The Tumbleweed Express is the first drive-through in Colorado.

Smith, a 58-year-old business man opened a drive-through weed shop in Parachute, Colorado. He did this because late night customers were constantly knocking on his door. He wondered how he could provide his customers with after business hours weed. That’s when he thought of a drive-through.
Smith bought an old car wash and turned it into the Tumbleweed Express. Which became Colorado’s, and the countries, first legal cannabis drive through. Smith happened to open his new drive-through just in time for April 20th, a popular stoner holiday. On April 20th, he held a grand opening with live music, food and drinks. Smith’s business was buzzing with attention.

Smith had no issues opening for business.

Smith thought he would face resistance to the idea of opening a cannabis drive-through. Especially since the town banned all marijuana establishments right after it became legalized. But after 2015, the small town of 1,100 people lifted the ban. This gave Smith the small window of opportunity he needed to attempt to open the cannabis drive-through.
Parachute Town Manager, Stuart McArthur, thought the cannabis drive-through was a great idea. It provides a unique attraction, and its location is in a perfect spot. The Tumbleweed Express is placed near fast food, a gas station and a liquor store.
Smith said that the town was surprisingly supportive. He expected lots of backlash from his community. But they have all surprised him. “The stars were in alignment. A lot of things lined up,” he said.

The Tumbleweed Express must comply with all state dispensary regulations.

The town manager did warn Smith that he must comply with all the state’s dispensary regulations. For example, no persons under 21 can purchase weed or is allowed in dispensaries. Even if underage customers are just sitting in the backseat of the car, they are not allowed in a cannabis drive-through. Also, no marijuana can be visible from outside the property, even in drive-through. To do this he had to install security and surveillance footage that prove no weed is visible from the streets. Smith has complied with all of Colorado’s dispensary regulations and more.
For those who are curious and want to visit The Tumbleweed Express, the store hours are Thursday through Sunday from 4pm to midnight. The hours seem strange, but Smith’s goal for The Tumbleweed Express was to provide weed to customers during after business hours. In other words, he is open for business during normal club hours.

How did Smith get the support he needed to start the Tumbleweed Express?

Smith used to be a pawn shop owner. He owned 23 pawn shop business’. But he gladly sold them all to the national pawnshop chain called EZ Pawn.
The money Smith received from selling all his pawn shops gave him the revenue he needed to open The Tumbleweed Express. But Smith hasn’t stopped there, he opened more pot shops. Smith opened weed shops in Edwards, Eagle-Vail and Frisco Colorado.
The current popularity of the Tumbleweed Express shows there is a demand for convenience, even in small towns. Do you think a marijuana drive through would work in your town? Let us know in the comments below.

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