Silicon Valley utilizes Cannatech to introduce new weed technology.

For a long time, the most popular and sophisticated weed technology was smoking cannabis through rolling papers and bongs. Now-a-days American states are legalizing marijuana as well as several countries around the world. Thus, Silicon Valley is developing ingenious weed consumption and growing technology.

Cannabis Engineers can now Attend Cannatech.

Cannatech is an annual international convention. The innovative minds of several engineers come together to discuss and show off their latest creations in weed technology. Products that are found at the convention include; lights, extractors, smoking pens, cannabutter machines, plug-n-plant systems, and much more.

Growing Indoor Weed is Expensive.

Light bulbs break easily and increase the electric bill substantially. Advances in LED lighting have brought the electricity costs down significantly since they are sturdier and the light produced is better for cannabis plant growth than traditional bulbs.

Modern day solvent extractors are for everyone.

There used to be a few machines in the market that extract cannabis using solvents. Now, there are more machines available for commercial use that use lower temperatures and can extract larger quantities than ever before. There are also machines available for enthusiasts to use at home.

Secret Vapers Take Over!

The vaping device craze is flooding the marketplace with vaping tools. Too many people complain about the smell when smoking using regular means. The worst offenders are joints, bongs and pipes. The new vaping pens offer consumers a chance to conveniently smoke without bothering the people nearest them.

Cannabis Butter Machines

There are a few methods of creating cannabutter, but they normally leave us with a strong odor that permeates throughout residences. The newest butter machines seal off the smell and allows users to mix in buds and trim. This method allows users to keep their cannabis butter creation private without receiving unwanted attention from their neighbors and landlord.

The plug n’ plant grow system for the modern house.

A smart system that has everything a person would need to grow a small farm in their home. The plug n’ plant system is an automated miniature grow house that monitors and adjusts itself. The only thing people need to do is trim a few excess leaves to allow light to pass throughout the canopy and the system is useful to grow other plants as well.

What is in store for mainstream society?

Users and non-users can make use of weed technology. Cannabutter machines can be used to make other types of infused butter, it doesn’t have to just be weed. The fertilizers can be used for other plant nutrients, and the plug n’ grow is also useful to grow other plants as well. Tobacco can be used in vape pens to help give off a more discreet scent instead of bothering the people walking past them. The growing industry is a win-win for all technology innovators and it will be inspiring to see what other technologies cross over into weed culture.

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