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The 10 most sought after medibles.

These super delicious cannabis edibles (medibles) are sought after for a variety of reasons. Many on this top list have won Cannabis Cup Awards. And some mentioned are as healthy as the can be made. All are outstanding examples of what the industry has to offer.

1 Raspberry Macaroons

Award winning macaroons from Santa Cruz, CA., these tasty treats are to die for. They have won the High Times Cannabis Cup challenge in Northern California and it’s easy to see why. These are raw, vegan macaroons that come in four perfectly bite-sized treats. Packed with 50 mg of THC each, these scrumptious delights fill consumers with euphoric bliss and energy.

2 Tree Hugger Cinnamon Maple & Tangy BBQ Nuts

Tree Hugger won several awards and has been featured on cannabis cooking shows. Tree Huggers are sweet and delicious almonds and pecans that are covered in hemp seed, maple syrup, cinnamon extracts and the main ingredient: solventless cannabis extract. Each container has 100 mg of THC.  If you divide the serving size into 4, then you’ll get 25mg of THC per dose.

3 Reef Jerky

This snack took third place in a 2014 Denver competition, and first place in another hosted in San Bernardino. This 100 mg THC jerky package packs a powerful bite. Best consumed in small doses until desired affects are understood.

4 Crème Brulee and Cali High Thai’d Ice Cream

Winner of several awards, judges loved this ice cream for its “torch it yourself” theme. Yes that’s right, after sprinkling a little sugar you torch it until the sugar turn into a golden brown. The crackly sugar layer on top shatters with a spoon before digging into an intense flavored ice cream. Yum!

5 Pineapple Delight Bites

Pineapple Delight Bites are little packets of mixed dried fruits infused with coconut oil and 100 mg of THC in one large bite. They also have a gluten free variety and blueberry sample pack. Newbies are warned to consume smaller bites of 25mg until they understand the effects of Pineapple Delight Bites.

6 Altai Sea Salt Caramel Bon Bons 25mg Sativa

For the chocolate lovers, these tasty little treats come in a 100 mg package and divided into 4 25mg bites. These little bonbons provide the sativa effect, energy and creativity. Also perfect snack for the day time.

7 Bubba Kush Root Beer 100mg

Bubba Kush Root Beer tastes just like root beer. Try this root beer with cannabis-infused ice cream for the ultimate stoned float. With a convenient screw-top cap, you can indulge in smaller portions and save the rest for later.

8 Kief Krispy

First place winner of the Michigan Cannabis Cup, they impressed judges because it matched the label claims of 150 mg THC +/- 25 mg. The cinnamon toast crunch cereal bar has a crunchy and gooey texture with an exquisite hash flavor.

9 Captain Kirk’s Truffle Tropicales

A multiple High Times Cannabis Cup winner, these medibles are organic, gluten-free and refined sugar-free. Each yummy truffle contains 60.15 mg of THC and 32.08 THCa. If you’re in the neighborhood, look for Captain Kirk’s Truffles at various dispensaries inlcuding Ann Arbor Health Collective, the Green Door and Depot Town in Ypsilanti, MI.

10 Mellow Handcrafted Marshmallows

The perfect marshmallows to give to lightweights. There’s 12 marshmallows per box for a total of 60mg in each container. Each marshmallow contains ~5 mg of THC.These tasty treats come in a variety of flavors such as s’mores and strawberry shortcake. And the cannabis taste is kept to a minimum. The perfect mellow for the average fellow.

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