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Seed Types
Now that most of the world has come to grips with the idea that marijuana is not only worthy of being legal, but can even be good for you, many pot smokers are getting into growing their own marijuana plants.  Many marijuana growers are now growing the plants they need for their own use indoors or in their gardens. The seed types that will be examined are good for indoor growth and for growth in various areas.
To grow the best plants you have to understand the basics of growing marijuana. First you have to make sure that it is legal in your city, state, region or country to grow marijuana, and then you can start by learning what types of seeds there are. Just like there is not one type of marijuana strain or bud, there are different types of seeds. For growing purposes, there are 3 important and noteworthy types of seed to pay attention to. We will explore them now.

  • Autoflowering marijuana seeds: Autoflowering cannabis or marijuana seeds flower in short periods of time, often within a few weeks. For this reason, as they provide blooms fairly quickly, the THC content of these plants is not that great or concentrated. Still, they are popular and easy cannabis seeds to grow, especially for beginners. Popular autoflowering cannabis seeds include the AK 47 and the Low rider seed.
  • Feminized marijuana seeds: These types of seeds have been altered genetically in an effort to produce female pot plants. Female pot plants are the only marijuana plants that produce flowers and buds that have enough THC in them to get people high, so these seeds are altered to produce over 90% feminine plants that will grow marijuana that is worth smoking or ingesting. Popular feminized cannabis seed strains include Skunk and Haze strains.
  • Regular marijuana seeds: These are simply any old seeds of any old type, and they can be either male or female, so they can produce worthy marijuana or male plants that are only good for helping to inseminate and fertilize female plants. The problem is, when purchasing these seeds, you can never tell how many male or female seeds you get, and the females are needed to produce flowering marijuana plants with a decent amount of THC.

Best for Certain Climates
There is not a ton of difference between climates and the type of seeds you can grow, except that some types of seeds are more suited to shorter summers, therefore they need less sun and heat to grow as they grow in shorter periods of time. Therefore autoflowering cannabis or marijuana seeds are ideal for areas with short summers or short growing seasons. These seeds grow plants that flower and can be cultivated in as little as a few weeks, so they don’t need long growth periods. Autoflowering cannabis or marijuana seeds are perfect for short harvests and yields. All other types of seeds and plants, while they very in growth periods, require longer summers or more light and warmth. It is important to know this, because if you want to grow plants indoors, your light and heating system has to mimic that of a natural growth environment. The more summer and growth period that a type of seed or marijuana strain requires, the more heat and light they will require.
While there are many growing tips and hormones and fertilizers and food and types of soil that can be used to grow the best marijuana plants, these are the basics when it comes to marijuana or cannabis seeds and how to best grow them. Once you choose your seed type, make sure your provide them with, cultivate or create a growing environment that will contribute to maximum yield and harvest. If you’re using times heat lamps to mimic the sun on feminized plants that require full summers , make sure that they get 8-12 hours of warmth and light a day, but also make sure that they get enough water to stay hydrated and not burn up. The last thing you want to do is ruin a good crop from growing it in the wrong environment or not giving it enough water.
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