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Want some expensive online weed delivered to your door?

In Washington, DC., online weed delivery is now a possibility. But is it legal? Ever since weed became legalized in Washington, a new gray market of marijuana products has risen. However, consumers have no local access to weed.
Therefore, entrepreneurs started business’s that cater to the mass demand for available marijuana. Weed related products such as cookies, juices, clothing, art and trades done in pot instead of cash are becoming popular.
The new supply and demand dynamic is customers wanting weed to be delivered to their door. A website called Leafedin.org is like a Craigslist for weed. Leafedin connects pot buyers and sellers. Chefs serve weed edibles at ticketed events and consumers purchase expensive shirts and receive free pot samples.
Many customers are making online purchases for everyday products. Why should weed be any different? Initiative 71 provided the loophole for consumers to purchase online products with access to weed.

The Initiative 71 ballot loophole.

Because of the Initiative 71 ballot, many business owners are taking advantage of the demand for weed to start a business. “It’s just an explosion of entrepreneurship,” said Adam Eidinger. He supported the Initiative 71 ballot, but is worried about the potential loophole.
Eidinger believes that the gray market movement is technically illegal. Even through many businesses are claiming they are “I-71” compliant, they don’t follow the spirit of the law.
Sure, initiative 71 ballot makes recreational weed legal. Adults over 21 can also possess up to 2 oz. of weed. Growers can even give away up to an ounce to adults 21 and over.None of that causes an issue.
The loophole that entrepreneurs are taking advantage of is the ability to sell useless products equal to the price of an 1/8th up to 2 oz. of weed. They then sell the items online and use it as a front for distribution.

Business’ are basically following the rules of I-71.

Business owners are gifting weed with the online purchase of a product instead of selling the weed directly. For example, a group of students from Gallaudet University were selling weed art online. They would then hand deliver the products with weed. Locktite Diesel is another online weed portal that sells artistic mountainscapes online with a warning not to operate heavy machinery. Then delivers the mountainscapes to the customer’s home with a “gift” of weed.

Why are customers buying weed online?

Washington, D.C. made the possession and consumption of weed legal. Consumers can also grow their own weed. Unfortunately, not everyone in D.C. has the facilities or enough space to grow their own cannabis. Also, setting up dispensaries is not an option. They are still banned, leaving consumers wondering where they’re going to get their product.
Not having access to a local dispensary gives consumers limited choices. Consumers who can’t go too far away from home have no choice but to buy weed online. Lt. Andrew Struhar of the narcotics division of D.C sums up the issue well. He said, “The lack of being able to regulate the sale has a lot of people looking for a gray area.”

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