The Tucker Family Face Child Endangerment Charges?

The Tucker Family is charged with 25 child endangerment charges for Cannabis. Erica Tucker didn’t want the harmful pharmaceuticals she was prescribed for her ailments. So she decided to try a holistic medicinal approach: cannabis. Eventually, Erica weaned herself away from all pharmaceuticals and found herself 100% on marijuana.
Erica has five children, including a newborn she breastfeeds. She was told that the man-made pharmaceuticals she used to take were harmful to her children. Mainly because the drugs would transfer to the children through breastfeeding and possibly interfere with their development. So she decided to treat herself with marijuana instead.
Unfortunately, not all treatments (pharmaceutical or all natural) are perfect. Erica had a mal seizure that put her in the ER. And that is when the rug was pulled out from beneath her feet. The Tuckers received numerous child endangerment charges on May 8th, 2017 because of Erica’s cannabis use.

What was the problem?

When the doctors found out she was breastfeeding while on marijuana, all five of her children were immediately taken away from her and her husband. The baby (at 22 months) tested positive for marijuana because she was breastfeeding while on cannabis. The children were sent to foster care, but eventually, Erica got her children back. Erica and her husband are facing a host of child endangerment charges. In fact, they received five charges for each child. The public is outraged because this is one more example of how the war on drugs is tearing families apart.

Is Marijuana Less Invasive than Harm-aceuticals?

According to societies mores, it would’ve been preferable for Erica to continue taking the harmful pharmaceuticals with terrible side effects. Even though those pharmaceuticals cause more damage to infants than cannabis. If she had opted for the more damaging treatment, her children wouldn’t have been taken away and the Tucker’s wouldn’t be facing child endangerment charges.
Erica choose the less physically harmful approach to her treatment and now the Tucker parents are being treated as horrible parents by their peers. Yet now their family is suffering the consequences of taking the road less traveled. This story is another example on the terrible effects on the war on drugs and the damaging impact it has on normal families looking for healthier alternatives to treatment.

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