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We have all gotten real high and just wanted to veg out on some awesome videos.The Animal Planet tapped into the phenomenon during the 90’s. Youtube has been an internet staple since its debut in 2005 and given countless people a platform for their work. While there are countless examples of great one-off videos, we wanted to highlight series that pair well with getting ripped.

Sometimes you just want to smoke out and laugh your ass off watching Youtube. Youtube Bong

Basically, forget about what is going on around you and just enjoy the moment. Nothing hits that spot like a hilarious comedy sketch or a detailed explanation for some of life’s little mysteries.
Here is our list of 10 amazing series to watch while smoking some dank herb. Great while smoking alone or with homies, these series/creators consistently deliver outstanding videos. So load a fat bowl, roll a doobie,  grab some fluids and munchies because you won’t want to leave once you start.

Pete Holmes: Ex-Men Series

Professor X (Pete Holmes) has a special way of explaining why certain X-Men need to leave the team. Sure to get anyone familiar with the characters to crack up. Even if you don’t know the difference between Cyclops and Psylocke, this series is packed full of some stellar burns and expertly delivered lines that left me on the floor.


Science Plus: Cultural Evolution of Marijuana

A podcast/video series that takes us on a detailed and open-minded tour through our history with cannabis. He supports all of his claims with scientific  evidence and peer reviewed research. The detail and approachability that Trace brings to the table is amazing and even managed to impress Discovery News enough to give him a show.


Animation Domination High-Def: The Adventures of OG Sherlock Kush

What would happen if Sherlock Holmes smoked weed instead of cocaine? This animated series by the Lucas Bros follows Sherlock OG Kush as he solves a string of mysteries. He is able to stay one step ahead of the villains thanks to weed and his overwhelming love of it.


Vice: Documentaries

Have you ever wanted to get an inside look at the REAL dark side of life? This playlist coverers the dark side of cannabis and a host of other drugs in amazing detail and quality. Vice is known for covering the seedy side of the world and they are great at it.


Today I Found Out: Answers

Do you know why the seasons are named what they are? How about why nuclear bombs create a mushroom cloud? The answer to these and so many more questions by watching this series. There is no better time to watch this series than when smoking a fattie.


Haley 420: Outdoor Videos

Just a cool chick getting high outside, Haley has a magnetic personality and feels legitimately nice to chill out getting high with. She has a love of glass and potent cannabis which she shares easily. Some videos are better than others but they all feature amazing pieces, good conversation and great weed.


Nerdist: Because Science w/ Kyle Hill

Can Wolverine cut through a lightsaber? DO you know how CatDog would poop? Or how about the long term ramifications of a Godzilla attack would be? Kyle Hill uses real world physics and science based observations to answer these and many other vitally important questions.


College Humor: If Google was a Guy

We all do it. Google is the one place we all go to get our answers to every question. But how you google says a lot about you.


Revere Glass: On the Torch

Have you ever wondered how bongs are made? This series shows the ins and outs of popular and technical styles. Great even for non-glass blowers, Kevin and Dustin are awesome and consistently impress with their level heads. They make even the most difficult techniques seem approachable.


CustomGrow420: Cannabis Education

From the first second on screen, Jolie Olie is a character. But don’t judge him too fast, this guy knows his stuff. With ongoing content to keep things fresh, CustomGrow420 is a fun place to hang out and blaze along.

Do you agree with the list? Which series is your favorite? Which series do you think need to be included? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below. Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 YouTube Series to Binge High

    Crutch420 is a good one you missed.also Josh from strain central.jolie is a little too immature for me especially when he has his little friend with him I don’t know his name.

      Those are some great suggestions!

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