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It takes more than dollars to win at affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing requires understanding and skill to do well. Many entrepreneurs struggle to earn the kind of paychecks that dreams are made of. To complicate things, the internet is full of predators posing as opportunity.
But finding a good affiliate marketing network doesn’t have to be a roll of the die. By doing plenty of research and looking into the specifics, business owners can find a wealth of good options. Merchants offer different commission rates and script options so you can find one with the perfect setup one or use several.
But the money you can make is always dependent on the traffic you can drive. That means a professional website and some experience running scripts and code are helpful but basic computer skills are a must. Free programs like GIMP and Kompozer go a long way in reducing the cost of producing compelling images and audio for those of us on a budget. Just don’t mislead anyone while providing tons of back-links and relevant information.

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs offers affiliates a CBD affiliate program network with tiered commissions and weekly payouts. Once you get signed up, creating and adding links is simple and easy. You can generate links connecting to any page but the best is the home page. With high overall conversion rates and quick payout, using the network is a great option for anyone in the cannabis industry.

A quick overview:

-20% commissions

– tiered commissions

– varied creatives/links

– some affiliates converting at 50%

– weekly payouts


Got Vape

The Got Vape affiliate program, offers 50% (net) commissions to its affiliates. Instead of tracking the percentage of total sales, Got Vape tracks the profit of each item. They also have a $100 minimum balance payout so it might be a while before the checks start rolling in if you don’t have much traffic. But once things start rolling they the wheels tend to stay in motion.

A quick overview:

-50% commissions

– Tracks profit instead of sale amount.

– $100 minimum balance


Marijuana Vaporizer sells everything you could want for a vaporizer and offer affiliate web masters 20-25% commissions on all sales less postage. There is also an additional 10% referred webmasters commission. High traffic conversion means more profit in your pocket for sending traffic to

A quick overview:

– 20-25% commissions on vape sales

– 10% referred webmasters commission

– High traffic conversion


Farmers Lab SeedsAffiliate Marketing offers a $50 signup bonus to their 25% commission rate. They provide affiliates with special tools to share your link on most social media sites. They have a wide range of static and animated banners so you are sure to find the right fit. And this site has no minimum payout so you will be getting checks every month.

A quick overview:

– 25% commissions

– $50 signup Bonus

-Many ad options

-No minimum payout

– Social Media Tools


Green Cultured offers 60% commissions per enrollment and 365 day cookies. That means you will get credit for the sale even if it takes them a  while to get around to buying it. But the real-time analytics are a real boon that other companies don’t always do. And they also offer special landing pages and custom marketing materials.

A quick overview:

– 60% commissions on gross

– 365 day cookies

-Real-time analytics

-Custom marketing materials


There are a lot of options when it comes to affiliates. Have you tried any of the ones on this list? What were your experiences? Is there a company you think should have been on this list? Let us know in the comment section below and help spread the word.

1 thought on “5 Affiliate Programs to Try Out in 2018

    I don’t recommend farmers lab. Their affiliate platform is outdated and they don’t offer affiliate support like others. As an AM the most I value is knowing that those companies that you are driving traffic to, see you as a partner and offer you the support to thrive with them. Not too many out there…

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