Lemon Haze

Just take a wild guess at how this strain might taste. Before it’s even ground up in the bowl, you’ll be able to both smell and taste the sweet, sharp notes of Lemon Haze, a popular sativa choice. Like ‘fresh peeled lemon slices’, pucker up and try a toke. It produces a very smooth, long-lasting high, with all the best qualities you get from any sativa strain. For some, they’ve found it to be a cure for depression, a lack of appetite, and for others, great relief from aches and pains.
With a respectable THC content ranging from 15-20%, this strain is also known for its fairly high CBD rate, at .38%. Understandably, this is where the pain relief comes from. Try starting off your day with Lemon Haze if you suffer from low energy or have trouble keeping positive moods up. The high lasts long, as said before, but it also comes on slow, and very gentle. You may experience a change in visual perception–that is, things could become clearer, brighter, and the euphoric sensation may bring on a cheer to last you the day.
Some folks find themselves to be very chatty or talkative after trying Lemon Haze. This strain might be the thing to take your next group hang out to a whole new level of fun and adventure (so long as you’re responsible, of course). Try it when you feel stress is too much to handle–it’ll be no match for the powers of Lemon Haze. Others find a tolerable balance of cerebral effects and a relaxing body high, so that they can focus on the task at hand without soaring into space.
The buds are sometimes small, dense little nuggets, but don’t be mistaken–they’re still quite powerful. Ranging from beautiful greens to bright yellows, the leaves are coated with orange or amber colored hairs that give off its distinct citrus scent. Overall, the stickiness, scent, and flavor remind me of Lemonheads.The taste packs a whopping punch of sourness, so try pairing it with a sweeter strain at the end of a night for a delicious bedtime “snack.”
image: medicaljane.com

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