5 Reasons People Smoke Recreational Weed

There are way more than 5 reasons people use marijuana recreationally.

It doesn’t matter if it’s because MMJ patients don’t get to keep their guns or because you don’t want a paper trail. Some people use weed without getting a medical card. We call these people recreational users and believe these are the top 5 reasons they smoke weed.
While medical patients smoke weed to cure cancer or leukemia, recreational stoners usually smoke for one of the 5 reasons on this list. Some may buck the trend and not conform, but I hope these modern day unicorns are compelled to let us know in the comments how they diverge.

Chilling out

Modern life is full of bullshit that you kind of have to deal with. Mouthing off at work will get most people fired which leads to a host of bad experiences. But that doesn’t make dealing with the crap coming your way any easier. Without a release valve, tension builds until you want to explode at something.
So people smoke to help them deal with the stress of things like exams, getting a divorce or a hard day of work. These people decide to smoke weed instead of lash out destructively in other ways. In a day when a diploma increasingly requires bullet dodging abilities, having a non-violent way to unwind that won’t destroy the body is pretty attractive.

Improving media5 reasons

Everybody knows that smoking weed makes most movies better. Plays, operas and concerts also benefit from toking on some sticky icky. Getting high makes short term memory pretty much worthless. But this is a benefit because it allows you to experience a familiar event as though it were new.
Do you remember what it was like to hear your favorite song the first time? How about a joke so dumb you can’t stop laughing at how bad it is? Now imagine getting that experience over and over and you will begin to understand. Weed makes bad movies hilarious and great movies bend minds in the best of ways.

Dealing with annoying people/situations

We all know that one person who makes your blood boil just by being in the same room as you. We’ve all also wondered if we should smoke before dealing with a terrible situation you simply need to be present for. High stress situations like visiting in-laws or getting a roommate dealing with ‘personal space’ issues often demand a level of calm unavailable to an active mind.
Instead of spending the entire party thinking about how you want to even the score, getting high can give you the ability to simply think about something else. It’s hard to be mad at someone when your thoughts are consumed with the fact that cheese is just moldy milk. Especially when you start trying to figure out to turn expired milk into cheese.

To get off something else

Virginia Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam applauds visitors during the Senate session at the Capitol in Richmond, Va., Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

People will try all sorts of things to get over an addiction. Most treatments perform little better than chance. But amazingly, recent scientific studies show that cannabis significantly promotes opioid addiction recovery.
The effects are strongest when the weed is dosed out by doctors instead of by drug dealers. But even the seeds and stems peddled by the U.S. government show signs of actually helping people. The anecdotal evidence for getting off common vices like cigarettes and alcohol is also pretty compelling.

Because it’s better than other drugs

There are a ton of drugs on the market. MDMA, crack, cocaine, heroin, oxycodone, caffeine, and a million others constantly compete with weed for users. But marijuana beats them out for several reasons. The biggest reasons are that weed is cheaper, less harmful, easier to get a hold of and can be dropped at any time.
The lack of hangover and ability to stop using at any time make weed especially nice. Unlike alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, prescriptions and club drugs, nobody has ever died from marijuana alone. So when times get tough, cutting out weed is as easy as not buying it.

Do you agree with our 5 reasons people smoke recreational weed? Know someone this list describes perfectly? It’s OK if you fall into more than one group. Let us know how this list stacks up to your experience in the comment section!


Strain Review: Quick One

The Weekly Strain Breakdown: Quick One

Quick One is an autoflowering ruderalis strain. It was created by Royal Queen Seeds and modeled after the strain, Lowryder. Lowryder’s genetics are Northern Lights, William Wonder and a Mexican Ruderalis. Quick One is 60% indica and 40% sativa.
Quick One is special. It is one of the first auto-flowering strains that fully matures in 2 months regardless of light cycle. When it was created, it was the world’s only quick growing strain at the time. Rapid growth is what the company had in mind when they created this strain.
People don’t usually look for a ruderalis to smoke. They use it to mix with other cannabis strains to produce the desired genetics for the next batch of cannabis. Ruderalis plants are short, thin and have low THC levels. It isn’t uncommon for flower to range between 10% – 12% THC.
Ruderalis plants are sometimes called gutter weed because it can be thrown into a gutter and it will grow. But that is what also makes them so special, because it can be grown just about anywhere. Ruderalis behave similar to weeds and contribute to the slang term ‘weed’. They can grow in any climate and in any type of dirt. They need only a little bit of water to grow like crazy.

Growing Notes

This strain grows to maturity in record time. It is ready to harvest within 8 weeks and generally produces up to 45 grams per plant. Growers who are concerned about space benefit from Quick One because it grows tight and compact. This makes it ideal for indoor tents and small gardens.
People who want to try their hand at growing should give this easy to grow strain a try. If they can find the seeds of course since supply is rather low. You can find seeds on the Royal Queen Seeds web page if your local dispensary doesn’t carry them.
One of the best things about this little plant is that it doesn’t grow very tall. Quick One tops out growing around 40 cm to 60 cm. One reason it is so short is the auto-flowering aspect. This little lady will begin popping her buds regardless of light cycle. Her terpene profile leans strongly towards citrus and is a treat for growers and patients alike.

Quick One High

Quick One provides a mild high. It helps the body to relax and clear the mind. It is a good strain to enjoy during the day. This strain has an excellent taste when vaporized. The citrus adds a nice invigorating element without being overpowering.
Beginners and light smokers enjoy this strain because the high is flavorful and gentle. The low THC level means that it is a lot more forgiving when it comes to dosing. Quick One is a lightweight strain that provides an easy sensible high without delivering that couch-locking sensation.

Have you smoked Quick One before? Where did you find it? What was your impressions? How did it affect you? Have you grown one in your garden? What were your results? Let us know in the comments down below.

viral video baby smoking blunt lands mother jail hero

Brianna Ashanti Busted for Getting Her Kid High

This is What Happened with Brianna’s Family…

In the state of North Carolina, Brianna Ashanti, allegedly decided it was a good idea to give her one year old a puff of weed. When people hear about how police discovered her, they simply share their head. Brianna decided to film herself forcing her 1-year-old to inhale marijuana and then posted it on Facebook. The video quickly became viral.
The Raleigh Police caught wind of the situation when a man from Rochester, New York, shared the post. The police took Brianna into custody and the courts slapped her with a $100,000 bond. her charges include two counts of child endangerment for contributing and possession of cannabis. Brianna is only 20 years old and might spend the rest of her life in jail.
The police wrote a Facebook post in response to the situation. They thanked the witnesses for getting involved. They further added that the child is safe and in the custody of Wake County Child Protective Services.

The police already know who the mother is.

It’s not the first time Brianna has dealings with the police. Last summer she was arrested four times. She faces several misdemeanor charges and a simple assault charge. It seems like she can’t stay out of trouble.
Could this be a case of a simple misunderstanding? The evidence looks like it weighs heavily against Brianna. Is Brianna going to get out of this terrible situation? Or is she going to lose her kid for forever? Our readers are wondering, “Why Brianna? Why did you do this?”
It’s not legal anywhere to give cannabis to a minor. It is a prickly situation when a kid is prescribed cannabis because it is still federally illegal. To say if it’s acceptable for kids to smoke cannabis is a topic for another article.

Is Weed Legal in North Carolina?

It is probably going to be difficult for Brianna. North Carolina is not a green friendly state. They’re trying to legalize weed but they’re not there yet. Recreational and medical marijuana are illegal in North Carolina.
They did decriminalize cannabis by not jailing first time offenders for possessing a small amount. People caught with up to 0.5 ounces of marijuana are subject to misdemeanor charges.  A maximum fine of $200 can be tacked onto the misdemeanor ticket.
North Carolina residents can’t produce cannabis or hemp of any kind. But a few patients can get medical marijuana cards. This means that North Carolina patients who have a card have no access to the medicine. The cherry on top to the whole thing is that it’s incredibly illegal to transfer cannabis across their state borders.

What do you think about the whole situation? Does Brianna needs a break? Or do you think she deserves whatever comes her way? What do you think should happen to her son? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

cinderella99FULL11 e1519374642886

Strain Review: Cinderella 99

Cinderella 99 is a classy lady

Cinderella 99 (aka C99, Cindy) is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by Mr. Soul. He is one of the main breeders for the Brothers Grimm company. They are a well established cannabis breeding company with a long track record of excellent strains.
Mr. Soul used Jack Herer seeds that he found in an Amsterdam coffee shop to start the Cinderella 99 line. This strain became popular with cannabis cultivators because of how it naturally grows well indoors. Patients and rec users also love the consistently high THC averages.
C99 is highly sought after by consumers primarily because of the wonderful high it provides. After a good puff of this strain, it takes effect and is often described as euphoric and uplifting. Cinderella 99 is a dream come true for everyone who wants to have a good time or deal with some serious pain.

How to Raise Cindy

Cinderella 99 is one of the easy strains to grow. New and experienced cultivators don’t have many struggles growing it in most garden styles. In fact, many cultivators love growing it indoors because of how easy it is.
Cindy doesn’t grow very tall. This strain is short by nature but incredibly bushy. It produces large yields in a short flowering time of only 7-9 weeks. C99 produces plenty of THC containing trichomes which help it test above 24%.
C99 tends to stretch out its limbs toward the end of the growing cycle. It grows like a bush, and it will continue to try and stretch out its fan like fingers.

Recreational and Medicinal Smokers Enjoy C99

Users can enjoy smoking Cindy 99 any time of the day. Simply put, this strain is, “creative and blissful” –miltowntoker. A few puffs or a dab of C99 is usually enough. Users love the happyness, euphoria, uplifted, energetic and relaxed feelings this strain provides.
Cindy makes people feel happy. Out of all the effects that this strain provides, happiness is the no. 1 effect. Followed by a blissful euphoric sensation. It is the kind of high that makes people not want to wage a war, but make peace and have a good time.
Medical patients seek out this happy weed for more reasons than just feel good emotions. They are looking for relief from certain ailments that bring them down. Feelings like stress, depression, lack of appetite, pain and fatigue and symptoms that start to melt away with C99.

Cindy is Very Sweet

C99 can make a room smell like a sweet lemon grove. It has distinct tastes of citrus, earth and sugar. Take this strain with a tasty summer drinks for an amazing pool party experience.
If Cindy is going to be there at the party, bring out the refreshments. This strain gives people a strong cotton mouth sensation. Dry mouth is the biggest complaint people have about this strain. But cotton mouth is a usual feeling associated with smoking cannabis and this isn’t exceptionally strong.
Other complaints people have with this strain are dry eyes, paranoia, dizziness and anxiety after consuming too much. Like other strains, showing restraint and managing dosages is the best way to avoid negative side effects. There normally is not a problem, just watch those doses and you’ll be fine. If you see that you took too much, hang out by the couch and socialize. Enjoy the high and it should begin to fade within a couple hours.

Have you tried Cinderella 99 before? What is your impression? Does this strain make you feel wonderful about life or was it ‘meh’? For growers out there, what was it like growing C99? Is this strain as short and bushy as we’ve heard about? Let us know in the comments down below?


Strain Review: Candyland

Candyland is the King of KushCon.

Candyland is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It was created by crossing Granddaddy Purple and Bay Platinum Cookies. This strain is recognized by its golden hairs that entangle themselves through the sugar coated buds. Candyland is like a sweet treat, it tastes great and uplifts people’s spirits.
This strain is highly sought after because it provides a great high and it helps alleviate certain medical conditions. Smokers feel relief from pain, muscle tension and sour spirits after a few puffs of Candyland.
Candyland is a fighter able to stand up to the strongest competition. Its strong high and medical abilities make this strain stand out like a winner. This strain earned a gold in the 2012 KushCon competition, securing its place in the history of sweet cannabis.

Candyland is great for cultivators.

Perfectly happy in the outdoors and able to weather a variety of stresses, Candyland is small enough to also grow indoors. This sativa grows to a medium height and is ready to harvest in about 56-63 days. While rather easy to care for, this phenotype produces large harvests that cultivators of all levels love. The nugs don’t seem to stand up to most noob mistakes and the plant can often recover after getting help fighting off insects.
The ease of care and heavy yields mean this plant is ideal for commercial cultivation. But medical patients and recreational growers alike can cut their cultivating teeth on this plant. While perfectly at home in coco and other soil-less mediums, Candyland thrives in actual soil. The growing characteristics make it  a real treat during outdoor harvests along the West Coast.

The Candyland Effects

Candyland Concentrate
Candyland makes the dark clouds that tend to loom over people go away. This strain brings out the sun by making smokers feel uplifted, euphoric, energetic and relaxed. Any feelings of depression, stress, fatigue, pain and headaches start to drain away.
A great strain to smoke for times like the beginning of spring. With summer just around the corner, spring is the best time to start getting ready. Dust off the old boat, rinse out the BBQ and smoke a bowl of Candyland after all that hard work.
There are a few negative effects associated with this strain. Almost all strains cause cottonmouth. But this strain is powerful enough to cause a smoker to notice the desert dry tongue.

A Sweet Tooth

Candyland is a strain that tastes like sweet candy infused with cannabis. After a few puffs of this strain, the air will start to smell like weedy cotton candy and flowers. It also has an undertone of earthiness, adding a familiar and subtle bottom to the overall flavor.
Much like its namesake, it’s not a good fit for those on a slimming diet. This strain causes the munchies and a general desire to be active. Patients looking for something to stimulate their appetite without locking them in a couch often find relief as well.
A gorgeous flower that deserves a spot at parties and fun social gatherings, Candyland has great bag appeal. Smokers also appreciate how it uplifts but keeps the mood cool and serene. This gold medal winner seems to never disappointment.

Have you tried Candyland before? What is your impression of this amazing strain? Have you had any experience growing it? Let us know in the comments down below.

weedreader plane

Hemp Airplane Flies High With Weed Fuel

Can you imagine flying in a hemp airplane?

The idea of a hemp airplane isn’t as far fetched as it might seem. Modern airplanes use special composite fabrics and a liquid epoxy in construction. Fiberglass and carbon fiber are the most common materials in aviation but any fabric works.
There are many reasons to use a given material. Carbon fiber is super light, but is prohibitively expensive. Fiberglass is weaker and heavier than carbon fiber, but it is far cheaper. But both materials come with heavy environmental costs over the course of their lifetime.
Hemp is heavier than carbon fiber but it is lighter than fiberglass, a favorite material of the aerospace industry. The thin strands are actually 10x stronger than steel, meaning building with it takes less material which saves weight. The manufacturing process for hemp is also carbon positive, meaning it reduces the overall level of greenhouse gases.

One stoner made a pot plane his mission.

Derek Kesey is the CEO of Hempearth Group Ltd and the face of the hemp plane. He founded the company in 2012 to explore hemp-based products that can benefit humanity. Kesey kicked things off with an Indiegogo campaign to design the 4-passenger hemp plane and followed it up with investing.
But Kesey didn’t always want to build hemp planes. A former organic-restaurant owner based in Ontario, he dabbled in music and internet marketing in the past. He has also pursued new hemp-based opportunities like hemp-based fuel and launching a cryptocurrency while developing the aircraft.
The extra projects haven’t stopped the hemp plane from moving forward though. As the first commercial airplane to be built entirely out of hemp products, it has everyone doing fly-by’s. It also plans to make headlines when she takes her inaugural flight at the Wright Brothers memorial in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

It really is a hemp airplane.

In addition to making the hard exterior shell and fuel out of hemp, the team tried to work hemp into everything they could. Things like the engine and landing gear have special requirements that prevent using hemp. But the engineers managed to get the final total to just over 75% hemp.
Wanting to make the project truly sustainable, Kesey and his team decided to ditch the traditional fuel. With oil reserves across the globe dwindling, standard options don’t make long-term sense. Instead of running on fossil fuels, the hemp plane uses Hempearth hemp oil to get airborne.
Sourcing genetics from Canada and setting up a chemistry lab in Costa Rica, Hempearth worked hard to fine tune their recipe. But now that the formula is set, they stand to revolutionize the fuel industry. If the process is cost effective going into the future, it will change the world.

Would you fly in a plane made of hemp?Where would you fly if you had a hemp airplane? Would you pay extra for hemp-based fuel to protect the environment? Would you try to smoke the seats or simply enjoy the view? Let us know in the comments below.

marionberry kush

Strain Review: Marionberry Kush

Marionberry Kush

Marionberry Kush is a tasty hybrid that was made when crossed with Raspberry Kush and Space Queen. Closely resembling its sister Cinderella 99, Marionberry phenotypes are balanced hybrids.Bred by the TGA Genetics crew, Marionberry is desired by many for its flavor and wonderful high.
There is a bit of variation in smell/flavor between the six normal phenotypes. They range from more pineapple to strawberry and one even has potent Romulan undertones. They also generally have a little pink or purple sprinkled throughout the sugary bud structure.
This Pacific Nowthwest strain owes its name to the wild berries that grow outside the Heroes of the Farm production sites. The Marionberry name fits perfectly since these plants tend to smell fruity like a mix of passionfruit and raspberry. This plant also produces chunky colas that can turn slightly purple under the right conditions which adds to the effect.

The Quick Budding Plant

Marionberry Kush is a fun strain to grow. This medium sized plant is known for needing some space but fits well within indoor operations. The production is average at about 1-3 oz/ft of canopy but very consistent once dialed in.
The sweet aroma Marionberry Kush is known for really develops in the final days of flower. The smell of a fresh plant fills the air with a sweet scent similar to a fresh baked pie. And once the product is dried and cured, the smell remains potent and lingers in the air long after the bud leaves the area.
One of the great parts about having this plant in your grow room is that it flowers in only 7-9 weeks. The quick turn around means that indoor cultivators can squeeze a little more production into each year. The quick flowering time also helps growers who are new or otherwise impatient.

The Happy Weed

Producing a high that uplifts and relaxes, Marionberry Kush is great for daytime or active consuming. Creative tasks seem much easier while boring or dull activities become less monotonous. While dry mouth and munchies are always a concern, the overall effect is not very strong. But don’t let the minor power of the side effects make you think this in a weak strain.
This weed is strong enough for medical patients seek it out and special request it regularly. Patients who struggle with depression, pain, lack of appetite, stress and insomnia find it invaluable. It doesn’t take for the high to start kicking in either. The high is fast acting and tends to endure for several hours, especially when dabbed.
Another cool fact about this strain is that it doesn’t couch-lock people. But it still provides a nice radiating buzz effect that starts in the head and goes down the body. Overall, this strain is great to take during the day because it doesn’t get in the way of accomplishing work or otherwise engaging with others.

Have you tried smoking or growing Marionberry Pie? What was your impression of this strain? What was growing this strain like? Let us know in the comments down below.

Medical Marijuana For Children

Top 5 Medical Reasons People Use MMJ

People have many reasons for smoking MMJ.

Ask 5 stoners why they smoke MMJ and you will likely get 5 reasons. There are a lot of factors in life that dictate our actions and few are predictable or unilateral. After all, it’s hard to be an astronaut in the 1600’s or if you happen to be a felon. Not so much if you are in 1970’s Ohio though.
But that shouldn’t stop us from trying to understand why people consume marijuana. It doesn’t matter if you consume flower, concentrates, edibles or use MMJ topically. If you use marijuana medically, this list probably has you on it.
Just remember that this list is in no specific order. If you disagree with the order or think something else should have been on it, call me out in the comments. Let everyone know what I missed and why it belongs there.

  1. Cancer

Approximately 39.6% of all men and women are diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes. While many remain benign, a vast majority grow rapidly and resist treatment. Some cancers can kill in a matter of months while others take decades to metastasize.
Research shows that MMJ helps treat certain types of cancer. There is still a long way to go but cannabinoids like THC, CBD and CBN show great promise. Especially in cancers like: breast, brain, liver, melanoma, and leukemia.

  1. Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a condition where your brain misfires and causes a seizure. But unlike popular perception, it doesn’t just come from flashing lights. Seizures may even come on unprovoked, as though out of nowhere and for no reason.
There is no cure for epilepsy and it can affect anyone, even children. There are few options on the market that are truly safe for children. But CBD is one of the few natural alternatives to prescription medications that works.
With 65 million people suffering from epilepsy worldwide, cannabis has a lot of work to do.

  1. Chronic Pain

Life is tough and can leave you in constant pain for many reasons. More than 1.5 billion people suffer from chronic pain worldwide with 50 million of them living in the united states. Healing can take a long time and many common pain killers come with risks of dependency or overdose.
Marijuana isn’t chemically addictive like oxycodone or dangerous in large quantities like aspirin. So as patients heal, they can reduce or eliminate using with no long term side effects. As a bonus, we still have zero confirmed deaths exclusively from consuming too much weed.

  1. Anxiety

Some people need help getting through a situation. Others need help just chilling out in general. This includes those suffering from OCD, panic disorder, phobias, bipolar disorder and many other variants.
For the 18% of the U.S. population suffering from anxiety disorders, medication makes life manageable. But not everyone wants to use Xanax to get the job done. Unlike cigarettes or e-juice, cannabis vapor doesn’t harm lungs or cause cancer.

  1. Depression

About 350 million people have depression. Many prescriptions to treat it come with dangerous side effects or are unsafe for children. While THC may be controversial for teens to have, CBD offers many of the same benefits without the cognitive impairment.
Despite this, the federal status of marijuana keeps it from being prescribed in many cases. As a Schedule 1 Drug, it is legally considered to have no medical value. Many doctors simply refuse to prescribe MMJ for religious reasons or because of corporate policies. But increasing acceptance and legal reform are lowering that number.


Israeli Study Shows Cannabis Safe for Elderly

A New Israeli Study

Tikun Olam clinics are the largest Israeli suppliers of medical marijuana. They partnered with Israel’s Soroka University Medical Center, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to study the effects of marijuana use on elderly patients.
Participants in the study predominantly use cannabis to treat cancer or severe pain issues. They also all consumed prescribed doses of only strains provided and developed by Tikun Olam. After closely studying 2,736 geriatric medical marijuana users between January 2015 and October 2017, researchers finally had the data they needed.
The Israeli researchers published their findings in early February 2018 in the European Journal of Internal Medicine. They found that 93.7% of participants in the study reported pain was reduced by 50% thanks to marijuana use. Many participants also reduced or even eliminated their dependence on prescription opioids.

Cannabis Medical Efficacy Proven

After six months of treatment, the israeli patients in the study reported that their overall pain level was reduced by half. But marijuana treatments are not without side effects. Luckily for those involved, the only real side effects researchers found were dizziness and dry mouth.
Yet the side effects were considered minor and never progressed beyond simple discomfort. The researchers were happy to find that patient dependence on pain medication including opioids also decreased while consuming cannabis. Since seniors make up a significant portion of the opioid using population, cannabis seems an ideal tool to battle the opioid epidemic.
Many pharmaceuticals that people take have a long list of terrible side effects. Some antidepressants cause depression and thoughts of suicide. Many pain treatments like Percocet and Oxycodone are also dangerously addictive.  Marijuana on the other hand, has proven to have no dangerous side effects, is non-addictive, is impossible to overdose on and helps recovering opioid addicts.

Still More Research Needed

Cannabis definitely seems like the safer alternative than opioids. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with the idea of cannabis. People in positions of power like Attorney General Jeff Sessions complain about the opioid epidemic sweeping across America yet seem to take every action possible to prevent its resolution.
Luckily for medical patients everywhere, research is still underway. Israeli organizations like Tikun Olam, Soroka University Medical Center, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem produce adds to the growing body of evidence proving cannabis is a miraculous plant. But we need more research to prove all the benefits of marijuana.
The researchers of this study note in their paper a need for more evidence-based research. Especially research data from double-blind, randomized controlled trials. They also note that the entire geriatric population stands to benefit the most from these studies since they consume the majority of opioid-based pain killers. Unfortunately, seniors also tend to be the most resistant to the idea of medical marijuana.

How do you feel about seniors using marijuana to treat pain? Would you ever participate in a study like this? Do you know anyone who has decreased or completely removed opioids from their life thanks to cannabis? Let us know in the comment section below!

jeff sessions

Holland Takes Sessions to Federal Court

David Holland is here to defend marijuana.

Holland is a member of the legal team representing 5 plaintiffs in an ongoing suit against the current Attorney General.But he is no fledgling looking to make a name for himself. He is a litigator in New York City and the legal director of Empire State NORML. He also used to be on the High Times Magazine legal team and is a member of the New York Cannabis Bar Association.
So when it comes to productive stoners, he is one of the shining examples. But he feels that the current state of marijuana enforcement is unsustainable. Holland’s firm is suing Sessions and the DEA. The suit claims the classification of cannabis under the Controlled Substances Act is unconstitutional.
Their list of reasons include it violates rights surrounding travel, business and racial discrimination against communities of color. Basically, the law works to discriminate and criminalize communities that don’t have the power or money to resist. Sessions and the DEA failed to get the case dismissed.

The case is going forward.

Holland’s legal team managed to convince US District Court Judge Alvin Hellerstein to let the case go forward. That decision was made in large part because of the personal experiences the plaintiffs had with medical marijuana. The medical efficacy of cannabis to treat patients suffering from a variety of ailments is so apparent, the court has to reconsider the constitutionality of the law.
Despite the strong support showed by the judge, it is still too early to break out the champagne. Despite a mountain of evidence showing the opposite, Jeff Sessions continues to blame marijuana for the opioid epidemic. And with almost no pressure from the White House to change his stance, there is little to stop him from waging a emotionally motivated war against the American population.
Attorney General Sessions is the same person that thought the KKK was OK. At least until he found out some of them smoked marijuana. And he is the same person who said “I can’t remember” in one form or another over 26 times when asked under oath. The performance showed how willing he is to stonewall and deflect about his questionable activities.

The CCC believes marijuana prohibition is racist.

Some plaintiffs claim that people of color are disproportionately targeted for prosecution for marijuana offenses. Armed with scientific evidence and confessions, the Cannabis Cultural Association (CCA) went to bat for its members. We still don’t know how Judge Hellerstein will rule on the racism claims presented by the CCA. But Judge Hellerstein seemed unconvinced by opening statements showing that the Nixon administration admitted to criminalizing marijuana for the express purpose of suppressing minorities and social backlash against the Vietnam War.
Both sides of the case are preparing for a long battle. But despite the court clearly favoring marijuana reclassification, there are many hurdles to overcome. One major hurdle is making sure the court doesn’t pass off the problem to a dysfunctional and ideologically insane Congress. But Holland hopes to keep that from happening.
There is always the possibility the court will decide to ship the final decision over to Congress because of the political controversy surrounding marijuana. But proving its controversial is harder than ever for Sessions defense team. There are more than 30 states and the District of Columbia that already passed legislation legalizing marijuana in some form. With so many, there isn’t much controversy left. But don’t underestimate the vitriol and determination of the diminutive lawyer from Alabama.

Do you think the court will reschedule marijuana? Do you think the Attorney General is doing the right thing or mad with power? What would you do if cannabis became federally legal tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below!