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This is What Happened with Brianna’s Family…

In the state of North Carolina, Brianna Ashanti, allegedly decided it was a good idea to give her one year old a puff of weed. When people hear about how police discovered her, they simply share their head. Brianna decided to film herself forcing her 1-year-old to inhale marijuana and then posted it on Facebook. The video quickly became viral.
The Raleigh Police caught wind of the situation when a man from Rochester, New York, shared the post. The police took Brianna into custody and the courts slapped her with a $100,000 bond. her charges include two counts of child endangerment for contributing and possession of cannabis. Brianna is only 20 years old and might spend the rest of her life in jail.
The police wrote a Facebook post in response to the situation. They thanked the witnesses for getting involved. They further added that the child is safe and in the custody of Wake County Child Protective Services.

The police already know who the mother is.

It’s not the first time Brianna has dealings with the police. Last summer she was arrested four times. She faces several misdemeanor charges and a simple assault charge. It seems like she can’t stay out of trouble.
Could this be a case of a simple misunderstanding? The evidence looks like it weighs heavily against Brianna. Is Brianna going to get out of this terrible situation? Or is she going to lose her kid for forever? Our readers are wondering, “Why Brianna? Why did you do this?”
It’s not legal anywhere to give cannabis to a minor. It is a prickly situation when a kid is prescribed cannabis because it is still federally illegal. To say if it’s acceptable for kids to smoke cannabis is a topic for another article.

Is Weed Legal in North Carolina?

It is probably going to be difficult for Brianna. North Carolina is not a green friendly state. They’re trying to legalize weed but they’re not there yet. Recreational and medical marijuana are illegal in North Carolina.
They did decriminalize cannabis by not jailing first time offenders for possessing a small amount. People caught with up to 0.5 ounces of marijuana are subject to misdemeanor charges.  A maximum fine of $200 can be tacked onto the misdemeanor ticket.
North Carolina residents can’t produce cannabis or hemp of any kind. But a few patients can get medical marijuana cards. This means that North Carolina patients who have a card have no access to the medicine. The cherry on top to the whole thing is that it’s incredibly illegal to transfer cannabis across their state borders.

What do you think about the whole situation? Does Brianna needs a break? Or do you think she deserves whatever comes her way? What do you think should happen to her son? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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