golden Goat

Golden Goat was a glorious accident birthed in Topeka, Kansas, when a female Island Sweet Skunk was pollinated by a male Hawaiian Romulan. Many would say it was the perfect happenstance, as Golden Goat is very strong, sweet, and effective. A hybrid for sure, some batches err on the side of the Hawaiian sativa to produce a great whole-body high without a mind haze or confusion.
Batches often appear light green and even pink in color, with a very fruit scent and taste. Others may find it sour and spicy, with hints of citrus or the good-ole taste of earth. Bud size tends to be thick and very hairy, with some coated in a fine, cheesy dust that is perfect for kief collectors. The beauty of this strain is it’s reasonably high CBD content, usually topping at 1.07%. With that, expect muscle relaxation and pain relief.
Some have recommended using this strain for when you want to relax without a huge energy boost, and others recommend staying at home (never, ever drive if you don’t feel capable of doing so!) and finding out the effects for yourself. Other highlights include a social uplift, great fruity taste, and positive creative moments. Try it for focused meditation or introspection, or if you’re having trouble getting out of a funk.
One user describes their experience with Golden Goat in three stages: a very energetic come up, with a boost in desire to be social or creative, with focus to complete tasks and projects; next, a’sudden realization’ of happiness and euphoria, like you’ve just remembered a great moment from earlier and that the feeling has been building for a while. Then, for this particular user, they experienced a heavy crash, but just in a way that made it easy to fall asleep. If you’re planning a full day, try a few puffs of Golden Goat to get you through and ensure a good, solid night’s sleep afterward.
Chemical makeup
THC: 12-23%
CBD: 0-0.06%
CBN: 0-0.1%
CBG: 0.3-1.0%
THCV: 0.04-0.2%
CBC: 0-0.01%
CBL: 0-0.02%
β-Linalool: 0-0.05%
β-Myrcene: 0-0.4%
a-Pinene: 0-0.5%
D-Limonene: 0-0.08%
β-Caryophyllene: 0-0.05%
image: Ry Prichard, The Cannabist

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