers

One of the more regular complaints smokers have to consider is where to go with their second-hand smoke. Fortunately, it’s something of the past, and you can now buy a silicone filter that fits most stick and pen vapes. 

It’s easy to use as you inhale from your vape, flip the silicone filter over, and exhale into it. You can now have a smokeless and odorless environment anywhere you go.

Alternative Health Apps

Are you looking for a health app with a difference? Look no further as you can now download an app that helps you localize and measure the exact amount of CBD your body needs for specific ailments. The app comes with a dose-measuring vape and mobile app. You will also connect to a large online cannabis community for help and support.


The world is ablaze with cannabis entrepreneurs, and you can enjoy all the benefits of this fantastic plant in style. Why not purchase a shredder, infuse your food, and consider a silicone filter. Gone are the days where you had to deal with a bad stigma; you can now light up in style and enjoy the healthy goodness it adds to your lifestyle. 

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Can Smoking Marijuana Enhance Sperm Count

The history of Marijuana has always been linked to lower fertility among men. These results caught many as a surprise because the findings have not been consistent. According to a previous study, it was found that cannabis smoking has dangerous effects on testicular functioning of men. In fact, the study revealed that individuals who had smoked marijuana’ in their lives’ had recorded higher’ levels of sperm’ concentration compared to individuals who had never used it.

Sperm Count and Marijuana

On the various studies that have so far been conducted about marijuana, they have revealed that there is no huge difference’ on the sperm concentrations between marijuana smokers and the no-smokers. In fact, its regular use was associated with higher levels of testosterone in the’ blood.  These findings published on the ‘Human Reproduction’ came as a surprise among the researchers. Before they analyzed the new data, they all had formulated answers that intake of marijuana is likely to result in low-quality semen. These were the result of most previous studies, but this time around things turned out differently.
On the study’, the investigators collected at least 1143′ samples of semen from around 662′ men. These included white’ and college students, with an average’ age of 36′ in-between’ the year 2000′ and 2017′. All of them had been looking for fertility treatment because conceiving with their partners had become a problem.
After careful study and analysis, it was discovered that men who were marijuana smokers at some point in their life had sperm’ concentration of close to 62.7′ million’ sperms in every milliliter’ of ejaculate’. On the other hand, those who had never come close to marijuana had an’ average of only’ 45.4 million’/ml. According to the world health’ organization, both are normal. The findings’ from different studies have confirmed we are short of knowledge about the reproductive’ effects of marijuana’ and general health’ effects, to be at a position of making strong statements’ regarding the impacts of marijuana.
Well, the findings can be interpreted in various ways that low levels of marijuana ingested in the body have beneficial effects on the production’ of sperm. But then it can also be concluded that heavier use changes’ its effect. It can also be interpreted that men who have high levels of testosterone’ are likely to indulge’ in risky’ behaviors, for example, abuse of’ drugs. Reason being that men with higher levels of testosterone, within the range of normal levels, have high sperm count which has successfully been linked to smoking marijuana. According to DR. Sarah Vij – Urologist, moderate or heavy use of alcohol or tobacco can be associated with low sperm count. So the case of whether cannabis has similar effects is still debatable.
The study also proves that there are very few’ legitimate reasons’ on the use of cannabis that can be associated with higher levels of sperm quality. The drug poses effects on the’ endocannabinoid’ system that plays a very big role in fertility. The study has proved that taking lower levels of marijuana’ can increase the sperm count while higher’ levels and frequent use could result in negative effects.
According to the study, Smoking cannabis is beneficial to the health and the best strains of marijuana’ helps towards increasing the sperm count.


Marijuana legalization

Many states including Oregon, Michigan, Colorado, and Maine among many others have already legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. However, an equally large number of states have not yet legalized such use of marijuana but discussions are ongoing. In New Jersey, for example, legislators are expected to vote soon, a move that will determine if marijuana use becomes legal or not. This comes after Michigan voted for the legal use of recreational marijuana by adults starting from the age of 21. In Vermont, adults are not only allowed to purchase but they can also grow marijuana for recreational purposes.
In Jersey, the voting process by the legislators was marred by controversies which is why it will be interesting to see if they pass the bill. The bill will allow adults to use marijuana but it is also pushing to have those convicted of marijuana use or possession in the past to be freed and their record scrapped. However, the Republicans are against the move, just like some Democrats making it look like the bill may not enough support to be passed after all. The success of this vote now depends on how a few of the legislators supporting it can persuade their counterparts to vote it in.           Unlike in the case of recreational use of marijuana, most states have laws allowing legal weed possession and use by those suffering from certain medical conditions. Such law is, however, broader than the laws covering recreational use since it covers different types of medical conditions which translates to the circumstance under which one is allowed to use weed. For instance, some states such as West Virginia and Louisiana allow consumption of marijuana only if it’s in the form of oils or drugs. This means that you are not allowed to smoke the weed directly. The commonality in all states regarding the use of medicinal marijuana stems from eh fact that it is only allowed for specific medical conditions.
The only way to ensure you don’t get in trouble with the law when using marijuana is to ensure you know the laws governing such us in your state. In some states like Alabama, Idaho, Georgia, and Iowa among others, the use of marijuana is still illegal and is considered a criminal act. In others like a district of Colombia, Michigan, and Massachusetts among others, the use of weed is legal making it easier for you to find a place to buy marijuana. In other states like Arizona, Minnesota, New York, and Oklahoma among others there are mixed laws concerning the use of marijuana meaning it is only allowed under special circumstances. Other states also allow minimal possession. These laws tend to change frequently which means you should check for updates regularly.
Conclusion     Marijuana legalization is at an all-time high considering the fact that 43 states have legalized its use with 33 of them limiting it to medicinal use. The cannabis legalization laws are still expected to advance given the way its supporters won the elections. The states most likely to do this include Illinois, Minnesota, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Jersey. Other governors in other states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania have also expressed interest in making a move towards decriminalization of marijuana. All these show that marijuana use will soon be legal in the majority if not all the states.

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Did Mexico Just End Cannabis Prohibition?

“Sexy Mexy,” “Mexican Red Hair”,” and ” Mexican Swag. ” These are just a few of the terms I’ve heard pertaining to Mexican grown cannabis over the years.  You see, like in the U.S. the illicit cannabis market has blossomed throughout the country for many years. This is despite a prohibition being enforced against the plant for decades. In the past few years, however, there have been multiple rulings that have led up to what will soon forever change the legality of cannabis in Mexico.
Here is a little history surrounding cannabis in Mexico!

  • It is believed, that cannabis was first brought to Mexico by the Spanish during the 16th century.
  • Hemp was a widely cultivated crop throughout the Spanish colony for the production of textiles.
  • By mid-19th century cannabis was widely used for recreational and medicinal purposes throughout Mexico.
  • Near the end of the 19th-century cannabis started to be introduced to prohibition. It all started with a military hospital in Mexico City in 1882.
  • In 1920 cannabis was banned from being sold utilized or produced.
  • In 1927 there was also a ban placed on the exportation of cannabis out of the country.
  • Just like in the United States during the 1960’s and 70’s cannabis was very prevalent in Mexico. During this time, the US government-sponsored a controversial program. This program allowed helicopters to spray the herbicide paraquat across cannabis fields throughout Mexico.

Despite many efforts throughout the years cannabis never met its demise in Mexico and likely never will thanks to recent rulings. Let’s take a look at what has led up to the recent monumental rulings.

The Path to Legalization

The path to legalization officially began in August of 2009 in Mexico. It was at this time that Mexico took steps to decriminalize cannabis possession in small amounts. These rules were also applied to other street drugs. This was in an attempt to reduce or eliminate the illicit black-market drug activity in the country.
This first step to legalization established maximum amounts to be considered personal use. This new law defined 5 grams of cannabis as being personal use. It did not completely legalize it however even in this small amount. What it did do is allow those caught in possession of cannabis to seek drug rehabilitation rather than incarceration or a fine.
The next step to legalization occurred 7 years later in 2015. In November of this year four individuals from the Mexican Society for Responsible and Tolerant Personal Use were granted permission from the Supreme Court to grow and consume their own cannabis.
This judgment received a 4:1 vote by the court. Their decision was based on the finding that cannabis prohibition was unconstitutional in the respect that it violated the human right to free development of one’s personality. This judgment however only applied to these four individuals.

The Latest Rulings – What You Need to Know

The latest and what should prove to be the most significant ruling took place on October 31st, of 2018. The Mexico Supreme Court issued two rulings on this day in relation to cannabis. The first ruling was the 5th of its kind based on the finding that cannabis prohibition is unconstitutional.
Being that it is the 5th ruling, according to law in Mexico, it becomes precedent. This means that Congress must rewrite the drugs laws in the nation to comply with this ruling. They have 90 days to do so according to The Washington Post.
The second ruling declares that all judges nationally are now bound by judgment of the Supreme Court should they choose to prosecute cannabis charges for small amounts.
So is cannabis now legal in Mexico? Well not exactly. While decriminalization statutes still apply it is very unlikely that a judge would pursue charges for small amounts of cannabis under this ruling. So you could say that cannabis is legal in a practical sense, but until laws have been rewritten it is not formal.
The big question now is, what will they replace the current law with? Some believe that they will simply formalize the same regulations that were granted in 2009 to the 4 individuals. Others, however, feel that they will take this chance to regulate a market surrounding the cultivation, purchase, and consumption of cannabis like Canada recently did. For now, it is uncertain. What we do know is that this latest ruling will drastically change cannabis laws in Mexico for the better!

Progress Not Perfection – 3 More States are Victorious in Cannabis Legalization

Progress, not perfection was seen this year in the 2018 elections regarding cannabis legalization. Draconian cannabis prohibition is slowly coming to an end in the United States. America is falling behind in the global cannabis community that is continually growing. Thanks to outdated laws pertaining to a widely misunderstood plant, countless lives have been ruined.
Luckily states are taking the initiative to listen to the will of their citizens. Cannabis legalization is widely supported in the United States with some polls showing that support between 60 to 80%. Advocating an end to the US Federal government’s outdated marijuana prohibition, Michigan voted yes for adult use cannabis. Missouri and Utah also join the ranks of so many others taking a stance voting yes for medical cannabis.


Proposal 1 received the majority of support from voters with a 56 to 44% vote. This makes Michigan the first Midwestern state to legalize adult use cannabis.  Don’t get too excited just yet. Your dreams of going to a dispensary anytime soon may have just went up in smoke. Like so many states Michigan is expected to have delays while the infrastructure and framework for retail cannabis are set up.
Predictions put the first commercial sales of adult use cannabis around 2020. Residents of Michigan will be able to grow up to 12 plants for personal consumption. Adults 21 and up will be allowed the possession of 2 and 1/2 oz of cannabis on them personally and up to 10 oz at home.
As with anything in the US federal government nothing is set in stone. The legislature could still amend sections of the proposal if they rallied a 3/4 vote. The only areas so far that have any mention of possible changes is how many plants can be grown, issues with how communities vote for cannabis and sales tax. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled in the state of Michigan as it’s setting up to be one of the largest consumer cannabis markets in America.


Amendment 2 received a 66 to 34% vote in favor of passing medical cannabis! This allows the Show Me State to show just how effective cannabis can be as a medicine. Doctors in the state of Missouri are able to make recommendations for medical cannabis as they see fit. There are no specific qualifying conditions in the state. Those with a physicians approval will receive identification cards allowing them or a registered caregiver to grow six plants as well as purchase a monthly allotment of 4 oz from dispensaries. Missouri will have a 4% retail tax placed on medical cannabis sales. Amendment 3 failed with a 31 to 69% vote while Proposition C also failed with a 44 to 56% vote. In the coming weeks more, information about when access will be available in the state of Missouri is sure to unfold.


Citizens of Utah can now truly live life elevated. For those who are suffering from debilitating medical conditions, chronic pain, and other life-altering symptoms, they will soon have access to medical cannabis. Utah was considered to be among the most conservative states in the nation. Voters in Utah have spoken with a 53 to 47% vote in favor of legalizing medical cannabis.
Proposition 2 states that patients will be required to receive a physician approval to be issued state identification cards. This would allow patients to purchase 2 oz of cannabis or products that contain 10 grams of cannabidiol or tetrahydrocannabinol every two weeks from a dispensary. For those who live more than a hundred miles from a dispensary, they would be allowed to cultivate six plants. While smoking cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco is still legal in Utah, smoking cannabis flower is not under the current measure.
As you can see with these laws, they are progress, not perfection. Cannabis legalization is inevitable in the United States, but it is being controlled and regulated by those who have a proven history of greed. U.S. politicians are allowing America to fall behind while the rest of the world partakes in a multibillion-dollar green industry.
These three states are yet another victory. While many people are celebrating this victory, please don’t forget the countless lives destroyed and those still sitting behind bars because of this plant loved by so many. Free the weed, and free the people that support it, progress not perfection.

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5 Strains That are Spooktacular for Halloweed

Looking to reach new heights this year while you take in the freights on Halloweed? If so, turn Halloween into Halloweed. It won’t take much with these spooktacular, eerie, and outright frightening strains of ganja! Remember not to overconsume though or the only thing scary about the night could be your overwhelming high.


Start the night off right with a Sativa dominant strain by the name of Voodoo. This strain won’t leave you feeling like someone is playing with a voodoo doll version of you. Instead, it will have you uplifted and ready to take in the freights of the night. This beautiful Sativa delight is a descendant of a Thai landrace.
Consumers describe the flavor of Voodoo as being pungent and tropical with hints of a nutty undertone and aroma. The most common effects from Voodoo tend to be happiness, euphoric, energetic and overall uplifting. She is also known for providing a spark of creativity which makes her perfect for enjoying while you are bringing your Halloweed costume to life.

Ghost OG

Ghost OG is a spooktacular strain that may just sneak up on you like a ghost. Be careful with this hybrid as she is known to produce a potent long-lasting heavy high that might just knock your socks off. Ghost OG comes from none other than the notorious OG Kush.
Her flavors, aroma, and effects are perfect for Halloweed, as well as every other day of the year. Consumers describe the taste of Ghost OG as being earthy with hints of citrus and pine throughout. The most common effects from Ghost OG tend to be relaxation, happiness, euphoria, and sleepiness.

White Widow

White Widow is a notorious hybrid cannabis strain that has been enjoyed by individuals on Halloweed for many years. This infamous strain is a combination of two amazing landraces being a South American Sativa and a South Indian Indica. This combination makes for the perfect pair and won’t give you a scare.
Instead, she will have you wanting to eat treats and playing tricks on your friends. Consumers describe the flavor of White Widow as being earthy, woody and a bit flowery in the aftertaste. The most common effects from White Widow tend to be happiness, relaxation, and euphoria.

Killer Queen

Killer Queen is a dream strain for Halloween. This hybrid cannabis strain is a combination of G13 and Cinderella 99. Be careful with Killer Queen, she’s used to being the belle of the ball, and if you aren’t careful, she just might give you a fright with just how quick she will hit you.
Consumers describe the flavor of Killer Queen as being pungent and sweet with an earthy aroma and undertone. The most common effects from Killer Queen tend to be euphoria, creativity, happiness and an overall sense of being uplifted making her perfect for toking on during your Halloweed festivities.

Zombie Kush

To top off your Halloweed partake in a few tokes of Zombie Kush. Be careful because this potent Indica dominant strain may just knock you on your tush. Zombie Kush is a combination of two heavy-hitting potent strains, Amnesia, Bubba Kush, and Lavender.
Consumers describe the flavor of Zombie Kush as being pungent and earthy with a hint of grape. The most common effects from Zombie Kush tend to be relaxation, happiness, hunger, and sleepiness making it the perfect strain for winding down on fright night.
How will you be celebrating Halloweed? Will you be partaking in a toke? If so, do you have a favorite fright night strain? If so let us know in the comments below!

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Canada Legalized – What U.S. Visitors Should Know Before They Head North to Higher Country

Cannabis legalization happened across all of Canada on October 17th, 2018. For adults 18 and older, you can now for take in a wake and bake without the fear of prosecution. The same can’t be said for Canada’s sister to the South.
The United States of America is behind many places in the world including Canada when it comes to ending draconian cannabis prohibition. Politicians and federal authorities tinker and toy with the lives of millions of citizens while just one imaginary line to the north freedom exists. The United States of America is supposed to be united, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.
It’s more like the land of who has the most money. If you want to enjoy cannabis legally, there are only a handful of states in which you can do this on a retail or recreational level. However, if you go to Canada, you can partake in a wake and bake anywhere in the country. Before you go though there are some things you need to know.

Oh Canada, Here I Come

In order to get across the border, you’ll need a valid passport. If you’re going to bring your pet, make sure you have the proper paperwork. Don’t try to bring fruit across the border as that is a big no-no. Cigarettes and booze are available in limited quantities from duty-free stores. Don’t try to take back more than your supposed to though.
Should you be considering taking a gift to Canada, you’ll want to know if that gift is valued at more than $60. This is because if it is, you may be required to pay an additional tax. Driving in Canada is much the same as it ends in America except for some fundamental traffic laws and the speed limit. Speeds are measured in kilometers, not miles so remember its kilometers per hour not miles per hour.
Don’t smoke in a car if you have a minor child or you can find yourself in trouble. Whatever you do don’t ever text or talk on your phone going down the road unless it’s hands-free. You’ll also want to be sure that you have the right cheddar to spend while visiting Canada. US currency is accepted in many places but not everywhere.

There’s Still A Lot to Know Before You Go

If you’re used to roaming all over with your cell phone attached to your face, you better be ready for a wake-up visiting Canada. You could find yourself with excessive phone charges that some refer to as astronomical if you don’t have a pre-existing plan worked out for when you visit Canada.
If you have a criminal record, there is always the chance that you might not be permitted entry into Canada. Canadian border patrol agents can deny anyone entry into Canada. Even a DUI can get you denied.
Travel Insurance for healthcare when visiting Canada is another great idea to invest in. While Canada’s health care system covers a lot of things, it doesn’t include American visitors. If you get sick or hurt while you’re there, you could end up in despair at the costs.

Cheers to Cannabis, Beer, and Taxes Canada

Smoking cannabis is allowed for all adults. This means between the ages of 18-19 and up. Some provinces have laws allowing for the consumption of cannabis starting at 18 while others kick that age a year to 19. Make sure you know the rules in the province or provinces you plan to visit.
If you like to throw back a few beers, then be prepared for a slightly younger crowd than you’re used to in the US. The legal drinking age in Canada varies between 18 and 19 years old depending on what province you’re visiting. So, toss back them beers and say cheers, just be prepared to do so with a slightly younger crowd at some places.
If you’re familiar or used to shopping at dispensaries in the United States, then visiting Canada won’t be that much of a shock when it comes to taxes. There is an additional federal sales tax, and some provinces also add their own tax to things such as hotel and restaurant bills. This means that you can see as much as an extra 15% added to the total of what you were intending on spending.

Drink, Smoke, Eat, Play, and Be Merry in Canada

Canada offers all kinds of freedoms that you won’t find in the U.S. For America being the land of the free they sure seem to have a lot of rules restricting those freedoms. Maybe with luck, the U.S. will take a play from their neighbor to the north and listen to the people when it comes to cannabis.
The United States of America’s Federal Government started this draconian war on drugs and the attempted irradiation of cannabis. It’s time that they end it. Until then we’ll continue to fight for cannabis rights in America. At least now though we can venture north to enjoy true freedom in Canada from time to time.
Remember before you go, there are some things you’ll want to know. To find out where all the most lit events in cannabis are happening be sure to check out Expert Joints. Craig has all the latest and greatest info about cannabis in Canada. Above all though remember to consume responsibly and have fun.


Recreational Dispensaries Could Finally Be Opening Shop in Massachusetts

Massachusetts voters legalized adult recreational cannabis via a ballot initiative vote in November of 2016. The state had already taken steps back in 2008 to decriminalize small amounts of cannabis for personal use. As of December of 2016, though adults in the state of Massachusetts possessing less than 1 oz of cannabis in public or 10 oz of cannabis in their home we’re officially abiding by the law.
The initiative in which voters passed in 2016 also allowed for the creation of cannabis dispensaries to serve the needs of adult consumers in the state. To date, however, none have opened. This could change however in the coming days.

It’s Been a Long Road but Dispensaries Could Open Soon

Like with every other state that has chosen to legalize cannabis it has taken time to do so. It has taken time for businesses to obtain all the approvals that are required for them to open shop. Entrepreneurs looking to open dispensaries in the state of Massachusetts don’t just have to obtain licensing and approval by the state. They also have to come to an agreement with their local governments before the state will review their applications.
As of September 6th, there were over 2,500 pending applications for various types of cannabis businesses hoping to open their doors to the new commercial market in the state. On September 20th there will be a Cannabis Control Commission hearing in which the first licenses may be approved.
On this date, the commission, which is the state’s cannabis authority, will review the applications of businesses that have passed certain aspects. Aspects such as physical site inspections as well as staff fingerprinting. If businesses that have passed these aspects receive approval on Sept. 20th, they could technically open their doors the next day. That is if they have met all other requirements including submitting their business license fee.
If no businesses receive approval during this meeting of the Cannabis Control Commission, the next hopeful date will be Oct 4th.

What is Legal for Cannabis Consumers in Massachusetts?

We know that Massachusetts has legalized cannabis and that dispensaries may soon open their doors, but what is and isn’t legal? Here is a breakdown of what is and isn’t allowed for adult cannabis consumers in the state. This is based upon the text of the approved ballot initiative passed in 2016.

What can be purchased and by who?

Adults over the age of 21 are allowed to purchase 1 ounce of cannabis. Alternately they can chose 5 grams of cannabis concentrates, or an equivalent combination of the two. This is the limit per day from licensed and state-regulated recreational cannabis dispensaries. Adults over the age of 21 will not be permitted to enter a medical cannabis dispensary without proof of a medical marijuana card upon entry.

How much cannabis can be legally possessed by adults over the age of 21 in the state?

Adults are able to legally travel with up to 1 ounce of cannabis in flower form, 5 grams of cannabis concentrates, or equivalence of the two within the state as long as it is not visible in the vehicle. In the privacy of their own homes, adults can possess up to 10 ounces of cannabis (or more) if the crop is from plants they cultivated at the residence.

Can adults obtain cannabis from friends legally?

Yes, as long as no money or services are provided in return.

Are adult consumers allowed to grow their own stash?

Yes. The initiative passed by voters allow for adults to grow up to 6 cannabis plants per adult residing at the residence. There is, however, a cap of 12 plants per household.

Where will dispensaries be located?

According to most reports, we can expect to see recreational dispensaries open in the following cities; Leicester, Northampton, Easthampton, Amesbury, Brookline, Salem, Fall River, Wareham, Plymouth, Lowell, and Greenfield. It is expected that a few others may receive approval in outlying areas as well.

Where can cannabis be consumed legally in the state?

Cannabis, unlike harmful and deadly cigarettes, can only be consumed in a few places. Parks and public areas are out of the question along with smoking in your car. If you live in the state or are visiting, you can legally consume in a private residence. That is if the home is owned by the occupants or consumption is approved by the landlord. Cannabis will also be able to be consumed at some private clubs and in some rental properties. Consumption on properties such as AirBnBs and hotels will be up to the owner/operators discretion.

Can cannabis that is legally purchased at a dispensary be taken out of state?

Absolutely not. Despite that it was legally obtained, any cannabis found in possession of someone outside of the state will still subject said individuals to the laws in the state in which they are found in possession of the product.
While it may have taken the state nearly 2 years, it is very exciting to see that we could be just a few short days away from seeing Massachusetts make history. And by making history, I mean by opening the doors to the states very first recreational cannabis dispensaries!


Border Tensions: Canadians Could be Denied Access to the US for Cannabis Ties

While Canada has always been more liberal when it comes to their laws surrounding cannabis their upcoming legalization of retail adult use cannabis could start to cause some real issues at the border. In a recent statement to the news site known as Politico a senior US border official stated that “Canadians that are working or invested within the Cannabis sector could be denied entry into the US.” In fact, they could be “deemed inadmissible” banning them from crossing the border into the United States forever.

Just Another Outdated Tactic Holding on to Prohibition

In less than a month Canada is set to become the very first industrialized nation to legalize the recreational possession, cultivation, and consumption of cannabis by adults throughout their country. In the United States just south of Canada the federal government has not budged on their nearly century-old stance towards the very beneficial and nearly harmless plant. This is even though over half of the states in the United States have actually implemented comprehensive medical cannabis programs in more than a handful of states have also decided to allow adults the choice of a safer recreational alternative.
The current Canadian policy according to the Executive Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Field Operations Todd Owen “border officials on the Canadian US border are permitted to question Canadians about their cannabis use and association to the industry if they have a cause to do so.” He went on to state that “officers are not going to be asking everyone whether they have used marijuana but if other questions lay there or if there is a smell coming from the car they might ask.”

Something Legal Shouldn’t Ban You From a Country

It’s not just individuals that work within the Cannabis sector that need to worry about whether or not they will be able to enter the United States it is also those who are honest about their cannabis consumption. Despite the fact that you are a Canadian Living in Canada after the legalization of recreational Cannabis takes place if you admit to Canadian border officials that you consume cannabis legally in the country they have the right to deny you access from crossing the border into the lower 48.
In a report by the BBC which reached out to the US Customs and Border Protection Agency the CBP did validate that “working in or facilitating the proliferation of the legal marijuana industry in US states where it’s deemed legal or in Canada may affect a foreign national’s admissibility to the United States” solidifying that those working in the Cannabis sector although they are working legally could be denied access into the United States. This is simply ridiculous.

The Policy Most Likely Won’t Cause Many Issues

For many, however, this policy will most likely cause no issues as there are approximately 400,000 individuals that crossover between the two countries each day without incident even though it is widely known that a large percentage of Canadians enjoy utilizing cannabis for recreational or medical purposes. If you are a significant player in the sector however or are highly invested in the industry, you could encounter some issues just because people know that you are associated with the industry.

It Already Has Though for Some

Take for example a Vancouver businessman that was banned from crossing the border into the United States back in July only because he had made investments in US cannabis companies. He was not just banned from entering that day he was banned from entering the country for life. This is not the only case where individuals have been turned away and denied entry to the country. In fact, immigration lawyers have stated that they have heard similar accounts from clients throughout the industry.

Just Smoke a Joint Already

It’s sad that either country would waste precious resources on prohibiting cannabis professionals from moving freely between the two countries if they are not committing any crimes or participating in illegal operations. It would be like saying someone who works in a brewery in Canada couldn’t enter the United States because some states don’t allow for breweries. If you ask me everyone needs to get together and smoke a joint and get over the tensions that exist between the two countries when it comes to the topic of cannabis and embrace it once and for all.
Perhaps in the coming years, the United States will catch up to Canada, and the issue of cannabis will no longer be an issue on either side of the border.

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CBD-Infused Coca-Cola Could be a Thing

From CBD oils, CBD extracts, CBD capsules, and CBD topical lotions to CBD granola bars, CBD coffee, and CBD honey, it seems almost everything is being infused with this seemingly newly discovered compound. The most recent announcement pertaining to the CBD market came from none other than the Coca-Cola Company out of Atlanta, Georgia.
This U.S. based beverage manufacturer and distributor just hinted that they may be looking to merge into the CBD space and that a CBD-infused beverage from the makers of one of America’s most beloved drinks could be available in the near future. In a statement to Bloomberg via email, a spokesman for Coca-Cola, Kent Landers stated the following;
“We are closely watching the growth of non-psychoactive CBD as an ingredient in functional wellness beverages around the world. The space is evolving quickly.” Regarding whether they will enter the market, he stated, “no decisions have been made at this time.”

Why CBD?

So why would a company such as the Coca-Cola company that has been in business since 1892 all of a sudden be interested in branching into a new beverage market? The answer is simple. The CBD market is predicted to be worth more than $22 billion by 2020. That is a lot of money even for a beverage manufacturer of Coca-Cola’s size.
The movement to re-legalize cannabis around the world has become more successful in recent years. The research surrounding this miraculous plant has also become more abundant. What many believe to be one of the most significant discoveries is surprisingly not based upon one of the most researched compounds found in the plant. The most significant development regarding cannabis that many consider to be the medical breakthrough of the century is the discovery of and isolation of the cannabinoid known as Cannabidiol AKA CBD.
This naturally occurring phytocannabinoid is found in many cultivars of hemp as well as many different strains of the psychoactive form of cannabis commonly known as marijuana. CBD, unlike the more well-known phytocannabinoid THC, does not provide any psychoactive or intoxicating effects.
Very similar to THC, CBD has the potential to offer a plethora of different medical benefits. Benefits to patients suffering from a variety of different ailments. Not only does CBD provide potential medical benefits it has also been scientifically proven to combat the psychoactive effects of THC. CBD has been shown to be effective in helping to treat a wide range of conditions. Conditions ranging from anxiety and depression to pain, inflammation, nicotine addiction, skin disorders, epilepsy and many more.

CBD-Beverages – The “In” Trend

Coca-Cola isn’t the first beverage company that has hinted at entering the CBD market either. In fact, several already have. Constellation Brands, the parent company of the popular brew Corona announced that they were spending nearly $4 billion to up its stakes in a Canadian cannabis producer known as Canopy Growth. Canopy Growth is estimated to worth more than $10 billion.
Other beverage makers that have entered into the sector include Molson Coors which has entered into a joint venture with Hexo’s Corp. Hexo’s Corp was formerly known as the Hydropothecary Corp and is based out of Quebec. They plan to work together to produce cannabis-infused beverages for the Canadian market.
Anheuser Busch, the manufacturer of Budweiser beer, has also mentioned a potential CBD-infused beverage line. This is in addition to Diageo PLC, the maker of Guinness which is currently in discussions with multiple Canadian cannabis producers. We can’t forget to mention the craft-brewing label known as NV’s Lagunita’s a Heineken company. This company took it up a notch and  has already launched a brand that specializes in THC infused non-alcoholic beverages.

So, What’s Next?

Since this announcement from the Coca-Cola Co. stocks in a few different Canadian cannabis producers have seen an increase in interest. Shares in Aurora Cannabis rose as much as 23% after the announcement to over $8 a share. Tilray Inc. also nearly a 9.5% increase as well.
When it comes to the question of whether a CBD-infused Coca-Cola offering could be available soon, the answer is simple. We simply must wait. What we do know is that they are paying close attention. It is on their radar, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it weren’t a Coca-Cola at all as the company has also recently ventured into other beverage options such as tea and juice in recent years. They also recently spent $5.1 billion to acquire Costa Coffee earlier this year.
Considering the potential growth for this market in coming years, it would seem natural that the Coca-Cola Co. and every other major player in the beverage market would want to take advantage of this opportunity. Only time will tell if they will.