3 Historical Occurrences Where Weed Might Have Led to a Better Outcome

While there’s no way to go back in time and change what has happened, it certainly would be nice to have the chance to go back to a few pivotal points in mankind’s timeline and change a few things for the better. Who wouldn’t like to go back in time and give Attila the Hun a spliff and tell him to relax a bit? Tell the mad Hun to smoke up and just let the stress ease from his body, save a few thousand lives in the process and channel all the anger into something more productive like civilization building.  
Perhaps if Lee Harvey Oswald had a few tokes off of some relaxing herb he would have never went up into that book depository, let alone pulled the trigger and taken the life of JFK. Instead of being so wound up over the Cuban crisis he might have worked to import cigars and weed from the island nation instead of killing a promising young Commander in Chief in JFK.
Unfortunately we can’t go back in time, but we can look at a few points in history and easily see how the use of weed might have made humanity and our history much better off.  Here are three points in our history where a little bit of weed use could have benefited mankind, and the world might just be a better place today had it been smoked.
The Boston Massacre Could Have Been Stopped By Weed
The United States was going to separate from the British Empire sooner or later anyway, it is the nature of the American to rebel against authority and Britain was so far removed, powerful or not it just logistically didn’t make much sense. So while the war might not have been averted, the Boston Massacre itself likely could have, and then who knows, maybe a gentlemanly solution could have been reached. The British Sentry that got spooked by a forming mob was completely stressed out. It was cold and the troops that assembled were nervous. Also the mob was angry but had no real means or intention to attack the Redcoats. Had a nice relaxing peace pipe full of some primo weed been passed around, the stress would have dissipated and 5 wasted lives could have been saved.  
The French Revolution: On Weed Eating Cake Would Have Sounded Like a Good Idea
Of course there was a lot at play when the French Revolution erupted, as the masses were tired of being ruled by a monarchy that claimed royalty or superiority over the people. Perhaps the overthrow of royalty, which was really a good thing, would not have been avoided. People have a right to govern themselves and no one is born superior to anyone else. But the violent upheaval of the French government might have been avoided, along with many beheadings and the bloody storming of the Bastille. The country was fiscally broke and King Louis and Marie Antoinette would likely have been evicted and cast from power, but if the mob had smoked a few nice, relaxing joints, they might not have gotten so upset when the last Queen of France said “Let them eat cake!” They might have simply taken her up on the invitation, which the mob misunderstood as an insult anyway. Cake, after all, is pretty tasty when you have the munchies.
Hitler’s Rise to Power
This one is most intriguing. Hitler was an evil wart on the backside of history. He caused millions of death, maybe more needless deaths than any people on the planet. He was an angry little man, all wound up, who suffered from syphilis, and many other anger issues and disorders. Starting with Adolph himself, smoking weed on a regular basis would likely have reduced his stress and anger, and made him less dangerous and vile of a person. It certainly would have treated some of the pain he dealt with, which made him excessively agitated, and likely some of the distorted thoughts that ran through his head would have been softened, forgotten or lost. But the biggest likelihood is that if the German people were routinely smoking pot, they would have laughed so hard at the crazy little angry, herky-jerky man, he never could have risen to power in the first place. What person, good and high, could take such an angry, goose-stepping, radical nutty fascist seriously?
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