If you could smoke anywhere, where should you go?

Smoking weed will get you in trouble most places. There are an increasing number of places that are weed friendly though. In this list, we cover the best places to get stoned.

1 Uruguay

The best weed-friendly location found. You can smoke on the beach! Plenty of good vibes, local shops and historic sights. You can’t buy it, but you can smoke it. You won’t be bored; you’ll have lots of fun in the sun.

2 Washington State

While in Washington, people can have up to 1 oz. of weed on them at a time. It’s legal for adults to buy but not consume in public. Washington has an EMP Museum which includes Jimi Hendrix and Star Wars so you won’t get bored. This place is definitely an eclectic place to explore while stoned.

3 The Netherlands

Like Uruguay, The Netherlands is a nice weed-friendly location to visit. Where locals and travelers can feel free to smoke just about anywhere. A stoner haven for sure. It’s nice to get high then ride a bike, enjoy a gondola ride, visit coffee shops and enjoy historic sights before partying it up at night.

4 Colorado

Get stoned and explore Colorado’s beautiful landscapes. Colorado is where weed is 100% legal. As a result, Colorado created dozens of attractions and activities that are weed-friendly. They also host a variety of award winning medibles for those who prefer to eat their weed.

5 Portugal

Don’t worry about getting busted in Portugal. Weed has been decriminalized since 2001, so you don’t have to worry about cops ruining your visit. Portugal has many wonderful sights to explore, especially their Ponte de D. Luis bridge. Just don’t get high and start jumping off bridges.

6 Oregon

Oregon is another state in the U.S. where weed is legal. Bend and Portland are the two best towns for recreation and weed. There are a lot of fun activities to choose from like surfing or skiing. Oregon also has vibrant food, wine, beer, art, books, theater and nature communities. Plenty of fun for all types of people.

7 California

Head on over to California where there is plenty of sun, ocean waves, and of course lots of weed. Although legal, the state is still setting up their marketplace. You can still blaze while dig your toes in the sands of Venice Beach (as long as it’s in a private area). There is so much to see and do in Cali that it might take multiple trips. Don’t forget to visit the legendary Hollywood California, theme parks, clubs and more.

8 Alaska

Alaska is a beautiful, wild and relaxing destination. It’s fun to get stoned then go watch the northern lights with a buddy or two. After breathing in the lights, check out Bud and Breakfast. It’s an Airbnb with weed-friendly accommodations. So go ahead and enjoy the fresh air, then go for a hike in beautiful Alaska before crashing out in a stoner haven.

9 The Virgin Islands

Weed is decriminalized in The Virgin Islands and it’s easy to get a hold of, especially in Coki Beach. But don’t take any home or else you’ll get into trouble with the local sheriffs. At the Caribbean Islands, it’s nice to partake and enjoy the aquamarine waters and warm temperatures.

10 At Home

At home may not sound like the most exciting and exotic destination for a vacation. But sometimes the best place in the world is chillin at home with a few homies, roasting bowls and sharing laughs. It is also private property, which is a prime requirement for legal consumption in most weed-friendly areas.

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