Want to Get Away and still be Able to Enjoy Weed?
As the United States is starting to catch up with the rest of the civilized world by finally starting to legalize marijuana, a natural drug that has many medical as well as casual benefits, many people are becoming more open and vocal about their enjoyment of weed. There’s nothing wrong, after a long day at work, of relaxing with a joint in the comfort of your own home, and as it becomes legalized, more and more people are starting to recognize the joys and benefits of pot. So, when you get one or two or three weeks to take a vacation, travel and kick back, why wouldn’t you want to find vacation spots where you can relax and enjoy weed at the same time.
Weed is certainly safer for you than drinking alcohol, and on a vacation who doesn’t like to kick back and have a good time. That is the whole point of a vacation after all, to relax and have fun. So why not find a vacation destination that welcomes pot smokers, a place where you can have the best of all worlds and get away from it all for a few fantastic, unforgettable weeks. Here are the 5 best vacation spots for weed smokers.
5 Best Weed Vacation Spots

  • Paradise Island, Bahamas

We end this discussion with the name right off the bat.  With name Paradise Island nothing more needs to be said. Still, the island lives up to its name, especially if you are a weed smoker.  Weed is readily available and it is some of the most famous weed in the world. The beaches are gorgeous and the water is clear and warm. What more could you ask for? Besides, how could any time spent in the Bahamas be a bad thing?

  • Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver still has marijuana laws on the books against selling and intent to sell, but recreational use is legal and you can buy different breeds of weed all over the Province in small amounts. So long as you only keep small amounts you can have a great time. It is beautiful country with plenty of great cities and rural areas to explore, and it is, after all, the birthplace of the 420 movement and 420 day!

  • Denver, Colorado

If you’re staying in the United States or visiting the United States for a vacation and you want the most weed friendly vacation spot you can find, Colorado is the place to go. There’s great skiing in the winter and hiking, camping and water sports in the summer. Most importantly weed is legal and the weed tourism industry in Colorado is thriving. There are even weed friendly real estate rentals and weed tours!

  • Amsterdam Netherlands

Amsterdam is the original vacation destination for the chronic pot lover or even the casual smoker. Walking along the scenic waterways, smoking at the pot bars with waterfront views. You can even smoke weed in most cafes in Amsterdam as they sell pot right on the premises. You are allowed 30 grams for your own private use. Amsterdam has long been the mecca of pot smoker getaways, and is simply a beautiful city that anyone can relax in and enjoy. It’s just a major bonus that pot is legal and even celebrated in Amsterdam.

  • Jamaica

If you asked most anyone what island or nation or place that they thought of when you mention weed or pot, the vast majority of them would name Jamaica. The reggae music, the laid back atmosphere, and the vast majority of inhabitants smoking pot on a daily basis make it the ultimate destination for any pot loving vacationer. Throw in the white sandy beaches, the great weather and the crystal blue waters and you have a great destination for anyone. But let’s be honest. Kingston is the capitol of the pot universe. If you have any questions about the myriad of joys and possibilities for a pot smoking traveler, always head to the birthplace of Bob Marley.  You can’t go wrong there.
Alternative Weed Vacation Destinations
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