Super Silver Haze

Three time 1st-prize winner of the Cannabis Cup awards, Super Silver Haze is a must-try breed of mostly sativa phenotypes. One of the first top-shelf strains I ever tried in Amsterdam was a Super Silver Haze, and it left me in wonder and excited creative pursuit. Its lineage lies in Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze, making it a sweet, sticky blend best for those who love the feeling of not knowing what hit them after a puff.
The body high is incredibly long-lasting, and great for people with hyper tension or high stress levels. Vape some SSH to take care of nausea or an upset stomach, a lack of appetite, or anxiety. Take care of dry mouth with some juice or water, and ease yourself into the day with pain relief and an energy uplift.
Buds of Super Silver Haze look almost exactly as they sound– large, sugar-studded nuggets with a silvery crystal coating, thick and curled green leaves (loaded with those crystals), and often a purply-grey dusting or huge orange fuzzes. The citrus taste is sharp often on the first inhale, but mouth-watering and sweet without being overpowering. A go-to smoke for many, start out light to see how it affects your mood/body/spirit.
Some users have said it’s one of the only strains that doesn’t give a headache or dry them out. Great for aching muscles in need of relaxation, but be aware of how the sativa can give you energy to get up and use those muscles. If it helps you focus, use the focus well! Do something productive while enjoying the stress-free effects, the sweet candy-like taste, and the potent sour smell inherited from the great Skunk #1.
Offers a calm without the heaviness of sedation. Pain and spasms subside, but in lighter doses it might be hard to fall asleep, so try it out a few times before using it for insomnia or as a bedtime routine. Sometimes a single hit may be enough to last the average user 2 or more hours! For many, the Haze genetic produces euphoria, happiness, and a lightness in the chest radiating upward. This is the weed that could send you straight to the clouds.
Image: medicaljan

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