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Top 10 Music Videos to Watch High

Looking to get blazed and watch a bad-ass music video?

This list has some of the best music video available to get high to. They may not be modern masterpieces, but they get way better when viewed high. Each video sets a different mood and may appeal to different crowds but at least one music video should get you toking and tapping your foot along.           

Bad Motherfucker

Life is never sweeter than right after a near death experience. This hyper violent music video delivers a first-person parkour Borne or Bond style chase. Long, soft notes are offset with amazing choreography and a rock and roll beat.
This will get your blood pumping and makes you feel like a bad ass. Shot with minimal cuts, it’s great for getting into the mood for some CoD or Battlefield. Most immersive when paired with a full sativa like Sour Diesel.

Get Jinxed

This animated music video is just awesome. A promotional piece to highlight a League of Legends character, even people not familiar with LOL will find it interesting. This video has everything from riding bombs into battle to riding rhinos.
Full of playful energy and great action, Jinx looks like she would be a blast to get stoned with. This pyromaniac set her sick monkey loose in our brains with her song. Jinx and her antics are best when dabbing a sativa like Strawberry Cough.

Turn Down For What

What happens when music gets into your soul? DJ Snake and Lil Jon explore how one dudes mojo can infect a whole apartment building. Each person seems to be affected in a different part of their anatomy and the needs of the bass can never be sated.
Something like Kosher Kush can help you get into the mood for this video. There are a lot of layers to this video, even if it just looks like a wild time on the surface. Just make sure to stay safe as you delve it’s depths.

Roundtable Rival

Lindsey Stirling is the best choreographer and musician in the west. She shows off her talents in this over-the-top music video of a bank robbery. The steam punk theme in this video is pretty awesome and makes me think a wagonload of amplifiers might be a good investment.
The story that plays out is fun and the lack of lyrics helps make the roar of a dab torch much less intrusive. It also goes great with a western based strain like Huckleberry Kush. And there is nothing like watching this bad-ass battle of musicians go down in the old west.

Bubble Butt
Giant women flying through the air and inflating butts with fire hose-like tentacles are just the start of this music video. This ear-worm highlights some strange visuals and obnoxiously oversized bubble butts doing their thing. The slow motion twerking is rhythmically hypnotic.
The rolling lyrics, vibrant colors and deep bass pair great with a solid indica. Bongs make a great chugging sound to go along with the refrain. That Bubba Kush never hits the same after smoking with this video playing in the background.

Upside Down & Inside Out

Shot in one take without a single edit, this video is a trip to watch. These guys got a plane that could create zero g’s to shoot the video in. The people who put this together must have been high too. Things get real crazy when the paint balloons and piñatas fill the whole cabin.
Having so much going on at once makes it impossible to see everything in one pass. Even so, some parts of this music video are especially awesome stoned. Namely, the color explosions are insanely intense when roasting a sweet hybrid strain like Pineapple Express.

Deep Down Low

This video accurately describes the feeling of being too high in public. The worst part is knowing that you are freaking out but unable to stop the progression. The sick bass is nice for timing a deep hit and the visuals are just enough to make you feel high even if you aren’t. The effect is increased with higher doses of THC.
Once sufficiently blazed, you can feel the bass pumping those sweet dabs deep into your lungs. Heavy indicas like Granddaddy Purple make the visuals even more intense. Just make sure to have plenty of fluids on hand for the inevitable cotton mouth.

Too High

We all know this guy. The immature stoner that smoked way too much. Most have even been him from time to time as they learned their limits. Any strain will let you mirror the lyrics if you consume enough.
A collection of examples, this video walks you through all the possible ways getting too high can screw with your mind. Smoking some high grade indica is going to let the bass permeate your being with this one but be careful to not actually be too high. That way you won’t forget chicken nuggets in the oven.

Epic Rap Battles of History

What would happen if two historical figures were to rap battle? Snoop delivers a biblical beat-down in this music video. There are a host of others but each features Epic Loyd and Nice Peter (except the female tracks) as two opposing MC’s.
Super fun but equally nerdy fact is that almost every line relates to some historical fact about the people battling. You will want to have a sativa like Durban Poison on-hand for this one so you can keep up.

Batmetal (Face-Fisted)

Animating Face-Fisted in this way was inspired. True to the black pit that is the soul of Dethklok, batman is a perfect fit. This is an in your face example of Batman’s short lived (and ultra-violent)cover band. The perfect pairing to go with some Critical Sensi Star or other powerful indica.

Do you agree with this list?

Are there other songs you think should have been included? What are some of your favorite music videos to watch when getting high? Tell us in the comments section and let’s start a conversation.

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Washington Changes New Marijuana Laws

Washington Governor just signed a bill updating marijuana regulations.

A few exciting changes made by Washington with Senate Bill 5131 will go into effect July 2017. And some of those changes could surprise you. For instance, it is now legal to share a bowl. Medical marijuana card-holders are now allowed to buy seeds and clones directly from producers. And, the state is now required to investigate the possibility for recreational consumers to grow weed from home.
Washington cultivators are also moving toward organic standards. In addition, dispensaries will have limited advertising. This is an effort to minimize the appeal of weed to youths. Dispensary owners are also getting a present. owners can now open 5 locations, the old limit was 3.
Washington kept their strict no public advertising rules. The people don’t want businesses to market weed that would appeal to children. Meaning no putting pot advertisements on toys and movie cartoons, no advertising cannabis out of state, or work at a dispensary before turning 21. And business owners who don’t open shop after two years of gaining a license will forfeit their permit.

It is finally legal to share a bowl.

In 2012, weed was legalized but no one could share a bowl, not even a single leaf. Now, anyone 21 years or older can gift to another adult 21 years and older cannabis. Up to a ½ oz. of flower, 8 oz. of solid edible, 36 oz. of infused liquid, or 3 ½ gm of concentrate. If the exchange is happening in public, then the products must remain in their original store packaging.

Consumers can also buy seeds from producers.

Before, cultivators could only sell seeds and clones to dispensaries. Now, patients can buy their seeds and clones from cultivators. This new change in the bill gives leeway to medical marijuana patients who prefer to grow their own plants from seeds.

Recreational home growing is still not allowed, yet.

The state liquor and cannabis board must conduct a study for recreational plant production. They must report their findings by Dec. 1, 2017. Until then, home growing is considered taboo.

Organic-grade cultivation is a new must.

Currently, cultivators are not allowed to use the word ‘organic’ when it comes to describing their cannabis products. However, the new bill suggests that cultivators attempt to match to the extent practicable to the Federal Department of Agriculture’s Nation Organic Program.
There is an advisory board being assembled to help draft the rules and regulations needed to comply with the FDA labeling.Anyone who wishes to take part in the advisory board should contact the WSDA Organic Program at for consideration.

Other important changes to the bill.

When it comes to advertising rights, it’s about the children. Washington wants to protect children from seeking out weed because it looks cool. They don’t want commercial mascots or cartoons with marijuana related images on them.
Its ok to have billboards with a business name, location and description of business on the sign. But no weed images are allowed on anything including billboards, toys, costumes, or spiny signs. It may be legal everywhere in Washington but that doesn’t mean they want it marketed everywhere. 


10 Best Weed-Friendly Destinations

If you could smoke anywhere, where should you go?

Smoking weed will get you in trouble most places. There are an increasing number of places that are weed friendly though. In this list, we cover the best places to get stoned.

1 Uruguay

The best weed-friendly location found. You can smoke on the beach! Plenty of good vibes, local shops and historic sights. You can’t buy it, but you can smoke it. You won’t be bored; you’ll have lots of fun in the sun.

2 Washington State

While in Washington, people can have up to 1 oz. of weed on them at a time. It’s legal for adults to buy but not consume in public. Washington has an EMP Museum which includes Jimi Hendrix and Star Wars so you won’t get bored. This place is definitely an eclectic place to explore while stoned.

3 The Netherlands

Like Uruguay, The Netherlands is a nice weed-friendly location to visit. Where locals and travelers can feel free to smoke just about anywhere. A stoner haven for sure. It’s nice to get high then ride a bike, enjoy a gondola ride, visit coffee shops and enjoy historic sights before partying it up at night.

4 Colorado

Get stoned and explore Colorado’s beautiful landscapes. Colorado is where weed is 100% legal. As a result, Colorado created dozens of attractions and activities that are weed-friendly. They also host a variety of award winning medibles for those who prefer to eat their weed.

5 Portugal

Don’t worry about getting busted in Portugal. Weed has been decriminalized since 2001, so you don’t have to worry about cops ruining your visit. Portugal has many wonderful sights to explore, especially their Ponte de D. Luis bridge. Just don’t get high and start jumping off bridges.

6 Oregon

Oregon is another state in the U.S. where weed is legal. Bend and Portland are the two best towns for recreation and weed. There are a lot of fun activities to choose from like surfing or skiing. Oregon also has vibrant food, wine, beer, art, books, theater and nature communities. Plenty of fun for all types of people.

7 California

Head on over to California where there is plenty of sun, ocean waves, and of course lots of weed. Although legal, the state is still setting up their marketplace. You can still blaze while dig your toes in the sands of Venice Beach (as long as it’s in a private area). There is so much to see and do in Cali that it might take multiple trips. Don’t forget to visit the legendary Hollywood California, theme parks, clubs and more.

8 Alaska

Alaska is a beautiful, wild and relaxing destination. It’s fun to get stoned then go watch the northern lights with a buddy or two. After breathing in the lights, check out Bud and Breakfast. It’s an Airbnb with weed-friendly accommodations. So go ahead and enjoy the fresh air, then go for a hike in beautiful Alaska before crashing out in a stoner haven.

9 The Virgin Islands

Weed is decriminalized in The Virgin Islands and it’s easy to get a hold of, especially in Coki Beach. But don’t take any home or else you’ll get into trouble with the local sheriffs. At the Caribbean Islands, it’s nice to partake and enjoy the aquamarine waters and warm temperatures.

10 At Home

At home may not sound like the most exciting and exotic destination for a vacation. But sometimes the best place in the world is chillin at home with a few homies, roasting bowls and sharing laughs. It is also private property, which is a prime requirement for legal consumption in most weed-friendly areas.

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Top 10 Cannabis Medibles

The 10 most sought after medibles.

These super delicious cannabis edibles (medibles) are sought after for a variety of reasons. Many on this top list have won Cannabis Cup Awards. And some mentioned are as healthy as the can be made. All are outstanding examples of what the industry has to offer.

1 Raspberry Macaroons

Award winning macaroons from Santa Cruz, CA., these tasty treats are to die for. They have won the High Times Cannabis Cup challenge in Northern California and it’s easy to see why. These are raw, vegan macaroons that come in four perfectly bite-sized treats. Packed with 50 mg of THC each, these scrumptious delights fill consumers with euphoric bliss and energy.

2 Tree Hugger Cinnamon Maple & Tangy BBQ Nuts

Tree Hugger won several awards and has been featured on cannabis cooking shows. Tree Huggers are sweet and delicious almonds and pecans that are covered in hemp seed, maple syrup, cinnamon extracts and the main ingredient: solventless cannabis extract. Each container has 100 mg of THC.  If you divide the serving size into 4, then you’ll get 25mg of THC per dose.

3 Reef Jerky

This snack took third place in a 2014 Denver competition, and first place in another hosted in San Bernardino. This 100 mg THC jerky package packs a powerful bite. Best consumed in small doses until desired affects are understood.

4 Crème Brulee and Cali High Thai’d Ice Cream

Winner of several awards, judges loved this ice cream for its “torch it yourself” theme. Yes that’s right, after sprinkling a little sugar you torch it until the sugar turn into a golden brown. The crackly sugar layer on top shatters with a spoon before digging into an intense flavored ice cream. Yum!

5 Pineapple Delight Bites

Pineapple Delight Bites are little packets of mixed dried fruits infused with coconut oil and 100 mg of THC in one large bite. They also have a gluten free variety and blueberry sample pack. Newbies are warned to consume smaller bites of 25mg until they understand the effects of Pineapple Delight Bites.

6 Altai Sea Salt Caramel Bon Bons 25mg Sativa

For the chocolate lovers, these tasty little treats come in a 100 mg package and divided into 4 25mg bites. These little bonbons provide the sativa effect, energy and creativity. Also perfect snack for the day time.

7 Bubba Kush Root Beer 100mg

Bubba Kush Root Beer tastes just like root beer. Try this root beer with cannabis-infused ice cream for the ultimate stoned float. With a convenient screw-top cap, you can indulge in smaller portions and save the rest for later.

8 Kief Krispy

First place winner of the Michigan Cannabis Cup, they impressed judges because it matched the label claims of 150 mg THC +/- 25 mg. The cinnamon toast crunch cereal bar has a crunchy and gooey texture with an exquisite hash flavor.

9 Captain Kirk’s Truffle Tropicales

A multiple High Times Cannabis Cup winner, these medibles are organic, gluten-free and refined sugar-free. Each yummy truffle contains 60.15 mg of THC and 32.08 THCa. If you’re in the neighborhood, look for Captain Kirk’s Truffles at various dispensaries inlcuding Ann Arbor Health Collective, the Green Door and Depot Town in Ypsilanti, MI.

10 Mellow Handcrafted Marshmallows

The perfect marshmallows to give to lightweights. There’s 12 marshmallows per box for a total of 60mg in each container. Each marshmallow contains ~5 mg of THC.These tasty treats come in a variety of flavors such as s’mores and strawberry shortcake. And the cannabis taste is kept to a minimum. The perfect mellow for the average fellow.


5 Ghost Towns Saved by Weed

5 Ghost Towns that were saved and revitalized by weed.

The marijuana industry brought in about $4 billion in sales in 2016. Many companies and communities are benefiting from the economic boom. Even America’s ghost towns are seeing a big boost in funds brought in by legalized weed. Here are 5 ghost towns that seem to be doing the best.

1 Sedgwick, Colorado

This ghost town of 150 residents has been struggling economically since the early 2000’s. When Sedgwick legalized weed in 2012, people started to travel to Sedgwick from nearby regions. And now, buildings that were falling down are starting to be renovated. New street signs and equipment are being installed. They even opened a 420 friendly bed and breakfast where there used to be a former bank.

2 Adelanto, California

Adelanto was a broken town. About 40% of the population lived in poverty, and nobody stayed in town for long. In 2014, the town was in debt by $2.4 million. But when weed became legalized, a huge industrial marijuana farm opened. The new weed farm brought in millions of dollars in tax revenue into the town. And in turn it created more grow facilities, more work for people without college degrees, and new housing.

3 Pueblo County, Colorado

Pueblo County has a population of 161,000 and they’ve been struggling ever since their steel industry collapsed. The local employment rate was at 7.2%, the highest unemployment in Colorado. However, ever since weed became legalized, people have started moving back and getting busy.
When the first dispensaries opened in 2014, there was nothing. Soon cultivation facilities, product manufacturers and over 100 retailers moved in and created 1,300 jobs. Pueblo County is now generating over $4 million in annual tax revenue. This income funds their 4H and Future Farmers of America clubs. The funds are also put toward medical marijuana research at Colorado State University Pueblo and  even established a scholarship program. The new scholarship sends high school graduates to college and it will become available fall of 2017.

4 Huntington, Oregon

Huntington is a dusty little boarder town in Oregon with a tiny population of 435. Huntington’s struggles began when their cement factory moved away. As a result, residents started looking for employment elsewhere.
Now there is plenty of employment in Huntington. Where there once was a dilapidated grocery store now stands a thriving dispensary. Huntington brought in $100,000 in weed taxes this year. The city hopes to put the money toward repairing streets and hiring full time medical emergency support.

5 Trinidad, Colorado

Trinidad is a former mining town with a population of 8,200. The streets were filled with empty stores, and their ancient water pipes were over a century old. Since the legalization, Trinidad is no longer the little abyss of nothingness.
In 2015, the cities tax income from recreational and medicinal sales was $850,000. They began using those funds to repair buildings and old water pipes. Trinidad officials also purchased a new fire engine. By 2016, Trinidad more than doubled their cannabis tax revenue and they are continuing to thrive.
These 5 ghost towns have reversed course thanks to legalizing weed. All of these towns are continuing to thrive and raise themselves above the poverty line. Just imagine how pot revenue is affecting bigger cities and metropolitan areas.


50lb Pot Party Busted

Florida’s Amendment 2 doesn’t mean weed is fully legalized.

The Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, Amendment 2, was approved November 8, 2016. It is a bill that helps patients with ailments such as cancer, Parkinson’s Disease and other similar conditions obtain medical marijuana. Patients with a qualifying medical condition can now receive access to marijuana from a physician.
The passing of Amendment 2 is a big step toward fully legalizing marijuana in the sunshine state. Before now, there was no access to medical cannabis for patients. There simply wasn’t a framework in place to regulate and provide access to the market.
Many Miamians were thrilled when Amendment 2 passed, especially Leandro Arriage. He decided to host a kick-ass pot party in honor of Amendment 2. Too bad Arriage didn’t plan well for the event.

Kick-ass party gets busted.

Arriage hosted an open-air “medical marijuana” Amendment 2 celebration. He invited as many people as he could to his big house for the greatest stoner session in human history. Arriage had several tables filled with all types of weed. The table tops were covered in various types of weed, wax’s, weed infused cookies and candies. Sounds like a tasty fun time, but unfortunately, Arriage couldn’t control his crowd and that is what attracted the attention of neighbors and police.

How Arriage’s party got busted.

Arriage basically had an open invite to his party. He didn’t have enough parking for everyone or amenities for people to dispose of garbage’s and such. Nobody had an issue until it spilled into the streets. Party goers illegally parked vehicles and threw trash everywhere. As a result, one of the neighbors called the cops.

What the cops found.

When the cops showed up to Arriage’s house they found a lot of things wrong. First, the cops were taken back by the huge wall of smoke that escaped the front door. The cops also saw lots of people running out from the back door as they approached. The fleeing guests  are what drew the most suspicion.
After the cops realized what they had on their hands, they called the narcotics division. That’s when the cops discovered that Arriage’s lease has expired. So, he was throwing a party in a residence that was not even his.
After the police got the approval from the landlord to enter the facility, they found 51.1 lbs. of weed and other drugs on the tables. The cops also reported that they believe they saw people selling drugs at the party. Because, why not? This wasn’t just a weed party, it was a drug extravaganza.

What ended up happening.

Arriage’s party was hardcore busted. Police confiscated all the drugs, and arrested 32-year-old Arriage. Florida hasn’t fully legalized pot yet, someday soon perhaps but not today. Arriage claimed he was throwing a “pot party” in celebration of Amendment 2. But it didn’t excuse him from throwing a big ol’ drug party in a house that technically didn’t belong to him.

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Top 10 YouTube Series to Binge High

We have all gotten real high and just wanted to veg out on some awesome videos.The Animal Planet tapped into the phenomenon during the 90’s. Youtube has been an internet staple since its debut in 2005 and given countless people a platform for their work. While there are countless examples of great one-off videos, we wanted to highlight series that pair well with getting ripped.

Sometimes you just want to smoke out and laugh your ass off watching Youtube. Youtube Bong

Basically, forget about what is going on around you and just enjoy the moment. Nothing hits that spot like a hilarious comedy sketch or a detailed explanation for some of life’s little mysteries.
Here is our list of 10 amazing series to watch while smoking some dank herb. Great while smoking alone or with homies, these series/creators consistently deliver outstanding videos. So load a fat bowl, roll a doobie,  grab some fluids and munchies because you won’t want to leave once you start.

Pete Holmes: Ex-Men Series

Professor X (Pete Holmes) has a special way of explaining why certain X-Men need to leave the team. Sure to get anyone familiar with the characters to crack up. Even if you don’t know the difference between Cyclops and Psylocke, this series is packed full of some stellar burns and expertly delivered lines that left me on the floor.


Science Plus: Cultural Evolution of Marijuana

A podcast/video series that takes us on a detailed and open-minded tour through our history with cannabis. He supports all of his claims with scientific  evidence and peer reviewed research. The detail and approachability that Trace brings to the table is amazing and even managed to impress Discovery News enough to give him a show.


Animation Domination High-Def: The Adventures of OG Sherlock Kush

What would happen if Sherlock Holmes smoked weed instead of cocaine? This animated series by the Lucas Bros follows Sherlock OG Kush as he solves a string of mysteries. He is able to stay one step ahead of the villains thanks to weed and his overwhelming love of it.


Vice: Documentaries

Have you ever wanted to get an inside look at the REAL dark side of life? This playlist coverers the dark side of cannabis and a host of other drugs in amazing detail and quality. Vice is known for covering the seedy side of the world and they are great at it.


Today I Found Out: Answers

Do you know why the seasons are named what they are? How about why nuclear bombs create a mushroom cloud? The answer to these and so many more questions by watching this series. There is no better time to watch this series than when smoking a fattie.


Haley 420: Outdoor Videos

Just a cool chick getting high outside, Haley has a magnetic personality and feels legitimately nice to chill out getting high with. She has a love of glass and potent cannabis which she shares easily. Some videos are better than others but they all feature amazing pieces, good conversation and great weed.


Nerdist: Because Science w/ Kyle Hill

Can Wolverine cut through a lightsaber? DO you know how CatDog would poop? Or how about the long term ramifications of a Godzilla attack would be? Kyle Hill uses real world physics and science based observations to answer these and many other vitally important questions.


College Humor: If Google was a Guy

We all do it. Google is the one place we all go to get our answers to every question. But how you google says a lot about you.


Revere Glass: On the Torch

Have you ever wondered how bongs are made? This series shows the ins and outs of popular and technical styles. Great even for non-glass blowers, Kevin and Dustin are awesome and consistently impress with their level heads. They make even the most difficult techniques seem approachable.


CustomGrow420: Cannabis Education

From the first second on screen, Jolie Olie is a character. But don’t judge him too fast, this guy knows his stuff. With ongoing content to keep things fresh, CustomGrow420 is a fun place to hang out and blaze along.

Do you agree with the list? Which series is your favorite? Which series do you think need to be included? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below. Thanks for reading.

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Washington D.C.'s Sketchy Online Weed Market

Want some expensive online weed delivered to your door?

In Washington, DC., online weed delivery is now a possibility. But is it legal? Ever since weed became legalized in Washington, a new gray market of marijuana products has risen. However, consumers have no local access to weed.
Therefore, entrepreneurs started business’s that cater to the mass demand for available marijuana. Weed related products such as cookies, juices, clothing, art and trades done in pot instead of cash are becoming popular.
The new supply and demand dynamic is customers wanting weed to be delivered to their door. A website called is like a Craigslist for weed. Leafedin connects pot buyers and sellers. Chefs serve weed edibles at ticketed events and consumers purchase expensive shirts and receive free pot samples.
Many customers are making online purchases for everyday products. Why should weed be any different? Initiative 71 provided the loophole for consumers to purchase online products with access to weed.

The Initiative 71 ballot loophole.

Because of the Initiative 71 ballot, many business owners are taking advantage of the demand for weed to start a business. “It’s just an explosion of entrepreneurship,” said Adam Eidinger. He supported the Initiative 71 ballot, but is worried about the potential loophole.
Eidinger believes that the gray market movement is technically illegal. Even through many businesses are claiming they are “I-71” compliant, they don’t follow the spirit of the law.
Sure, initiative 71 ballot makes recreational weed legal. Adults over 21 can also possess up to 2 oz. of weed. Growers can even give away up to an ounce to adults 21 and over.None of that causes an issue.
The loophole that entrepreneurs are taking advantage of is the ability to sell useless products equal to the price of an 1/8th up to 2 oz. of weed. They then sell the items online and use it as a front for distribution.

Business’ are basically following the rules of I-71.

Business owners are gifting weed with the online purchase of a product instead of selling the weed directly. For example, a group of students from Gallaudet University were selling weed art online. They would then hand deliver the products with weed. Locktite Diesel is another online weed portal that sells artistic mountainscapes online with a warning not to operate heavy machinery. Then delivers the mountainscapes to the customer’s home with a “gift” of weed.

Why are customers buying weed online?

Washington, D.C. made the possession and consumption of weed legal. Consumers can also grow their own weed. Unfortunately, not everyone in D.C. has the facilities or enough space to grow their own cannabis. Also, setting up dispensaries is not an option. They are still banned, leaving consumers wondering where they’re going to get their product.
Not having access to a local dispensary gives consumers limited choices. Consumers who can’t go too far away from home have no choice but to buy weed online. Lt. Andrew Struhar of the narcotics division of D.C sums up the issue well. He said, “The lack of being able to regulate the sale has a lot of people looking for a gray area.”


The Tumbleweed Express: America's First Legal Drive-Through

The Tumbleweed Express is the first drive-through in Colorado.

Smith, a 58-year-old business man opened a drive-through weed shop in Parachute, Colorado. He did this because late night customers were constantly knocking on his door. He wondered how he could provide his customers with after business hours weed. That’s when he thought of a drive-through.
Smith bought an old car wash and turned it into the Tumbleweed Express. Which became Colorado’s, and the countries, first legal cannabis drive through. Smith happened to open his new drive-through just in time for April 20th, a popular stoner holiday. On April 20th, he held a grand opening with live music, food and drinks. Smith’s business was buzzing with attention.

Smith had no issues opening for business.

Smith thought he would face resistance to the idea of opening a cannabis drive-through. Especially since the town banned all marijuana establishments right after it became legalized. But after 2015, the small town of 1,100 people lifted the ban. This gave Smith the small window of opportunity he needed to attempt to open the cannabis drive-through.
Parachute Town Manager, Stuart McArthur, thought the cannabis drive-through was a great idea. It provides a unique attraction, and its location is in a perfect spot. The Tumbleweed Express is placed near fast food, a gas station and a liquor store.
Smith said that the town was surprisingly supportive. He expected lots of backlash from his community. But they have all surprised him. “The stars were in alignment. A lot of things lined up,” he said.

The Tumbleweed Express must comply with all state dispensary regulations.

The town manager did warn Smith that he must comply with all the state’s dispensary regulations. For example, no persons under 21 can purchase weed or is allowed in dispensaries. Even if underage customers are just sitting in the backseat of the car, they are not allowed in a cannabis drive-through. Also, no marijuana can be visible from outside the property, even in drive-through. To do this he had to install security and surveillance footage that prove no weed is visible from the streets. Smith has complied with all of Colorado’s dispensary regulations and more.
For those who are curious and want to visit The Tumbleweed Express, the store hours are Thursday through Sunday from 4pm to midnight. The hours seem strange, but Smith’s goal for The Tumbleweed Express was to provide weed to customers during after business hours. In other words, he is open for business during normal club hours.

How did Smith get the support he needed to start the Tumbleweed Express?

Smith used to be a pawn shop owner. He owned 23 pawn shop business’. But he gladly sold them all to the national pawnshop chain called EZ Pawn.
The money Smith received from selling all his pawn shops gave him the revenue he needed to open The Tumbleweed Express. But Smith hasn’t stopped there, he opened more pot shops. Smith opened weed shops in Edwards, Eagle-Vail and Frisco Colorado.
The current popularity of the Tumbleweed Express shows there is a demand for convenience, even in small towns. Do you think a marijuana drive through would work in your town? Let us know in the comments below.


Marijuana Helps Treat Drug Addiction

Marijuana aims to reduce drug addiction.

For those who can’t simply stop taking dangerous drugs, harm reduction is the next step. Harm reduction is the process of treating drug addiction problems by helping patients slowly limit their drug intake. Scientists are researching the use of marijuana as a possible harm reduction treatment.

Joe Shrank uses marijuana in harm reduction.

Joe Schrank is an American program director and the founder of High Sobriety. He uses marijuana as a detox method for his patients who are struggling with severe drug addiction. Schrank says that some patients want to wean themselves off drugs. And cannabis provides the less invasive means of maintaining sobriety.

Not everyone believes marijuana is useful as a detox tool.

Joe says he’s been criticized for using weed as a detox cure. “Some say it’s hypocritical because, you know, you’re supposed to go to rehab to get off drugs.” Joe reply’s to criticisms with his own personal experiences. He’s been free from drug abuse for over 25 years by using weed to help him become abstinent.
CEO, Todd Stumbo, of Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center in Georgia disagrees with Shrank’s methods. Stumbo argues that there is currently abstinence based methods that are proven to help patients with their drug addiction problems. That there is simply not enough evidence to support Shrank’s methods using cannabis.

Some researchers are on the fence about cannabis usage in harm reduction.

Dr. Nora Volkow is the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Dr. Nora agrees that there is currently not enough evidence to support marijuana as an effective tool in harm reduction. She also states that there is no evidence-based medication that has been effective in the treatment of cocaine addiction.
Dr. Nora is saying, “In principle, what we have aimed for many years is to find interventions that would lead to complete abstinence.” And, “we currently have no medicine to intervene, and it [cocaine] can be a very severe addiction and actually quite dangerous.”

How marijuana helps reduce drug abuse for patients.

Yasmin Hurd is the director of the Addiction Institute at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Yasmin found that cannabinoids like THC and CBD reverse some of the brain changes that occur with heroin use. She also discovered that CBD positively influences the body’s biological systems. Systems that are linked to negative components of addiction such as anxiety and inhibitory control.
M-J Milloy is the infectious disease epidemiologist and research scientist at the BC Center for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. His studies also found that crack addicts benefited from marijuana. They started weaning themselves from crack which showed significant positive results.
Another study found that cannabinoids effectively reduces cravings and anxiety among heroin addicts. “[Weed] can really help people with pain management and other health issues, or it can help them be safer,” Schrank said. While not concrete, this supports the effectiveness of harm reduction methods and goals.

Is abstinence possible with weed?

Abstinence is a difficult thing to accomplish for many drug addicts. In addition to chemical changes and long term damage, which is the case of many pharmaceuticals, recovering addicts face intense social stigma.
Schrank says that people need space to grow and develop themselves. The process of recovery is a lifelong one and cannabis can help with the transition. And we must also remember that most people coming off crack or heroin need to feel that comforting feeling of change. Cannabis may not solve every problem, but it can help other issues seem smaller.