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  1. Avatar11 Dec
    Kathi Holt

    I live in Florida and live with chronic pain in my neck. I use other otc patches. Can I order these from your website without fear of repercussions?

    1. Avatar18 Dec
      Ben Neal

      We don’t sell any products directly through our website, sorry.

    2. Avatar21 May
      Dana Wirth

      Kathi can you get Lidocaine patches from your doctor? They help and sometimes your insurance will approve them because they are an anesthetic not a narcotic (opiate) I am allowed 3 patches a day plus I use cbd oil for sleep and vape a concentrate marijuana oil (micro dose) for pain. I never need to get high, did that plenty in the 70s, and am on my way to getting off my opiates voluntarily. My previous doctor cut them back so far they are hardly more effective than Tylenol anyway. Good Luck.

  2. Avatar11 Dec

    Would live to hear opinions on the indica patches for insomnia.

    1. Avatar18 Dec
      Ben Neal

      Thanks for the comment, Sonia! We’ll try to get some indica patches reviewed very soon!

  3. Avatar15 Apr

    Does it work for people suffering from Endometriosis?

  4. Avatar12 Oct
    susan rempala

    I’m desperate. Back pain so severe I’m ready to just give up. How do I get the patches, meds make me sick and just not helping anymore. Why, why, why is there such a problem using something natural like the patches….I live in Indiana, is there anyway I can get the patches??

  5. Avatar07 Nov

    Are we able to come buy the patches, and take them out of state for personal use only?

  6. Avatar22 Feb
    Debby Malone

    Do you make patches that are pure CBD oil that can be purchased and used legally in all 50 states?

    1. Avatar11 Aug

      They do send CBD patches to all 50 states or so they say on their website.
      “Mary’s Medicinals products are available throughout Arizona, Colorado, California, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont and Washington. Mary’s Nutritionals Elite CBD Products are available for online purchase and delivery to all 50 states. Visit marysnutritionals.com to learn more.”

  7. Avatar27 Apr

    Where do I order

  8. Avatar10 Jan

    and how it communicates your milky

  9. Avatar21 Jan

    Are these available in United kingdom.

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