Florida’s Amendment 2 doesn’t mean weed is fully legalized.

The Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, Amendment 2, was approved November 8, 2016. It is a bill that helps patients with ailments such as cancer, Parkinson’s Disease and other similar conditions obtain medical marijuana. Patients with a qualifying medical condition can now receive access to marijuana from a physician.
The passing of Amendment 2 is a big step toward fully legalizing marijuana in the sunshine state. Before now, there was no access to medical cannabis for patients. There simply wasn’t a framework in place to regulate and provide access to the market.
Many Miamians were thrilled when Amendment 2 passed, especially Leandro Arriage. He decided to host a kick-ass pot party in honor of Amendment 2. Too bad Arriage didn’t plan well for the event.

Kick-ass party gets busted.

Arriage hosted an open-air “medical marijuana” Amendment 2 celebration. He invited as many people as he could to his big house for the greatest stoner session in human history. Arriage had several tables filled with all types of weed. The table tops were covered in various types of weed, wax’s, weed infused cookies and candies. Sounds like a tasty fun time, but unfortunately, Arriage couldn’t control his crowd and that is what attracted the attention of neighbors and police.

How Arriage’s party got busted.

Arriage basically had an open invite to his party. He didn’t have enough parking for everyone or amenities for people to dispose of garbage’s and such. Nobody had an issue until it spilled into the streets. Party goers illegally parked vehicles and threw trash everywhere. As a result, one of the neighbors called the cops.

What the cops found.

When the cops showed up to Arriage’s house they found a lot of things wrong. First, the cops were taken back by the huge wall of smoke that escaped the front door. The cops also saw lots of people running out from the back door as they approached. The fleeing guests  are what drew the most suspicion.
After the cops realized what they had on their hands, they called the narcotics division. That’s when the cops discovered that Arriage’s lease has expired. So, he was throwing a party in a residence that was not even his.
After the police got the approval from the landlord to enter the facility, they found 51.1 lbs. of weed and other drugs on the tables. The cops also reported that they believe they saw people selling drugs at the party. Because, why not? This wasn’t just a weed party, it was a drug extravaganza.

What ended up happening.

Arriage’s party was hardcore busted. Police confiscated all the drugs, and arrested 32-year-old Arriage. Florida hasn’t fully legalized pot yet, someday soon perhaps but not today. Arriage claimed he was throwing a “pot party” in celebration of Amendment 2. But it didn’t excuse him from throwing a big ol’ drug party in a house that technically didn’t belong to him.

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