Candyland is the King of KushCon.

Candyland is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It was created by crossing Granddaddy Purple and Bay Platinum Cookies. This strain is recognized by its golden hairs that entangle themselves through the sugar coated buds. Candyland is like a sweet treat, it tastes great and uplifts people’s spirits.
This strain is highly sought after because it provides a great high and it helps alleviate certain medical conditions. Smokers feel relief from pain, muscle tension and sour spirits after a few puffs of Candyland.
Candyland is a fighter able to stand up to the strongest competition. Its strong high and medical abilities make this strain stand out like a winner. This strain earned a gold in the 2012 KushCon competition, securing its place in the history of sweet cannabis.

Candyland is great for cultivators.

Perfectly happy in the outdoors and able to weather a variety of stresses, Candyland is small enough to also grow indoors. This sativa grows to a medium height and is ready to harvest in about 56-63 days. While rather easy to care for, this phenotype produces large harvests that cultivators of all levels love. The nugs don’t seem to stand up to most noob mistakes and the plant can often recover after getting help fighting off insects.
The ease of care and heavy yields mean this plant is ideal for commercial cultivation. But medical patients and recreational growers alike can cut their cultivating teeth on this plant. While perfectly at home in coco and other soil-less mediums, Candyland thrives in actual soil. The growing characteristics make it  a real treat during outdoor harvests along the West Coast.

The Candyland Effects

Candyland Concentrate
Candyland makes the dark clouds that tend to loom over people go away. This strain brings out the sun by making smokers feel uplifted, euphoric, energetic and relaxed. Any feelings of depression, stress, fatigue, pain and headaches start to drain away.
A great strain to smoke for times like the beginning of spring. With summer just around the corner, spring is the best time to start getting ready. Dust off the old boat, rinse out the BBQ and smoke a bowl of Candyland after all that hard work.
There are a few negative effects associated with this strain. Almost all strains cause cottonmouth. But this strain is powerful enough to cause a smoker to notice the desert dry tongue.

A Sweet Tooth

Candyland is a strain that tastes like sweet candy infused with cannabis. After a few puffs of this strain, the air will start to smell like weedy cotton candy and flowers. It also has an undertone of earthiness, adding a familiar and subtle bottom to the overall flavor.
Much like its namesake, it’s not a good fit for those on a slimming diet. This strain causes the munchies and a general desire to be active. Patients looking for something to stimulate their appetite without locking them in a couch often find relief as well.
A gorgeous flower that deserves a spot at parties and fun social gatherings, Candyland has great bag appeal. Smokers also appreciate how it uplifts but keeps the mood cool and serene. This gold medal winner seems to never disappointment.

Have you tried Candyland before? What is your impression of this amazing strain? Have you had any experience growing it? Let us know in the comments down below.

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